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Damyanti Biswas
Damyanti Biswas is a blogger, animal lover, spiritualist, and an author. She lives in Singapore, and she works with Delhi’s underprivileged kids as part of Project Why, this charity which promotes education and social enhancement in some underprivileged communities.

Her short fiction has been published in magazines in Asia, the US, and the UK, some of which include the Pembroke Review, Smokelong Quarterly, and Ambit. Damyanti also helps edit the Forge Literary Magazine.

Her favorite part about being a writer is the fact that she can write anywhere, at any time. You never have to be dressed up in order to do it, and you do not need to depend on other people in order to get your words down onto the page, and there is no age to begin or quit being a writer.

Things that help Damyanti with her writing process includes things such as setting some time aside in between drafts. Reading critically and widely. Reading her work out loud to herself to improve it at the sentence level. Staying totally vulnerable and honest while she’s writing. Respecting her writing time, her characters, and her readers. Learning how to receive and give feedback. Accepting that rejection (from readers, agents, and readers) is a part of the process. Being a good literary citizen means always supporting other authors. Allowing writing to be its own reward.

“You Beneath Your Skin” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2019. Family, lies, and ambition.

It is a smog-choked and dark New Delhi winter. Anjali Morgan, an Indian American single mom juggles her job as a psychiatrist with caring for her autistic teen son. She’s in this long standing affair with Jatin Bhatt (an ambitious police commissioner), and it’s an irresistible attraction which could destroy each of their lives.

Jatin’s home life has been falling apart: his charming and handsome son isn’t all that he appears to be, and his wife’s got too much on her plate to even pay attention to either the son or the husband. However Jatin refuses to listen to anybody, not even the sister to whom he’s attached deeply to.

Across the city there’s this crime spree happening: slum women being discovered found stuffed in trash bags, with their bodies and faces disfigured by acid. While the events spiral out of control Anjali is terrifyingly in the middle of all of it. In a sordid world of misogyny, poverty, and political corruption, Jatin has to make some tough decisions. However what he unearths is just the tip of the iceberg. Together with Anjali, he has to confront some old wounds and uncover some long held secrets before it’s too late.

For those that love a police procedural which is set in an exotic location and tackles some social justice issues, this one’s for you.

This novel has some great character development and there’s an easy flow to the narrative, particularly the natural dialogue. She does a great job of handling the intricacies of the plot and they’re all well stitched together here. The drama, the conflicts, and the horror all takes you on this thrilling yet dangerous ride.

This is a racy and pacy thriller with plotting that turns and twists like the alleys of the slums it’s set in. the novel takes you down into the darker underbelly in India where the poor are just pawns in the lethal game of greed, power, corruption, and lust. The plot has been inspired by real world events, allowing the reader to fully relate to everything they’re reading. These are strong characters, well etched, and feel fully real.

Damyanti’s voice is lucid and succinct and she writes in a no nonsense manner. And her dialogue is engaging and realistic as well. This a credible and compelling crime thriller which is incredibly tough to put down for very long.

“The Blue Bar” is the first novel in the “Blue Mumbai” series and was released in 2023. Out on the dark Mumbai streets, the paths of one serial killer, one missing dancer, and this inspector with a haunted past all converge in this evocative thriller about lost love and a murderous obsession.

Tara Mondal, after spending years dancing in the bars of Mumbai, was desperate for a new start of some kind. So when this client offered her this life-changing payout to indulge one harmless, albeit strange, fantasy, she accepted. The setup was rather simple: wear this blue-sequined saree, enter into a crowded railway station, and then escape from sight in under three minutes. This was the final time that anybody ever saw Tara.

Thirteen years later, Inspector Arnav Singh Rajput (Tara’s lover) still grapples with her going missing while facing this horrifying new crisis: on the outskirts of the city, women’s dismembered corpses are being uncovered from their shallow graves. There is very little to connect these murders, except for this scattering of blue sequins and a decade’s worth of missing persons reports which correspond to major festivals.

Present and past blur together while Arnav realizes that he is on the trail of this serial killer and that somebody wants his investigation buried no matter what the cost. Could the key to locating Tara and solving these murders be hidden in a cold case? Or is the next corpse they recover be hers?

This is an intense and visceral thriller that is going to leave you breathless. It’s a compelling and gripping Mumbai set story that is about a detective who realizes that his lover, that went missing over a decade ago wearing this blue sequined dress, may just be the victim of a serial killer. This is propulsive, immersive, and beautifully written.

Damyanti does a dive into the seedy underworld in Mumbai in this fast paced and absorbing crime thriller, where she never fails to impress with this one. It’s filled with characters sure to enchant you and others that will repulse you, mystery and action are weaved through Bollywood, corrupt cops, and some sultry dance bars. Definitely do not miss out on this gripping thriller.

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