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Coming from a rich literary heritage, the Irish writer Dan Binchy comes from a highly literary family, being the cousin of famous writer Maeve Binchy among others, as he has created his own strong profile over the years, with a number of different works in his extensive backlog of work. Writing largely from an Irish perspective, he takes subjects he knows about at an in-depth level, creating stories that are finely tuned and speak to the reader on a more intimate level, regardless of where they are from or what their background is. Using wit and warmth in equal measure he is able to write about subjects that are close to him, making them universal for all, as his passion leaps from the page in an almost infectious manner, whilst carrying the reader along for the ride.

This is something that’s translated worldwide, largely thanks to his characters that are easy to relate to on a more personal level, whilst creating stories that keep the reader compelled throughout. Writing about such subjects as a golf and small-town rural life, he has a way with words that make these subjects accessible to all, whilst also taking the reader on a voyage to Ireland, a subject he clearly holds extremely close to his heart. Knowing the landscape of Ireland both inside and out, he is able to bring it to life off of the page, giving the reader another perspective, allowing them to take something away from each novel. The characters themselves are well drawn too, with their goals and ambitions being extremely real, as they almost speak to the reader, resonating with them regardless of where they’re from. Living in County Limerick he continues to write to this present day, making his voice heard in his own unique way, standing on his own two feet from the rest of the famous Binchy family.

Early and Personal Life

Born in County Limerick in 1940, the future author to be Dan Binchy came from a long and illustrious writers and prominent figures in literature, something which he would definitely live up to in the following years to come. Growing up with a strong passion for the art-form, he has managed to gain a unique perspective over the years that is all of his very own, standing on his own two feet. Creating his own voice and profile, he has worked hard to create a style that is somewhat different from the rest, giving an insight into the life in the country of Ireland.

Working as an artist as well as being a farmer, he’s always had a strong creative streak running throughout for as long as he can remember. Understanding rural life in Ireland too, he would manage to provide his material with a certain degree of authenticity, allowing it to come alive off of the page. Still living County Limerick to this day, it is an environment that will continue to inspire him for many years to come, as his work will stand the test of time for many years yet.

Writing Career

It was in 1991 that Dan Binchy would bring out his first novel ‘The Neon Madonna’, setting him up as a fully fledged author of Irish literature. Over the years this would progress with four other novels. Whilst he wrote many standalone titles and not so much a series of any kind, he would still incorporate places and people from earlier novels into his later works.

It was his love of Ireland for which he would chiefly become well known for though. Showing a clear passion for the country and rural living there, he’d bring to life its cast of many colorful characters. With his stories being timeless in their nature this passion is something that will carry on for a long time to come.

Loopy: A Novel of Golf and Ireland

Initially released in 2006 on the 21st of March to much acclaim, this was to be a stand-alone title and was one of the last to be published by the author. Brought out through the ‘St. Martin’s Griffin’ publishing label, this saw the author make the most of his home country and surrounding environment, bringing the country of Ireland to life. It also works at bringing the sense of character to the page of the country, along with its many eccentric and lovable characters, all of whom have their own unique personalities and insights to provide.

Taking place within Trabane, this is focused on the tiny small Irish village in the west of Ireland, as it looks at the golf course situated there that’s almost ran by nature as it is man. Stepping up for the title of leading amateur golfer, local Larry ‘Loopy’ Lynch has his eyes set on the Atlantic Trophy, which takes place on the infamous Ballykissane course. With a whole gaggle of supporters in tow it appears that there’s a lot more at stake than just a silver trophy, as he struggles to make it into the big leagues. Will he succeed? Can he get what he came for? What will become of Larry Lynch in ‘Loopy: A Novel of Golf and Ireland’?

The Last Resort

Brought out through ‘St. Martin’s Press’ this time, this story follows on from the previous ‘The Neon Madonna’, which would be Dan Binchy’s breakthrough novel. Using the same setting as before, they both manage to bring the country of Ireland to life, whilst being stand-alone titles completely in their own right. Released on the 8th of February in 1993, this was to be the second title from Dan Binchy as an author, as it further elaborated on his love of the country of Ireland.

Set in the Republic of Ireland, this takes place in the village of Brulagh, a location which was seen in his previous debut novel ‘The Neon Madonna’. Following Luke Diverali this time, it sees the high-profile professional American seeking solace in the village, as he hopes to escape the speculation surrounding his banking activities. It is during his investigations into developing the area that he begins to fall in love with it though, as things start to change and has begins to gain a whole new insight into the area. Will he stay? Can he make a new life in Ireland? Is it really the last resort?

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