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Devel Django (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Phoenix Stone (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Phoenix Stone (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Grimoire Dark (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Scars of Redemption (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Cursing of Ana Dalca (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Final Voyage of the Carmilla (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

D.S. Quinton is an American writer of horror, science fiction, and thriller novels born in the Midwest USA. He went to schools of foosball and mixology, and he is an enthusiastic student.

He holds a B.S in computer science an MBA and has a successful I.T. career. He is known for the Spirit Hunter supernatural thriller series and the Circus Sideshow supernatural series, among other novels.

A Grimoire Dark
A Grimoire Dark is the debut novel in The Spirit Hunter Series which revolves around an orphan girl, a hell spirit, and a fight for more than just life. The story begins with a history of tragedies in NOLA as the author introduces the paranormal evil plot of the book. Del is a teenager who has been raised in an orphanage all her life, but now she feels she is old enough to live independently.

The time when Del Lareaux leaves St. Augustine orphanage, she’s so eager to start a normal life for herself and the mentally disabled boy she has been looking after for years. She wants to live on her own terms and rules and look for a job to begin planning for her future.

However, when a hellish spirit resurrects from dark swamps, unimaginable things start hunting the lost souls in New Orleans, and Del’s soul is one of the most desired. When mysterious killings with ritual objects out of the ordinary reasoning start happening, it spreads fear among the people, and Del gets hooked into the case.

Something that she doesn’t understand is that the evil powers are gathering more strength. Once Del knows the truth of her secret origin, she is given a choice to either ignore the power she inherited since birth to live an ordinary life she’s always wanted or exercise her gift and the dark results that come after that.

She has to fight to not only protect her life and that of Jimmy but make a choice of whether she can face her secrets whose consequences are troublesome. D.S Q does an excellent job of emphasizing the unique features in the town, like the swamps, cemeteries, and poorly lit streets, to make a fantastic plot.
It’s fascinating and satisfying to witness young Del transforming into a tough and confident investigator. the author uses Edgar Allan Poe melancholy poems between the book’s chapters to give the story a touch of classic literary horror

Del is an excellent and well-built character with lots of flesh covered by her history. The rest of the characters have good personalities, which will draw readers into the story. The book cover itself sends a tingling feeling down in your spine as the story does its magic as it slowly unwinds terrifyingly.
This is a perfect book for those looking for a book that will keep them hooked to the last page. The story is full of well-crafted and developed characters to make the story more outstanding. The thrilling twists and turns keep the reader guessing, and just when they feel like they’ve all figured, they get shocked.
The settings are easy to read and have a perfect background for a paranormal story, and Quinton does a great job of emphasizing it. Quinton uses her skills to describe the atmosphere of Louisiana swamplands menacingly vividly.

The action is gripping, especially the scene where the hellish spirit comes back to life in the swamp.

A Dark Wave journey
D.S Quinton yet again serves his fans with a fast-paced and thrilling story of adventures and discovery. Brad and Cora find an interesting rock in the debris left by a storm, and the rocks are infectious if looked at too closely.

What might be the secret in the rocks? After closely looking at the stones, a researcher, a scientist, and the Indian mountain guide were exposed to danger. Ian, a weather analyst, assists them in looking for a way to leave the mountain.

Brad’s a scientist working on the mountain with Cora, his assistant though in different tents when the scariest thing happens. In the middle of the night, they are awakened by the sound of a rogue storm as the meteor has begun to wreak mount Blanc in Europe, carrying a virus that was forgotten. A massive storm full of meteorites hits the mountain, and when Brad opens one of the meteorite rocks, he ends seriously sick

Several decades ago, the general’s son died because of the same illness, and began research to discover the mystery behind the illness. General Keller is a tough man trying to grief and accept the tragic encounter of his son.

When the illness was first discovered, several people lost their lives with symptoms of itchy voices which came out of their heads. This sad event caused the world to deteriorate, leading to the intertwined paths with General Keller quickly.

The two plotlines connect to create a blend of action, science fiction, and man’s origin. Artificial intelligence features in the story give it a technological edge. The author takes the reader back when General Keller is still stressed after losing his son, and the plot develops as the reader gets deep into the story.

The book adds up to an amazing story in artificial intelligence, Hindu religion, and science. It appears that the author has added everything possible into the story, including the magical gypsies.

The story speeds up and climaxes in an exciting chase before concluding. The imagination captures the reader’s mind right from the start to the end. Descriptions are well done as the narrative flows smoothly to get the reader pulled right away.

Quinton starts by introducing the characters so that readers can have a clue of who they are in the story. This is a perfect book for lovers of science fiction with some touch of mystery.

Some elements in the book are space opera-like, so that the book will be ideal for lovers of such novels. It’s good that the author doesn’t throw the readers into the story; instead, it takes time to build a background on the key characters. Be sure to go on a fantasy journey through diseases, meteors, and looking for answers.

The sci-fi story will keep you flipping pages trying to find out what really happens next. Character development is superb in this fast-paced and solid storyline.

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