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Dan Eaton is a renowned Tunisia born writer from New Zealand. He is famous for writing historical fiction, thriller, and mystery stories. The two successful books penned by him so far include No White Lies and The Secret Gospel. Eaton likes to undertake extensive travel for researching about the topics that he writes about. His novels cover a wide range of topics, including politics, conflict, disaster, social issues, and terrorism. Previously, he has worked in foreign intelligence and as a journalist. Eaton was born in Carthage, Tunisia and was brought up in the Middle East. His parents were missionary workers, who used to take him to all the places where they used to travel. Following his graduation from university, Eaton spent the next decade working in southeast Asia as a foreign correspondent.

Over the years, he has been employed by several news agencies, including Reuters and Agence France-Presse. As of today, he resides in Wellington, New Zealand. Eaton is happily married and is blessed with a couple of children. His first book has won several major awards. Also, the second book of his writing career is being talked about a lot for its unique setup, excellent characters, and an intriguing storyline. Author Eaton is hopeful of writing many more novels in the years to come and achieve worldwide success.

The debut book written by author Dan Eaton is entitled ‘The Secret Gospel’. It was released in 2015 as a Kindle book. Eaton has described a thrilling and dangerous adventure in the book. The multi-faceted work of a conspiracy, religion, and history depicted in this novel has been appreciated by readers in far and wide places. Some of the important characters created by Eaton in this book include Alex Fisher, Aubrey Bairstow, Morton Smith, etc. Eaton has set the story in 1958 and the 21st century. Initially, it is shown that a young Bible scholar discovers an old version of the Gospel in 1958. This version is believed to be much older than the one whose record is available in the New Testament. But, rather than achieving glory and fame for his discovery, the scholar receives accusations of having committed forgery. And when the talks of punishing him are going on, the newly discovered Gospel disappears mysteriously.

Fifty-one years after the disappearance, the scholar dies due to a heart attack. But, the evidence discovered in his apartment and the letter that he had written to a journalist based in Cairo, Alex Fisher, hint at murder. It is also revealed in the letter that there are deep secrets embedded in the gospel. Alex Fisher teams up with his lover Sadie and a British diplomat named Aubrey Bairstow to locate the gospel and bring it to its safe place before it lands into the hands of a wrong person. It is later found that the gospel is also being searched by an intelligence agent from Israel, a terrorist group, and the leader of a notorious Christian sect. Finally, the search takes all of them to the Western Deserts of Egypt, where it is thought that blood would have to be spilled before the Secret Gospel’s fate is decided.

With the hunt growing increasingly dangerous, it is learned that the manuscript has links with the refusal of the Vatican to condemn the Holocaust and Nazi Germany. Much more is believed to be at stake than just a lost manuscript. It could bring disaster to the Catholic Church and lead to a change in the power balance in the Middle East. This book contains an engaging thriller of religious conspiracy and ties politics, history, and religion into an entangled web of intrigue. Eaton picked up a true story about a similar discovery in the 1950s, added fiction in it, and thereby developed an interesting story that keeps the readers on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

The second book author Eaton’s career is known as ‘No White Lies’. It was published in 2019 in the Kindle format. The lead characters featured in this novel include Will McCormick, Lizzy McCormick, and a few others. Eaton has shown at the beginning that Will McCormick is an award-winning journalist. He has everything in his life that a man wishes to have: a beautiful family, money, and a lovely house located in the exotic location of Queenstown. But, Will McCormick also carries a dark secret that no one knows about. He had told a story several years ago that spread like fire and made him famous throughout the world. However, the story did not actually take place the way he described it.

To his utter shock, someone from the past has emerged and is claiming that he knows his secret. This unknown blackmailer is determined to make him suffer for his crime. Shortly after, Will’s five-year-old daughter disappears. This comes as a huge setback for Will McCormick. It forces him to go through the chapters of his past life to find out clues about his little girl’s abductor. The search takes him on a journey of self-discovery and makes him question his sanity. Eventually, it is learned that Will McCormick is a serial cheat, a fabulist, and a compulsive liar. Because of his past mistakes and greed, his innocent child is suffering. Knowing that nothing is in his hand now, Will thinks of facing the consequences of his actions and thereby find redemption. But, a big problem lies in this step as no one will believe him if he reveals the reality.

This chilling novel is an excellent take on the failure of intelligence that resulted in the attack on Iraq by America and its allies and gave birth to a deadly terrorist organization called ISIS. The novel takes the readers from the war zones of Baghdad to the streets of Paris. Eaton has filled the plot with exotic locations, political intrigue, spies, conspiracy, and terrorism. Due to all these elements, it appears to be perfect for the fans of Mick Herron, Peter May, John le Carre, and Alex Dahl. It entertained readers in different parts of the world and made them intrigued until the end. Several critics praised this book by saying that it will haunt the readers for sometime after they turn the last page.

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