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Publication Order of The Completionist Chronicles Books

Publication Order of Completionist Chronicles: Wolfman Warlock Books

with James A. Hunter

Publication Order of Cooking with Disaster Books

Grilled Armageddon (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sewer Skewers (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Omelet Endgame (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of The Divine Dungeon Books

Dungeon Born (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dungeon Madness (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dungeon Calamity (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dungeon Desolation (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dungeon Eternium (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Essence (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Divine Dungeon: Artorian's Archives Books

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Dakota Krout
Dakota Krout is a web developer and programmer. He decided to begin writing books because he was interested in creating some worlds that force main characters to develop.

Dakota also likes reading and wanted to bring a world of his own to life. To his great pleasure and surprise, he found some like-minded people that enjoy what’s in his mind. Publishing his own stories has been quite an incredible journey for him.

He writes full-time and is an independent publish through Mountaindale Press, his company.

Dakota draws on his own personal experience in the military to create intricate systems and vast terrains, and his own history in information technology and programming helps bring him a logical aspect to both his company and writing. It also gives him a unique point of view for any future challenges.

He was chosen as Audible’s top 5 fantasy pick in the year 2017, and has been a top 15 bestseller on Amazon, and has been a top 10 bestseller on Audible.

Dakota’s debut novel, called “Dungeon Born”, was released in the year 2016. His work is from the GameLit genre.

“Ritualist” is the first novel in the “Completionist Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2018. One game that puts all the others to shame. Magic that’s been banned from the world entirely. A man that’s willing to learn no matter what the cost is.

The choice to begin a new life is never an easy one to make, but for Joe, this transition is far from figurative. Getting a permanent addition to a game world, so it doesn’t take too long to learn that people with his abilities are being actively hunted. In fact, if the wrong people gained the knowledge of just what he was capable of, hitmen would show up in droves.

Joe, in pursuit of his powers, fights it out alongside his team, completes different quests, and dives into the mysteries of his class, which he soon finds can just be practiced secretly. Ultimately, his mission is to complete every single mission, learn every secret in this world, and master each of the abilities. All he must do is to survive just long enough in order to make this happen.

Joe is a relatable characters and it is interesting to see him deal with this new world and figure out how he can level up his character. Readers liked how the details were woven into this story, and while the whole story felt like info dump, it wasn’t a chore to get through. All of it was put forth through the story, and readers enjoyed learning about this world. Readers liked the goal of wanting to explore the entire game, humor, and hidden god.

“Regicide” is the second novel in the “Completionist Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2018. After the Mage’s College’s encounter, Joe’s name has gotten well known in Eternia. As the majority of his guild’s ecstatic over the bonuses that he brings them, not everybody’s pleased with his rising influence. In fact, somebody has been spreading some rumors that Joe’s unbalanced and sacrificing his comrades for personal gain.

As a result of this, Joe’s required to recruit a team of misfits and finds that their unique talents complement his own. With their assistance, Joe moves forward with plans to specialize into a more powerful version of the Ritualist class he belongs to. However when all the dust settles, is he going to be required to ask himself a simple question. Could it have been his actions that started the wars?

“Rexus” is the third novel in the “Completionist Chronicles” series and was released in the year 2019. Humanity’s on the run. Dark deeds are done during daylight, and a desperate base is building.

Joe’s started to draw attention to both himself and his abilities. As some of the attention is good and allows some personal growth, most of it comes from various organizations that feel they’re being threatened by the sudden upswing of power that The Wanderers, Joe’s guild, have been attaining.

While the threat to planet Earth starts to hit its peak, all of mankind has a choice: flee to Eternium, or they can stay and face an uncertain future. Some go and some stay, while others do not make the decision fast enough. In Ardania, the human Kingdom sees an unprecedented influx of people. Demand and supply is one issue no matter where you are, while a civilization of a few million cannot prepare to accept one eighth of Earth’s inhabitants all at once.

Joe heads out to solve some problems wherever he can, however he is unable to be there for everybody. Particularly when one group of smiling enforcers are working on bringing him down.

“Dungeon Born” is the first novel in the “Divine Dungeon” series and was released in the year 2016. A powerful dungeon and a sheepherder that’s become a Noble. Their journey to ascendance through cultivation.

Conquering dungeons and utilizing them to grow has long been the most efficient way for someone to become a powerful adventurer. The one thing that keeps the process from being at all easy is the Beasts that inhabit these places. Questions plague those that enter this place of power: Where do the “rewards” of armor, weapons, and heavy gold coins actually come from?

Why is there a fluffy bunny charging me, and for abyss-sake, why are there so damn many monsters? Call’s got all of the answers to these ancient questions for a single reason. The man is a Dungeon Core, a soul that’s forced against his will into a magical stone. With the aid of an energetic friend, he grows a dungeon around himself in order to bring in whole new power sources.

A threat that he does not fully understand bares its numerous teeth at him, he is determined to survive the attempt on his life. Unfortunately for the adventurers, the only way for him to actually to accomplish this mission of his is to devour anybody that enters into his depths.

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