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Dakota Plains Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dakota Plains Books

Dakota Dream (1993)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dakota Dusk (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dakota December (1996)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dakota Dawn (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dakota (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dakota Destiny (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Dakota Plains Books

When reading in chronological order, the novel Dakota Dawn should be read first, before Dakota Dream.

The American author Lauraine Snelling is an author who has made a massive impact upon the field of historical and western romance. With her ability in combining character with narrative, her many books are full of warmth and wit, both in equal measure. Creating a substantial amount of book series too, she has managed to create a number of much loved and highly regarded series too. A great example of this would be that of her ongoing ‘Dakota Plains’ series of books, which have been running for some time now. Set in the American state of its namesake, this collection of romance novels largely feature the expanse of the great outdoors. Mostly working as stand-alone novels, they are loosely interconnected by family names, with many of them overlapping, whilst each one focuses on a separate romance.

Running for over four titles in total, along with some omnibus editions too, this series managed to cover a lot of ground over its duration. Beginning in 1994, it ran to 2012, and there’s plenty more room to continue expanding upon this particular series indefinitely. With more and more discovering this series every day, this series could potentially develop for quite some time to come.

Dakota Dawn

Setting up the franchise, this marks the first title in the ongoing and now much loved ‘Dakota Plains’ series of books. Establishing the premise for the first time it manages to create a template that forms much of the basis for the series that is to follow. Brought out through the ‘Barbour Publishing’ label, this was originally released on the 1st of March in 1994 to much acclaim.

Living up to its name, this is a series that really celebrates all that the state has to offer, with romance to drive it along. Somewhat idealistic in its outlook, it aims to provide both warmth and escapism for the reader, allowing them to essentially lose themselves within the narrative. Understanding its genre clearly, it easily crafts a rich and interesting story, one that both engages and entertains the reader in equal measure. Dealing with the character of Nora Johnson, it sees her travelling from Norway to Dakota in America, showing a major shift in character. It is through this transformation that the reader sees who she truly is, as they get to follow her throughout her journey. Finding herself through the love of God as she sees it, it utilizes faith too, creating something that will definitely resonate with many. Using Dakota as its principle setting too, it really manages to bring the American state to life, as it’s clear that Snelling definitely has an affinity for the place. Showing the great outdoors in all its vibrant colors, it really reflects what’s going on within the story itself, along with all the characters. It also establishes the stage for the books to follow, providing a clear idea of the subsequent series, something which develops as time goes on.

A long way from Norway, Nora Johnson has travelled to be with the love her life Hans, and marry him, becoming a farmer’s wife. Things don’t always go according to plan though, which is also the case for Carl Detschman as he awaits his second baby’s arrival with his wife Anna. Using the love of God, though, they find themselves in a new situation, and one that they never really believed was possible. Will they get everything they ever hoped for? Can they find true happiness? What lies beyond the Dakota Dawn?

Dakota Dream

Once again published through ‘Barbour Publishing’ outlet, this was to be the second title in the greatly acclaimed ‘Dakota Plains’ series. Providing another story that’s only loosely connected to the first, it has some interconnected characters that recur only by name. This means that it’s easy to pick-up as a casual read for any newcomers, whilst also providing something for those returning. Released around the same time as the first, it also uses the theme of Norwegian immigrants to bring the Dakota landscape to life.

Capturing the essence of the first one, this once again returns to the previous story, capturing the beauty of the state in all its glory. Giving insight into other members of the Johnson family lives, it works as a stand-alone story, whilst giving returning fans something the engage in. Using many of the same themes from the last book too, it really manages to provide a heart-warming look at rural life and love. Using the concept of immigrants moving to Dakota from Norway once more too, it sees them as they attempt to navigate the cultural differences that present themselves throughout the course of the story. This time looking at the character of Clara Johnson, it sees her embarking for America, all set to make a new life for herself there. It is the other characters as well who also reflect this transformation, just as in the previous book, as she begins to find herself in this new land. The state of Dakota comes to the forefront once again too, bringing the landscape to life in the process, giving it a fresh perspective this time around. Almost a character in of itself now, Snelling really works at showing the state for how it really is, whilst building a sense of majesty from it too. Set in the great outdoors, it sees her find out who she really is, as her moving really tests her and her character.

Travelling to Soldall in North Dakota, Clara Johnson is moving from her initial home of Norway to make a new life for herself. With only a faded photo and a water stained letter, she is soon greeted by a burly enormous blacksmith who was supposedly her husband-to-be. Determined to make the most of it all though, she soon finds that apparently god has other plans, and she uses her faith to see her through. Can she live happily ever after? What will become of her marriage and her heart? Will she live the Dakota dream?

The Dakota Plains Series

This is a series that really wears its heart firmly upon its sleeve, giving the reader an insight into a unique rural way of life. Using the many themes and ideas prevalent within the romance genre, it really takes the many tropes and makes them work on her own terms. With this Snelling has now created a much loved series that will stand the test of time for many years to follow yet.

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