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Publication Order of DS Aector McAvoy Books

The Dark Winter (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Original Skin (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sorrow Bound (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Taking Pity (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Pretty (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cruel Mercy (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scorched Earth (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cold Bones (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darkness Falls (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Bad Death (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fire of Lies (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Past Life (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blind Justice (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Flesh and Blood (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Burning Time (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darkness Falls is a prequel to the series.

Aector McAvoy works in Hull, a town in East Yorkshire. Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy is a fellow with a troubled history. His steadfast conviction in justice has made him an outcast in the police force he works for.

The first instalment of the series, Dark winter kicks off as Christmas is approaching in the middle of a dreary, depressing winter. Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy while working in Hull, a bleak, dismal town in East Yorkshire enduring the outdoors with his young son one early afternoon, he makes out screams coming from the town’s cathedral. The detective sprints to the church doors only to be bowled over by a machete wielding assassin. Aector, although a large man himself, is temporarily incapacitated and the assassin is able to escape, leaving behind in the cathedral the body of a young lassie that has been violently hacked to death. Consequently starts this gruesome murder mystery with an exceptional plot for a murderer.
In a peculiar twist of fate, the casualty was the only survivor of an attack in her native Sierra Leone in which every other member of her household was killed in a similar manner. Nearly at the same time, an aging seaman who was the only survivor when his ship sank four decades earlier is lured back out to sea and killed in almost the exact same place where his ship sank.
Detective Sergeant McAvoy senses a association between these offences and while other members of the police force just want a quick and easy explanation to the murders, he is resolute on getting to the actual truth. It won’t be easy, and McAvoy’s undertaking is troubled by his own mysterious past that has placed him at odds with several of his fellow cops.
Three bodies are lying in the morgue in Hull, East Yorkshire; all of them a lone survivor of a past disaster. Somebody is playing God, pursuing the people who have in their past cheated death. It is up to Detective Sergeant Aector McAvoy to attempt stoping them before another innocent soul is ended. In the deep pits of The Dark Winter, driven by desire for justice will Detective Sargent Aector McAvoy find himself on the wrong side of the killer’s blade?
Sergeant Aector McAvoy is the improbable hero; he seems to be more of an office worker than a field detective and you get the sensation he would be more comfortable in front of a computer working than pushing his weight from one place to another as lead detective of this case. He is also seems very empathetic which makes for an interesting situation. Possibly some of the best parts are the growth of the characters. Aector McAvoy is undeniably an experienced cop, and chitchats abound about his past with a dirty cop and a professional killer. Now he’s thought to be consigned to computer work for his unique abilities in finding information from a desk. His female supervisor, Trish Pharaoh attempts to unravel his skills through his quiet disposition. Sergeant Aector is intensely in love with his beautiful wife and young son.

This was a great first step for an on-going mystery series. Aector McAvoy is not evocative of any policeman that I’ve formerly read about. I also cherished the twisted motive that was also distinctive to this story.

In this second brilliant Aector McAvoy novel, Original sin, Trish Pharaoh’s Serious and Organized Crime Unit, a dedicated English police squad, set their heels after two evidently different, but nasty villains. Whereas one investigation encompasses a nasty drug gang, McAvoy looks into the demise of a bisexual dancer, who was keen on orgies, swinger parties and other illegal sexual rendezvous.
Pharaoh’s Unit is looking into a series of vicious assaults against illegal marijuana tillers. A new-fangled gang is muscling into the region and uses thrilling violence and torture against growers to coerce them into operating for the new gang. The crime squad, however, have cultured an informer, who is an ex-wrestler; he has given them details about the gang. The crime squad plot a raid, but somehow the crooks know about the raid. The police van is subsequently bombed, the stoolpigeon is missing and her boyfriend, a member of a criminal gang, is tortured, burned horribly, and his hands nailed to his knees.
Can McAvoy and Pharaoh discover the association between Appleyard, Suzie and the killer, before Suzie winds up dead just like Appleyard?
It’s a dusky and horrid police story with strongly drawn characters, a disconcerting story, a twisty plot, and a unforeseen ending. It’s a fast stridden engrossing instalment of the series. Although cosy readers may discover this book to being a bit overpowering, readers who appreciate more serious crime will unquestionably be glued. Do not, however, start the series with this novel, but as a subsequent to Dark Winter, as things in Original Skin shape from the first book.

The McAvoy crime investigating series has more titles such as Sorrow Bound and the recent Cruel Mercy instalment which will definitely not be the last of the captivating series. In 2014 the Sergeant Aector McAvoy series was optioned by a major TV franchise, with filming scheduled to begin after a year once the company find the right screenwriter to produce something to show directors and potential cast.

This series started with a bang that has maintained its flavour in subsequent McAvoy and Pharaoh Novels. I’m pleased to report that Dead Pretty instalment hits the mark on all points. It’s the kind of obscure and frantic take we’ve come to anticipate from the series, with pronounced splashes of humour that lighten the misery no end. It’s an exceptional book that has you flinching on one page and giggling the next.

Detective Aector McAvoy understanding and relationship with Pharaoh gleams through and makes this series a jewel. Persistent and relentless in his search for justice, the civil and reserved McAvoy seems the opposite of his strident and often abrasive Superior. However these two are both devoted detectives who have grown together over time. There is a noticeable chemistry between the pair coupled with mutual respect and affection.

There is no doubt these two gel together well. If you’re eyeing for a persevering police investigation series with stout moral compass and a grand eye for dark humour then search no further.

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