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About Dan Hanks

The British writer Dan Hanks is world renowned due to his unique and incisive takes on the horror and fantasy genres. Looking at them from an alternative perspective, he really understands how to make them his own, setting himself apart from others in the process. Showing a real understanding of the art and craft, he’s an extremely creative voice that takes the genre forwards in new and exciting directions. Intriguing the reader, as well as keeping them in suspense raising the fear levels throughout, he knows how to keep them glued to the page.

His use of fantasy is extremely imaginative too, really bringing his bright and colorful worlds to life for the readers. Taking his audience on a journey, he knows exactly what to do, remaining in complete control throughout each of his stories. A consummate artist and professional, he combines genres, ostensibly creating his own in the process, something that speaks directly to his audience. Writing with complete confidence, his audience is growing worldwide, continually returning time and time again.

With themes of swashbuckling adventurers, he has an interest in archaeology, something which definitely comes through on the page. Carrying on with a real sense of passion, it’s clear he has a strong interest in his subject matter, as this comes through clearly for the reader. His characters are also very well drawn, as they really feel wholly real for the reader, giving his stories a grounded sense of realism. Creating plenty of memorable sarcastic quips too, his audience will continue to grow, as more and more discover his work every day.

Early and Personal Life

Born in London in the United Kingdom, Dan Hanks would always by keenly interested in the power of words and literature. With this interest staying with him for much of his life, he would continue to develop and nurture it as time went on. Also interested in archaeology and mythology, these would come to heavily inform and inspire his writing in the years to follow.

Establishing both his style and his tone as time went on, he would focus on the action adventure novel, whilst also injecting it with a sense-of-humor. Often writing about realistic character too, he’d make his work relevant to contemporary times, finding an approach to the genre that was entirely his own. Currently living in the Peak District with his two children, he continues to write on a regular and consistent basis as more and more discover his work every day.

Writing Career

In 2020 Dan Hanks would publish his first novel titled ‘Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire,’ which was to be a stand-alone action adventure. He later release another novel one year later in 2021 titled ‘Swashbucklers,’ and this would also be action adventure with a humorous undertone to it. Both would prove to be hugely successful, as they would be filled with quips and adventure throughout their narratives. Currently repped by ‘KT Literary’ and ‘APA Talent and Literary’ he’s got a lot more come still, as gains both critical and commercial success in equal measure.

Captain Moxley and the Embers of the Empire

Originally coming out on the Angry Robot publishing label, this was first released back in 2020 on the 8th of September. A stand-alone adventure title, it’s not a part of any series, so it can be read and enjoyed entirely on its own, making it a nice casual read. It’s a historical adventure title too, making the most of its genre format, whilst also doing something unique of its own as well.

Dragged in to a long drawn out battle with the shadowy US government agency she used to work for, Captain Samantha Moxley finds that things aren’t quite as they seem. Taking place in 1952 during the post-war period, she finds both former Nazis and monsters from another world hot on her tail. Looking to retrieve two ancient keys from a long lost empire, her archaeologist sister must be protected by Moxley at all costs. Will they both be able to find the keys in time, can they stay out of danger, and what will become of Captain Moxley and the embers of the Empire?

A great classic adventure novel, this book really has fun with its premise, allowing the story to move by at an exciting pace. Filled with intrigue and suspense too, it constantly keeps the reader continually guessing throughout too, allowing them to get fully invested in the action. There’s plenty here for both fans of the author as well as of the genre to enjoy too, with it making for a fun and light-hearted novel.


Once again brought out through the Angry Robot publishing imprint, this would initially come out in 2021 on the 9th of November. A fun take on the eighties family action adventure film, this would be something quite different and interesting with its premise. Knowing the genre well, Hanks makes the most of it, delivering what is a stand-alone title with an entirely self-contained narrative.

Thirty years ago Cisco Collins saved his home-town from a pirate ghost named Deadman’s Grin, as the ancient entity threatened to swallow everything into hell. Defeating the ghost, Collins is now a single father as he returns home with new responsibilities, such as dealing with his kid’s schooling. But the ghost has returned, and now Collins and his forty-something friends must battle the entity once more, all whilst navigating adulthood. Will they be able to save the world once again, can they get the kids to school on time, and what will become of the swashbucklers?

One way to best describe this novel is by seeing it as what would’ve happened to the cast of ‘Stranger Things’ if they were seen grown up. Taking the eighties action adventure film and looking at the aftermath in present day is a great premise, and one that’s managed extremely well here. With jokes about the responsibility of adulthood being balanced against needing to save the world from complete annihilation is very well done.

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