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Mick Bose is an author based in London, UK. As a worldwide traveler, he has hiked in the Himalayas, floated in the Dead Sea, farmed in a Kibbutz, and lived in Russia when Communism fell. Mick has written a fantastic World War II book series among other notable books. In this review, we shall look into his famous series Dan Roy.

Hellfire #1Dan Roy

Meet the expert black ops war hero- Dan Roy. He is the only warrior capable of preventing a lethal secret weapon from getting into the enemy’s hands. The elite black ops soldier lives a never-ending, action packed life. He has returned from a mission and soon learns of a developing one in Afghanistan. With a team of CIA officials trapped in an Afghan compound, Dan must safely get the out as the CIA team holds classified secrets. Dan Roy has no idea why the secrecy must be protected, but he feels compromised right from the start. Dan fights into the compound and finds himself trapped in enemy territory. There is no way out. As he discovers the secrets in the foreign setting, the enemy draws closer, and they’re running out of time. Soon the enemy will climb over the walls and butcher the entire American team alive. As the situation draws to a dead end, Dan realizes this may well be his last mission. Can Dan and the CIA team get out and protect the highly secretive Iranian asset?

This is one of the most exciting novellas, detailing the intrigues of an interceptor Dan Roy, a fierce man of action. A team of CIA agents is trapped in a compound in Afghanistan with their Iranian asset hiding out from the madness of the Taliban. The enemy mounts war, Roy must find a way to get away from certain death with his CIA comrades as they risk their lives to destroy the perilous secret in the underground anti establishment trench. Amid the gunfire and explosions, the plot rapidly heightens when a mole in their team threatens the mission and the entire team. The intense, and fast-paced suspense thriller set in a highly volatile environment fills up with fascinating characters. The author details “Hellfire” in a lengthy elaborate tale of human survival under extreme terrorist pressure. This novel should be made into a movie; it reminds me of the controversial terrorist series “Homeland” featuring a US mole Sergeant Nicholas Brody and the highly intelligent CIA agent Carrie Mathias. You should get this novel, as it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Hidden Agenda #2Dan Roy

A horrifying large-scale conspiracy unfolds against the world super power-America. Stuck in Afghanistan traveling from London, Dan Roy, a former black ops soldier finds himself entangled in the wicked plot. As soon as he arrives in the Middle East, people around Dan Roy begin to die inexplicably, and shortly Dan and the officers close to him face insurmountable forces greater than they can handle. With little time to plan for an attack, Dan meets the most violent terrorist in the world. However, giving up is not an option.

Hidden Agenda was Simply Superb. It was well written, and an easy, pleasant book to read. Bose certainly took out all his guts into this laudable Action Thriller. Dan Roy is portrayed as a smart character with the skills and background from an Army Special Forces backdrop. He certainly comes out as a believable character. He miraculously managed to escape from the CIA, Intercept, and his former life as a Delta Force soldier. Dan Roy officially retired from his previous chaotic and dangerous life. So it was rather a blow when his former superior and handler, Major John Guptill came back asking for Dan’s advice and assistance. The available Intelligence pointed towards a looming attack in Europe. Following Dan’s near death experience in London, he consents to the mission and travels to Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, Dan suspects’ foul play once more some things don’t add up. Some elements have set their sights on framing Dan Roy and his boss. As if that is not enough, Major Guptill’s daughter, Chloe is also in grave danger. This edition will have your blood rushing, and your heart palpitating so fast. The plot is outrageously genius! The unprecedented suspense will have you on edge throught. I used to think Dan Brown was the king of Mastermind, not until I read the Mick Bose series of books. In another world, it would easily pass as a modern epic movie script. It’s that good.

Dark Water #3Dan Roy Thriller Series

Dan Roy is back. He is once more the target of dark forces that want him dead by all means. Finally, he gets to breathe the air of freedom, free to do anything he wants and from anywhere in the world. However, when a naive woman is kidnapped in the full glare of the public during the day, Dan swiftly responds to her plea for help.

His action leads him in the treacherous whirlpool of a global conspiracy. A plot created to cripple America. Meanwhile, in the Deep a water of the Eastern Sea world hides a deadly secret and the adversaries know about it. They will stop at nothing to obliterate the secret and cause unimaginable destruction and mayhem. Their impending headache so far remains Dan Roy, the elusive former Black Ops hero. This time, Dan must sermon the powers that be, to save himself from the indomitable mercenaries. Being the ever-lucky survivor, Dan Roy fights with every breath and strength he can muster.

The third installment of Dan Roy did not disappoint. Just like the previous thriller books, it was thoroughly entertaining. Dan comes off as a versatile, strong guy, with expert military skills, and delivers some incredible, brilliant fighting scenes. Russian mobster Vyalchek Ivanov tried with all his might and resources to put out the protagonist with no success. But he had never met a challenging opposer like Dan.

Other notable heroes like Philip Longworth keep the book entertaining and bring out a voice of reason within the treacherous plot. Phillip sees the sense of keeping away from mobsters and instead teams up with Dan after he decides to save Phillip’s wife from a sudden abduction. It’s no doubt madly riveting. I bet the subsequent books by Mick Bose bring forth a subtle dose of thrilling entertainment.

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