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Dan Hampton is a retired army officer of the US Air Force. He served his country for 20 years from 1986 to 2006 in the US Air Force. US military has already declared him as the most lethal pilot of American history and the most deadliest fighter pilot of the lethal F-16 fighter jet in American history. Dan Hampton is also called by a name “Wild Weasel”, a code name given by the Air Force of USA to those aircraft which are armed with radar-seeking missiles and has the SAM (surface-to-air) installations. He retired from Air Force of USA as Lieutenant Colonel in the year 2006. After retiring from the Air Force of USA, due to his rich experience, clear view, and writing style he started writing some novels.

His early military life

Dan Hampton is an architecture from Texas A&M University and earned his FAA private pilots license degree when he was a teenager. During his college, he applied for a commission and after his graduation, he received his employment in 1986 in the Air Force of USA. After joining the Air Force of USA, he learned how to fly a fighter plane and later selected as a fighter jet pilot of the F-16 fighter plane. He was also picked by the Air Force of USA to navigate the F-16CJ fighter plane, for which he was considered as a lethal pilot in American history. As a F-16CJ fighter plane pilot his prime responsibility was to destroy the enemy base with the help of SAM missiles and make a safer zone for other aircraft as well as for ground troops to enter in that area. During Gulf war, he was commissioned in the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey under the 23rd Fighter Squadron. During this period his squadron gained the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award when they threw the Iraqi army from the Kuwait. He was also connected with June 26, 1996’s Khobar Towers bombing incident. When the militant group Hezbollah Al-Hejaz exploded a building on part of a housing complex in the city of Khobar, Saudi Arabia Hampton was residing there. After the September 11th attacks, he was deployed in Iraq. For his extraordinary devotion in the War of Iraq, Kosovo battle, first Gulf War, Colonel Hampton was given different prestigious awards and five Service Medals for creditable performance. He earned his academic degrees from different schools such as the Fighter Weapons School for the Air Force of USA, where he learned the ‎Air Combat Command, then grab the fighter weapon training from The Top Gun School for the Navy of USA (TOGS), and from the Special Operations School for the Air Force of USA, he learned the Air Commando training. He was commissioned in 151 combat missions.

His second phase of life

After his retirement from the Air Force of USA, he visited many places like Europe, Turkey, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia and enrich his writing exposure as well as learned a wide variety of cultures, situations, and people. He also learned French and Arabic language. Then in the year 2012, he wrote his first book and started his new life as a writer. Till date, he has written a memoir, a novel, and two military history books. “Viper Pilot: A Memoir of Air Combat” Published in 2013, The Mercenary is his only novel book whereas two other books are “The Hunter Killers” and the “Lords of the Sky: Fighter Pilots and Air Combat”. Besides his writing capability, he is the member of the American Polo Association, a licensed commercial pilot, a dive expert and the Royce Carlton Speaker Bureau’s member.

Viper Pilot : The history of Air Combat

This book is totally focused on Hampton’s personal life and modern air combat with the help of F-16CJ fighter planes, which is famous as Wild Weasel missions. Dam Hampton included his 151 combat missions in this book and no other books can give such thrilling eyewitness of modern warfare by any Air Force legend. The writer beautifully explained his Wild Weasels missions from his own eyes. This book gives the first popular history of air battle. The story writing is the unique one, entertaining and full of action-packed. The author here explained the anticipating aircraft of First world war to today’s technologically advanced supersonic fighter jets. Those who are a fan of aviation and want to know the US military history this book is very informative and shared real life events. The New York Times has declared it as the best-selling book.

The Mercenary :

The Mercenary is the only novel book by Dan Hampton. The book is a based on “who has done the murder and how he was caught”. The story is not overused with tech or confusing terms. We can declare it as a detective type of story mostly without detectives. The story follows the American gun for hire type story where a former military officer was troubled by a tragedy in his past.

Lords of the Sky Fighter Pilots and Air Combat :

Published in 2014 this famous book covers 100 years of aviation history. Each chapter of this book is well described and starts with a gripping, well-chosen scene. Hampton does a great job by placing the combat episode in the larger part of history, politics, and technological innovation. In this book he explained well-known P51 Mustang who faced the Nazi Luftwaffe, this clearly the example of modern air warriors.

The Hunter Killers :

His latest book “The Hunter Killers” is published in the year 2015. The storyline of this book is based on Vietnam war on 1965. The July 24 is a date, when a F-4 Phantom jet from the US was suddenly destroyed and grounded by a strange as well as deadly surface-to-air missile weapon – SA-2, launched by Russia in northern Vietnam. During the War of Vietnam, the writer explained how the Soviet technology’s SAM became the murderous threat for any aircrafts. After desperately searching for the answers, the Pentagon find the answer by ordering a top secret program, Wild Weasel I for protecting the SAM problem. Dan Hampton has written few other books apart from the above mentioned ones and all of them are quite readable and sold in good numbers around the world.

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