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Daisy Pearce is a mystery, thriller, and paranormal author best known for her debut novel “The Silence.” Pearce was born in Cornwall and spent her childhood in a small community that was full of hippies. Still a child she read “Cujo and The Hamlyn Book of Horror” by Stephen King and was hooked into the genre ever since. As a teenager, she wanted to become a writer and began writing short stories and after a few months of studying fashion journalism in college, she dropped out as she found it too boring as compared to creative writing. Once she was out of college, she lived in Brighton and London where she started getting serious with her short fiction. It was not long before “One Eye Grey Magazine” accepted her debut short story “The Black Prince” for publishing. Soon after, “The Brooke Witch” that she wrote a few months after the first was adapted for a small Story Cabaret stage production in Lewes. Apart from her writing, she has also been actively writing mental health articles online. “The Silence,” her debut novel was published in 2020 and was soon followed up by “The Missing” in the same year. In 2015, Daisy’s short story “Worm Food” was the winner of the Chindi Authors Competition while “The Missing” made the long list for the MSlexia Novel ward. She is currently a staffer at the University of Sussex library, where she stacks the shelves while listening to folklore and true crime podcasts. She currently lives with her nine-year-old daughter and a one-eyed Siamese cat in Lewes.

For Pearce Daisy, writing comes to her more like compulsion rather than inspiration. She often feels a sublime and frustrating compulsion to write and it is something she has done all her life even if it was in fits and starts. “The Silence” her debut novel was the first manuscript she ever completed and she found it quite the learning curve though it gave her the confidence she needed to get started. Growing up, she had read Stephen King as she found the raw terror in novels such as “The Shining” fascinating for its raw terror. She was also influenced by other macabre novels such as “The Hunting of Hill House” by Shirley Jackson and Jim Dodge’s “Stone Junction” all of which blew her mind. She had been reading about gaslighting when an image of a woman jumping into the sea came to mind. It was from this that she developed the story for her debut novel. Since most of her writing days are full of anxiety, she loves to wind down by reading to her daughter or watching a sitcom.

Daisy Pearce’s debut novel “The Silence” is the story of former child TV star Stella Wiseman. But she had been a star a very long time ago and there is no hint of glamor in her life in the present. Wiseman is in her thirties and is single and all alone. Having lost her friends and parents. She is stuck in a boring job with no prospects and is about to despair when she meets a charismatic older man named Marco who offers to turn her life around. She appreciates the money he gives her but she cannot help herself from wondering if he is too good to be true. She is sleeping better thanks to the pills she is taking but is she just avoiding her problems rather than dealing with them. Her life is still in freefall when her man whisks her away to a beautiful cottage in the woods where they can spend some alone time. But the more he tries to pull her closer, the worse she gets. He tries to convince her that it is all psychological and time away from the pressures of life will be the cure. But she is now not sure of reality and starts to question if she had made a mistake trusting Marco. Could she have made a mistake trusting her instinct and is she wrong even now?

Pearce’s novel “The Missing” is an engrossing and fast-paced thriller that will have the reader questioning everything. The story is told from the perspectives of Frances and Samantha and also involves Samantha’s daughter named Edie that went missing a decade and a half ago. Frances just discovered this interesting thing about her friend and is surprised at how much it has to do with her life. Her friend had kept the fact of her daughter’s disappearance a secret for years since the media and police had written her off as another troubled teen that had run away from home. Sure, she had the typical behaviors of a rebellious teen but the fact that she disappeared should matter to someone, and Frances makes herself that someone. Moreover, she discovered that William her husband had a romantic relationship with the troubled teenager. While visiting William’s old home, Frances comes across some old photos that give her some insights on the mysterious disappearance of Edie. She soon meets with Samantha who is still mourning her daughter’s disappearance. Together, they join forces to try to get to the bottom of it.

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