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Publication Order of Johnny Hart Mystery Books

Sand Creek (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
By The River Of Lost Souls (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rocky Ford (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Second Son (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

Showing just as much an affinity for the great outdoors as he does the written word, the American author and novelist D.W. Linden has been capturing the beauty of nature in all its glory on the page for quite some time now. Known for his ever evocative style of prose and imagination, he really brings to life the full expanse of the rural wilderness, with readers worldwide gaining a perspective on what it is that he’s writing about, regardless of whether they’ve come from there or not. With an almost ethereal quality to his work, he conjures up an almost forgotten way of life, and one that’s almost nostalgic, whilst not getting overly sentimental. This allows him to speak his mind, creating characters that allow the reader to find themselves anchored to the text, seeing the world through their eyes, giving the locations a sense of grounding. Creating landscapes and vistas is something which Linden excels at, but it is also the manner in which he brings it to life which is noteworthy as well. Seeing much of the country for himself, he would gain a first-hand perspective of everything that America had to offer, something which he still feels highly passionate about to this very day.

Early and Personal Life

Always showing a keen interest in both reading and writing, D.W. Linden would show a love for the great outdoors as well. This would be something he would harness from a very early stage, along with a clear love of American history, something he would continue to nurture throughout the subsequent years. Later on he would also join the National Indian Youth Council, along with the American Indian Movement, something which would come to define much of who was as a person in his adult life. Taking his experiences from his time here, he would create much of his writing career that was to follow, establishing his many themes and ideas, all of which he continues to write about from his home in California.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first book in 2006, the writer D.W.Linden would arrive on the literary market with the title ‘Sand Creek’, a novel which would come to epitomize much of his following career. A mystery novel set within the great rural expanse of Colorado, he would not only bring the landscape to life, but he would also bring the character of Deputy Sheriff Johhny Hart to life for the first time too. Appreciated by his many peers and contemporaries alike, he would be commended on his various efforts over the years, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength, on into the foreseeable future.

The Second Son

Brought out through the ‘AmazonEncore’ publishing outlet, this would be the second novel to come from Linden as an author, his first being ‘Sand Creek’ which was released the previous year. Like the first it would also center itself around a mystery, it being brought out in 2012 on the 20th of November to much acclaim. With strong characters driving it forwards, it’s clear that Linden has a keen insight into the history of the period it’s depicting as well, with it being highly accurate in its portrayal of the great American West.

This would be one of D.W. Linden’s earliest novels, giving an insight into his worldview as it was beginning to develop as a full-time author. It would also provide a unique look into a different way of life, one that was almost dying out by that point, but still highly important nonetheless. The countryside is shown in all its glory too, as it evokes the great American West and all its classic stories and history, something which Linden is only well too aware of given his own insight and research into the subject.

Starting out with a tribe of Comanches, it sees the father of one Jose Juan Garcia trading him for livestock and a young girl from their tribe. Growing up among the Comanche, he becomes embedded in the tribe as a true member, only to return home once again after news of his father’s death reaches him. This then leads him on a trail of vengeance, as he vows to track down the individual who murdered his father and gain his revenge. Will he be able to find them though? Can he survive himself? What will become of the second son?

By The River Of Lost Souls

This would come to mark the third title in the highly popular ‘Johnny Hart Mystery’ series of novels, returning to its eponymous character once more. Published through the Kindle platform, it would initially be released on the 3rd of June in 2013, it being a later entry into Linden’s career, showing a clear sense of development for the author. It would also provide a strong mystery that would keep the reader guessing right until the very last page, all whilst developing the central character and world simultaneously.

This would be a much later entry for the now widely renowned and extremely well regarded author D.W. Linden, as he takes to the great outdoors once more. Returning to the character of Deputy Sheriff Johnny Hart once more, he sees him looking to find peace within himself, as he attempts to protect those in need. It is the landscape of rural Colorado which really comes into focus here though, as it is almost a character in of itself, reflecting the inner turmoil of Johnny Hart and his plight, as he venture forth into the great unknown.

In pursuit of a gang of white supremacist bank robbers, Deputy Sheriff Johnny Hart must bring this murderous gang to justice. Chasing them through rural Colorado he must also stop them from killing again, all whilst dealing with his own personal issues. Coping with family and personal issues, it appears that he himself is in need of healing, something that he must pursue along with the bank robbers. Will he find what he seeks? Can he keep himself safe whilst doing so? Where will they strike next as he finds himself venturing down by the river of lost souls?

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