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Dana Fuller Rose to begin is a pseudonym used by two of the most prolific and successful authors of this era, Noel B. Gerson and James M. Reasoner. As an author Gerson is a specialist in historical novel write-ups involving the westerns and mysteries. In addition to Diana Ross, Noel has also used other pseudonyms including Paul Lewis, Nicholas Gorham, Leon Philips, Donald Clayton Porter, Philip Vail, Caster A. Vaughan, Michael Burgess and Anne Marie Burgess. In total, Noel Gerson wrote up to 325 novels under both his name and the pseudonyms noted above.

James Reasoner is the other prolific American writer who has also written several novels using the pseudonym, Dana Fuller Rose. Reasoner was born on 5 June 1953 in Fort Worth, Texas. He attended the North Texas State University. He is currently married to Washburn and together has two daughters. Early in his career, Reasoner undertook several freelance works for several of the leading local newspapers. Due to the influence that he had on his wife, Washburn also became a fiction writer, publishing more than 25 books. She co-wrote other books with Reasoner. Reasoner’s first novel, which was titled Texas Wind, was published in the year 1980.

Reasoner is behind at least 150 books, many of them being short stories. His writing career spun to a total period of more 30 years. Besides his name, James used 19 other pseudonyms including Jim Austin, Peter Danielson, Terrance Duncan, Tom Early, Wesley Ellis, Tabor Evans among others. Most of his books were written as part of the existing western fiction series. He focused on and used pseudonyms that have been used in the series or used by authors who contributed to the series. Both authors used the pseudonym Dana Fuller Rose in many of their novels. Noel Gerson used this name in novels including Independence, Oregon, Nebraska, Dakota, and Washington among others.

The books written by Noel under this pseudonym were made in a collection of installments into his first series, the wagons west. For Reasoner, he used this pseudonym in the novels Outpost, Honor, Justice, Westwards, Expedition, Vengeance among others. All these books were included in the series “Wagons West Frontier pioneering prequels’.


Nebraska is the second book to be authored by Noel Gerson under the pseudonym of Dana Fuller Ross, in the critically acclaimed book series, Wagon West. Nebraska is a story that highlights fearless devotion and betrayal from within. In the story, the sabotage reaches as far as Britain and Russian shores. It is a ruggedly quiet leader, Whip Holt. He leads a group to a perilous migration, termed the wagon train alongside his wife, Cathy Van Ayl. Cathy loves Whip dearly that she left her family behind in Missouri and followed Whip Holt in his journey as highlighted in the first installment of this book series, independence.

The Oregon pioneers continue their journey headed towards Oregon. It is at Nebraska that they face extreme challenges including freezing winters, hostile Native Americans, crazy weather and buffalo stampedes but never gave up. Due to these hostile conditions, they forge ahead strongly aiming at Oregon, where they plan to settle and claim their settlements. Unknowingly, at Oregon, Lee, the army commander has been ordered by the president to prepare for the invasion and deal with their problems. The book is very readable, spiced with interesting historical references of the American and Russian societies.


Oregon is the fourth book in the series Wagon West authored by Noel Gerson under the pseudonym Dana Fuller Ross. In this installment, the author introduces the reader to wagon master, Whip Holt, who is being desired by two women, his rightfully married wife, and Cathy Van Ayl Blake. Cathy is the wife of the supreme commander of the American forces in the Oregon territory. From the first installment in the series, the Pioneers were traveling by train towards Oregon. In this volume, they have finally arrived at Oregon after spending the winter in Wyoming. Upon arriving at Oregon, the pioneers build homes, plant crops, some become ranchers, farmers, ship builders and blacksmiths.

The Pioneers also engage in multiple trades with lots of traders. The English commander, Lee, is opposed to this, thus causing some problems. Both Lee, the commander, and his wife Cathy live in the army fort. Whip, the wagon master, and his wife Eulalia Holt live with other settlers in the ranch. Tony and Dr. Martin operate a small hospital within the settlements. Russians arrive at the territory with a ship and intend to claim the territory. This results in high-level competition between the Americans who arrived through the wagon train, the British who are the original settlers of Oregon and the Russians. Other characters in the story include Ted Woods who ends up marrying a Russian, Sally, married to Tillman Wade, Hosea, the husband to Dolores and Ginny Dobbs who marries a military man. The book ends with on a high note where valor and devotion rode side by side with intrigue and bitter rivalry between the three groups.


Outpost is the third book in the critically acclaimed series by James Reasoner, the Wagons West Frontier. From the first installment, you will learn about a group, determined and passionate to find a new land they will call home. Without giving up, they crossed and traversed the cast frontier while in pursuit of their dream. The group comprises of men and women determined to shape and create an unforgettable legacy as they forge towards finding the new home. Among the group are brothers, Clay and Jefferson who believe that the Western Territory is a land of breathtaking beauty with unlimited possibility.

They also understand that the land is famous for lawlessness, sudden and brutal violence. Clay swears to bring their longtime enemy to justice and heads to Canada. While in the north, Clays’ brother, Jeff, is stocked by ruthless killers determined to bring down their family. War cries fill the air as the holts fight back to reclaim their magnificent dynasty, which they swear will live forever in the pages of history.

With that said, choosing to write using the pseudonym, Dana Fuller Ross was one of the best options taken by the authors James Reasoner and Noel Gerson as a pseudonym for their novels. They have not only created a legacy, but their books have also been read extensively and purchased by a wide array of customers.

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  1. Betty B: 2 years ago

    Have read 4 of DFR’s Western Wagon series and can’t wait for the next one! Am trying to get her whole series, one book at a time.

  2. Joan E. Landers: 2 years ago

    Starting in about 1979/80, I picked up the first book in the “Wagons West” series because I’ve always had an interest in historical fiction, starting many years before, when I was in high school with books by Kenneth Roberts whose books dealt with New England/Canada history.
    Also read the ten books, The Holts, and the three, Wagons West Frontier, also by Dana Fuller Ross. Because I was working full-time, and the three series capitivated my attention, I found I needed to leave them in my car otherwise I stayed up into the wee-hours of the morning, not getting the sleep I needed. Years ago also read two other series, but I don’t recall the series names or authors. One was on the early history of Australia, by English prisoners who sat in ‘rotting hulks of wooden ships sitting in London’s Thames River’ for various crimes, some violent and others petty just for stealing food in order to survive, and their guards were shipped thousands of miles away to colonize what became Australia. Fascinating history which began around the mid-1700’s if I got the time period collect.
    The third series I read was called ‘Black Robe’, I think. It was about early, 1600’s, Canadian/U.S., history along the northern U.S. border.
    And there was another series, more history than fiction, which took place in North- central New York State. Enjoyed ALL of those books, learned A lot of history along the way. I continue to read, but not many series these days.

  3. Jessica Cox: 3 years ago

    I just finished the 17th book in the wagons west series and can’t wait to get started on the next one. I normally am not a person to re-read anything but I will definitely be rereading these books several times.

  4. Alex Hale: 3 years ago

    I would like to see the entire Dana Fuller Ross series as well as the spin off series so I can purchase them. When I would come on this website previously it had all the books in order and now I can’t find them. I would like to know what all those books are please.

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      Thanks for the heads up – some weird database issue there and they weren’t showing up. Fixed now.


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