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Publication Order of Dan Gordon Books

Triple Identity (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Red Syndrome (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chameleon Conspiracy (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Triangle of Deception (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Defection Games (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Haggai is a renowned American-Israeli author who pens down spy novels. Carmon is widely known for the Dan Gordon thriller series. Apart from being a writer, Haggai Carmon is a part time lawyer and a columnist as well. Carmon is the founder of Carmon and Carmon law firm, with offices in Israel and America as well. A majority of his thriller novels are based on the numerous undercover works that he completed, where he looked into money laundering and numerous other fraud cases. Currently, Haggai Carmon resides in New York City, with Raffett his wife and law partner. Carmon and Raffett are blessed with five children and several other grandchildren. Haggai Carmon’s debut novel, titled Triple Idenity was published in the year 2005. A year later, Haggai Carmon published his second novel titled the Red Syndrome, which became the second book within the same series as the first one.

Dan Gordon Series

With an exceedingly enticing and clever plot, Triple Identity makes the reader tick from the first page. In this novel, the Israeli born author, Haggai Carmon has created Dan Gordon, has created a hero, with an exceedingly complex background in asset recovery cases, that are somehow similar to some of the cases that he had handled previously. The book begins in the year 1990, in Munich Germany. When one Raymond DeLouis, a banker who had managed to run away with more than 90 million dollars is shot in broad daylight in crowded streets everyone believed that there was nothing suspicious with the killing. However, when Israeli Dov Peled and Bruno Popescu are murdered within the same day, eyebrows are raised. This is mainly because Raymond DeLouis has been leading three lives; playing Israeli’s and American’s off each other while laundering a huge amount of cash.

It did not take long before a justice department Attorney, Dan Gordon, who mainly specializes in the field of recovery investigations to find out DeLouis three identities. Once the revelation was made, Dan Gordon believed that this was just a normal case of money laundering. However, after some time, Dan Gordon makes the discovery that this was an exceedingly complicated scheme of funneling millions of dollars to Iran for Plutonium, a nuclear reactor, while the rest was delayed by three obstacles. First is the kidnapping of DeLouis’s daughter Ariel Peled, by thugs who had demanded to be given the mysterious papers that her father had left behind. The second is the various layers of cut-outs between the money’s ultimate destination and the DeLouis, which Dan manages to unravel with commendable patience. The third obstacle is Dan’s compulsion to the exceedingly tiresome exposition.

The Red Syndrome is the second book in the Dan Gordon book series. In this book, we meet once again with Dan Gordon’s alter-ego Dan Gordon, an Israeli born attorney who works for the United States justice department. Gordon has been pursuing a terror and money-laundering ring that has ties to the Russian mafia. After sighting a missing person poster, eventually leads Dan Gordon in finding out that a group of terrorist with an exceedingly lethal blend of Haemorrhagic fever and E. Coli. Haggai Carmon’s real life experience with the gathering of legal intelligence, in turn, lends authenticity to numerous details. This novel features the ex-agent that we had previously met in the previous installment, Dan Gordon, who currently works for the Justice Department. Just like the second installment, begins with the protagonist trailing a clear case of money laundering.

However, in a world of off-shore account and dirty money, nothing is what it appears to be since with each case there are normally multiple layers. Crime normally breeds exceedingly strong mutations. Gordon’s investigation of the exceedingly dirty Russian mob is in turn transferred to the CIA. The plot eventually turns into a hunt for an exceedingly devastating bio-terror weapon. Gordon begins to look into a case that features coded messages, murder, kidnapping, betrays and breath-taking desert chases. With that said, the author has given enough details proving that he has a deep understanding of the subject. The Chameleon Conspiracy is the third book in the Dan Gordon mystery series. In this installment, the protagonist is chasing a con artist who is popularly known as the Chameleone for more than twenty years.

For several years, the Chameleon had managed to stay off the grid. However, after several years in hiding, the Chameleone resurfaced in Sydney, Australia, thereby putting both the CIA and the protagonist Dan Gordon on his trail once more. However, once again, the Chameleon managed to slip through Gordon’s hands. The Chameleon is much more than a bank fraud. He also happens to be an undercover sleeper agent. The chase eventually leads the protagonist to Iran, where he is posted as an undercover so that he can prevent the world’s power from an imbalance. Betrayal and danger lurk on the side, making it uncertain as to whether the protagonist is going to make it out of Tehran alive. With an exceedingly tight plot, the author takes the reader to the international law enforcement world. Mr. Carmon, a former legal intelligence operative offers sufficient information without crossing the line when it comes to issues of National Security.

Triangle of Deception is the fourth book in the Dan Gordon book series. In this book, we meet once again with Dan Gordon, an agent who works for Money Laundering and Asset Recovery. In this book, the protagonist, Dan Gordon is focused Operation Pinocchio, where he is expected to infiltrate a terrorist organization and be able to cause rebellion among its members. Dan is an exceedingly interesting character, who has lots of experience in this field. Despite the fact that the story is slow paced, it is still highly entertaining and full of adrenaline driven action. Unlike many crime novels, Triangle of Deception is much more realistic. Bluebell Hollow is the fifth novel in the DCI Tom Caton book series. As all the other books in the DCI Tom book series, Bluebell Hollow is filled with twists and turns that will undoubtedly keep the reader guessing from the first page to the last. Bluebell Hollow is a great addition to the series.

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