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About Dakota Willink

An American author, Dakota Willink has been entertaining readers worldwide with her unique wit for quite some time now. One of the top 100 bestselling authors on Amazon, she really is a master of her craft, knowing just what her many readers worldwide are looking for in her writing. Reaching readers far and wide, she has a sense of universality to her work, as it truly resonates on a very real and human level. Often featuring strong independent women in her fiction, she largely focuses on the romance genre, making a name for herself with her contemporary fiction.

Setting herself apart from other writers in her field, she really does have a unique voice that stands out from the rest. This idiosyncratic style of hers has allowed her to make some innovative and creative interpretations of the romantic genre format. Using this approach, readers are left not quite knowing what to expect from her and her work, giving it a really distinctive perspective. Leading the way with her character-driven stories, she pushes the boundaries at every chance she can get, making her work extremely exciting.

Standing out from the page, her characters are exemplary in that they feel wholly real and alive at every turn of the page. With the reader following them closely, they become extremely invested in their outcome, making for more than compelling stories. This approach has made her more than successful, as she has become the writer she’s always wanted to be, with her own distinctive voice. With lots more still to follow, she doesn’t seem to be finishing her writing career any time soon either, as there are plenty more titles on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Growing up with a strong passion for everything literature, Dakota Willink would heavily immerse herself in the craft. Developing her style and her tone, she would come to find her own voice during the intervening years, creating her own novels. Refining and honing her craft, she would seek inspiration from the world around her, continually putting it all back into her work with her ever-sensitive approach and manner.

As time went on, she would further her brand as an author, finding what it was that she wanted to say in the field of romance. She would also become outspoken on a number of different subjects, from feminism to politics, always making her voice heard. Currently living in New York, she spends her summers with her family on the Great Lakes, always looking for her next big idea.

Writing Career

In 2015, Dakota Willink published her first full novel, with it being a romance titled ‘Heart of Stone.’ The book would also become the first in her series ‘Stone,’ with the second, ‘Stepping Stone,’ being released the following year in 2016. She would later go on to write other series too, such as ‘Cadence Duet,’ along with a stand-alone in 2020 titled ‘The Sound of Silence.’

Her first series would go on to be translated into five different languages, and she is constantly being recognized for various awards. This acclaim has seen her become a bestselling novelist, and she also writes under the name of Marie Christy for several different projects. She is an outspoken member of the literary community, contributing to different outlets, such as the ‘Blunder Woman Productions’ project.

Wishing Stone

Originally brought out in 2022, this would first come out on the 11th of January through the Kindle publishing platform. The fourth and final installment in ‘The Stone’ series of novels it’s a drama featuring the ongoing story of two central characters and their relationship with one another. It’s best that the books themselves are read in order, as this will allow the reader to get the most out of them and make sense.

Continuing the story of Alexander and Krystina, this sees them both dealing with several years of marriage and the obstacles to overcome. With Krystina trying to become pregnant, this is set in real-time, as they both face the pandemic’s effects. Feeling trapped by Alexander, Krystina learns that there are things going on with the foundation. What exactly is going on, will Krystina ever become pregnant, and how will things come to pass as they hope for a wishing stone?

This book is heartfelt, dealing with all its drama in the real-world, effectively reflecting it every step of the way. The story itself is engaging, and it’s easy to see why this series became so successful with its worldwide audience and following. Fully invested in the characters and their outcomes, the story has many twists and turns, constantly managing to surprise the whole way.

The Sound of Silence

First published in 2020 on the 17th of November, this would initially come out through the ‘Dragonfly Ink Publishing’ imprint. Not a part of any series, this is a stand-alone dramatic story that can be read entirely on its own with no ongoing arc. There are some difficult scenes of domestic violence, so it’s best to go in forewarned, as it deals with some strong issues.

This book features the story of Gianna and Derek, and it sees Gianna as a young bartender drawn to Derek after struggling to make ends meet. After a whirlwind romance followed by marriage, the two live together for several years, but all is not well as Gianna needs to make her move. Derek is abusive, and it’s high time that Gianna gets away from him, as things break down completely between them both. Needing to escape, Derek is difficult to break free from, and Gianna must do whatever it takes in order to make her getaway.

While dealing with troubling themes and ideas with tact and sensitivity, Willink has written a powerful book here. There’s a lot to uncover within her writing, as it’s very well researched, making the abusive relationship all that more believable. It’s a must for fans of her as an author, fully showing what she has to offer and the true power of her words.

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