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Publication Order of DI Nick Dixon Books

Damien Boyd is one of the reputed author of the Crime, Mystery, and Thriller genres. He hails from London, United Kingdom and is particularly famous for writing down his highly successful thriller novel series known as The DI Nick Dixon series. Before becoming a full time author, Damien used to work for the Crown Prosecution Service. As a result, he has a vast experience of the criminal laws which help him to write fast paced mystery and crime novels, all of them featuring the main protagonist named Detective Inspector Nick Dixon. Damien is also a former solicitor, which adds to his ability of writing crime novels. After gaining experience from his former careers, Damien turned himself into one of the prominent authors of crime fiction novels. All the novels written by him are published by the Thomas and Mercer publishing house.

AHe says that the series can be enjoyed to its very best if they are read in the order of their publication. Author Damien also says that he has intentionally developed the characters of the series in a particular order and believes that they will continue to progress throughout the whole series. The series on the whole, follows a chronological order, and hence, it is very important for the readers to read it in order. Each of the novels of the series can be read as a standalone thriller. This allows the readers to isolate the books of the series into separate crime fiction novels, if they want to read them in that way. Author Damien has typically left a few loose ends at the end of the novels, which he has continued with at the start of the following novels. However, the substantive stories of the novels start and end in the same single books. About the character sketch of the main protagonist Nick Dixon of the crime series, author Damien says that he does not have any preconceived ideas about him. He says that Nick Dixon is just a typical detective inspector.

In order to describe him best, the author says that he can tell what he is not. He is not alcoholic, does not consume drugs and does not even like to visit the prostitutes. Even though these characteristics do not make him much of an interesting character, but he very well forms the main focus of the plots of each novel of the series. Nick Dixon also suffers from his own personal battles, but they have not been depicted as the distracting factors to the readers from the main plots of the novels. Author Damien also says that he has not done any padding work in the stories of the novels with respect to the characterization of the investigating officer Nick Dixon. He has laid down a very few ground rules for the character of Dixon which allow him to develop throughout the course of the crime series. Particularly, Detective Inspector Nick Dixon works in the Avon and Somerset Police Department, which is attached to the Bridgewater CID. He is aged in his early thirties and lives a single life. Dixon owns a Staffie known as Monty and drives an old model of Land Rover. He is diabetic and lives in a cottage which he has rented and located in Brent Knoll. Nick Dixon is the winner of the George Medal and is not allowed by his landlord to keep pets in the cottage as per the agreement.

The first novel of the DI Nick Dixon series was published under the title ‘As The Crow Flies’. It was released by the Thomas & Mercer publishing house in the year 2013. The plot of the novel revolves around the sport of rock climbing which turns into a blood sport very soon. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, one of the former climbing partners of Detective Inspector Nick Dixon, Jake Fayter is found dead. He is believed to have died by falling down while trying to practice a new route on the High Rock, Cheddar Gorge. Dixon seems pretty much convinced that Jake Fayter would not have made a simple mistake like it appeared and soon starts digging to find the truth behind his death. He becomes successful in uncovering a deadly web of criminal activities and intrigue. The roots of the web seem to be so deep that it seems to be capable of shaking the seaside town to its core. When the body count begins to rise, detective Dixon decides to follow his own rules and break every other one in the book in order to catch the killer. He does not even think twice before putting his own life on the line to do so. The novel proved to be a fast paced thriller and crime novel, which left the readers interested till the last page. It also proved to be a spectacular first novel from the crime fiction author, Damien Boyd.

The second novel of the series was published in the year 2013 by the Thomas and Mercer publishing house. It was titled ‘Head In The Sand’. The plot of the novel is once again set in the seaside town called the Burnham-on-Sea. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, a severed head is discovered in a bunker on the golf course of the town. This triggers a deadly race to catch a serial killer that causes the seaside town to come to a standstill. Detective Inspector Nick Dixon becomes successful in establishing a connection with a series of murders over 30 years that were unsolved. This makes him deal with the past cases and race against time, reaching each and every corner of the country. Soon, Dixon learns that an elderly man has been brutally killed in his flat on the Burnham seafront. As this incident raises the stakes, Dixon begins to suspect whether there is one serial killer or there are two of them. Just like the first novel of the series, this novel too proved to be a gripping story. The success of this novel helped author Damien Boyd to establish himself as a noteworthy crime fiction writer.

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  1. Keith Robert Regan: 4 months ago

    A Great read….I live in the area and recognise a lot of the locations. A nice man to talk to, having met a couple of times for book signings etc

  2. WAYNE TOWILL: 6 months ago

    Fantastic author.His books are gripping and thrilling to the end. They are also acurate with his locations. Living in the area where the books are set i know exactly where he is and can picture it and where he is going. I always get 2 copies of his books 1 for my kindle and other to sit on my bookshelf unread.

  3. med owen: 6 months ago

    he is a brilliant writer

  4. Maralyn Wetherall: 2 years ago

    Damien Boyd is new to me and is now responsible for my lack of sleep, lack of housework and not feeding my family. Love his books, keep writing please Damien. Don’t want them to end. M x


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