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Ice Cold Kill (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gun Metal Heart (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

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St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sirocco (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Saint of Thieves (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Denim, Diamonds and Death: Bouchercon Anthology 2019(2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dana Haynes is a renowned American writer famous for writing mystery, suspense, crime fiction, and thriller novels. He is particularly famous for writing the Crashers and the Daria Gibron series, each of which consists of two novels. Dana’s books have sold many copies all around the world and have successfully reached out to a large number of audience. Before stepping into the world of novel writing, author Dana used to work as a journalist. He has spent 20 years of his life working for a newspaper agency in Oregon. His work profile allowed him to work in the dailies as well as weeklies segments. For his dedicated contribution to journalism and news reporting, author Dana has received several awards. Several prestigious journalism awards have been awarded to him for his work as a columnist, editor, and reporter. Dana hails from the Pacific Northwest.

As of today, he works as the spokesperson for Portland’s Mayor named Charlie Hales. He uses his spare time at home to create interesting stories and characters. Author Dana arrived at the writing scene in 2010 with his first thriller novel titled Crashers. The Minotaur Books released this novel to a great opening, helping author Dana to set the stage for a promising writing career. The book went on to win the 2010 Spotted Owl Prize from the Friends of Mystery association in the category of the best thriller or mystery written by a writer from the Northwest.

Following the successful run of his first book, author Dana penned the first screenplay of his career, which was the adaptation of Crashers. The adaptation reached the semifinals of the 2005 Nichols Fellowship. Author Dana followed Crashers with its sequel novel called Breaking point. It was also a great success among the masses. With the book titled Ice Cold Kill, Dana began new series of thriller & mystery novels featuring the chief protagonist Daria Gibron. This series introduces Daria Gibron as a former Israeli soldier and former spy, who gave her first appearance in Crashers. The second book of Daria Gibron series, Gun Metal Heart, also released to an immense success all over the globe. Author Dana is represented by literary agent Janet Reid from the Fine Print Literary Management. Currently, author Dana resides in Portland. He is happily married and lives with his beloved wife named Katy King, who is also a renowned novelist. Prior to writing books under his original name, author Dana used to write under the pen name of Conrad Haynes. With this pseudonym, he has written 3 mystery novels.

The Crashers series written by author Dana Haynes is comprised of a total of two books, which were released between the years 2010 and 2011. Each book of this series features the chief protagonists in the form of Leonard Tomzak, Kathryn Duvall, John Roby, Walter Mulroney, Isaiah Grey, and Peter Kim. These characters are described as being part of a team called Crashers, which is assembled by the NTSB for investigating mysterious events related to the safety of the country. The stories generally take place in Portland, Oregon; however, certain sequences of the stories also take place in other places like Los Angeles, Montana, Spain, etc. The debut book of the series is entitled ‘Crashers’. It was released by the Minotaur publication in the year 2010.

At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that a passenger aircraft called Vermeer One Eleven goes down near Portland. Immediately after this tragic incident, an investigating team is formed under the leadership of Leonard Tomzak. Leonard is a pathologist by profession and used to work for the NTSB, but quits recently. Coincidentally, when the plane crashed, Leonard Tomzak was also in the same area. This gives him the chance to collect information and start working on the investigation quickly. The other members assembled in the team by NTSB’s intergovernmental liaison named Susan Tanaka include John Rony, Isaiah Grey, Kathryn Duvall, Peter Kim, and Walter Mulroney. Kathryn Duval or ‘Kiki’ is introduced as a specialist voice recorder, John Roby is shown as a Mad Bomber, Walter Mulroney specializes in Structures, Peter Kim has knowledge of power plants, and Isaiah Grey deals in the Operations department.

With the specialist ability, Kathryn Duvall is capable of hearing sounds of varying frequencies. John Roby comes in handy in bomb making. Being an ex-cop, he can identify incendiary devices being used just by smelling the air around. Walter Mulroney appears a cowboy, but he is a resourceful engineer. With their previous cases, the Crashers team had several months to identify the crash’s cause. But, this time they suspect that the plane was crashed deliberately and so, they realize that they have to catch the culprit as fast as they in order to stop him from crashing another passenger plane. Meanwhile in LA, a former agent of Shin Bet, Daria Gibron, spots some men indulging in suspicious activities. She follows them and learns that they were involved in the plane’s crashing. As she is under the FBI protection, Daria doesn’t enough freedom to spy on the men, but she is determined to risk her own life for stopping another terrorist action.

The second installment of this series is called ‘Breaking Point’. It was also published by Minotaur in 2011. This book’s story describes that the NTSB experts get involved in a plane crash and become witnesses and victims instead of investigators. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Tommy Tomzak, Isiah Grey, and Kiki Duvall board a twin-turbo prop plane for reaching at an NTSB conference. When they fly over Helena, Montana, their plane goes down in a nearby mountainside of thick forest. After investigation, it is found that the plane was deliberately crashed by some mercenaries, who are led by a shadowy, enigmatic, self-proclaimed patriot called as Calender.

It is also revealed in the investigation that the Crashers team was not Calender’s s target, but 3 men, who were about to cause difficulties in Calender’s upcoming dangerous deal of banned weapons technology. The Crasher takes it upon themselves to save the three men and hunt down Calender. This novel looks to be a compelling and twisty thriller, moving from Spain’s streets to the western US mountains. It was well appreciated of its unique and exciting characters, and the new additions as well. Author Dana achieved a tremendous success with the publishing of this book, and it helped him to gain much more confidence in his writing. Author Dana has again come up with a well written plot and interesting mixture of old and new characters. All these factors were noticed by critics, who gave rave reviews and praised author Dana for his hard work and dedication.

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