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Tragic Volume 1 (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
TRAGIC VOLUME TWO (With: Chiara Di Francia,Valentina Pinti) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tragic Volume 2 (With: Chiara Di Francia,Valentina Pinti) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Dana Mele is an American author of fiction. She was born in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

Mele specializes in writing books for young adults on a fictional basis. She has been recognized for her work and readers are looking forward to a lot more to come from this bright and talented young writer!

When younger, Dana attended Wellesley College and graduated. She has worn a variety of hats along the way to being a mother. These include being an actor, a lawyer, a musician, and an associate producer for a brief period of time.

She has been nominated for a Pushcart. When she is not busy writing or reading, she is busy working at home and being a mother. It has been a joy being the mother to a young toddler. She lives with her husband and their child in the Catskills region, an area filled with beautiful natural wonder.

Dana likes to have tea over coffee if she has the choice. She also prefers the cold to the hot since she likes snow over the granular warmth of sand. She likes to see stars and have that in her life over the light of the sun.

Dana Mele is the author of her debut novel. it is titled People Like Us. The fictional novel came out for the first time in 2018. This psychological thriller was designed to be in the young adult fiction genre, but anyone can read it, even if you’re a little older than what would be thought of as a ‘young adult’. Whether you love a guilty pleasure or need a new beach read, this may be a good fit!

The main character of Kay Donovan appears in this book for the first time. She’s a young woman that may have secrets in her past, but wants to leave those hidden skeletons right where they are. Kay is making an effort to leave all of that behind and is into the idea of reinventing herself on a new level.

She’ll do whatever it takes to put some distance between herself and the tragedies that caused her life to go down the drain and her family to take the brunt of the hit. Kay desperately wanted to become a new person, so she decided to go for it. Now more than ever in her life, she has nothing to lose. May as well just do something totally different and see what happens when you decide to flip the script.

She gets yet another boost in her reinvention process when Kay finds out that she has made into Bates Academy. The private school is one of the most exclusive in the area and she has gained admittance thanks to an athletic scholarship. She always was talented at playing soccer.

At her new school, it’s a dream come true. You would think that it would be intimidating for Kay to start at a new place. But it turns out to be everything that she had ever wanted and more. She may not be here because of money like her classmates and their parents, but being a star soccer athlete only makes people interested in getting to know her. After all, she was talented enough to get into Bates because of it.

Kay quickly makes friends and becomes part of the inner circle of her school’s most popular group of girls. The gorgeous girls are a clique and together they rule the school. It’s tough to sit at the top, but someone’s got to do it. Being popular is as easy for them as it is to breathe, and everyone is always hanging on their every word.

It seems like her new life at the top of the heap is working out great. Even if the reason that the girls are all popular is because everyone thinks that they are cool but also because of the fact that they don’t want to cross them. Kay couldn’t be happier with how her reinvention turned out, but things may be changing even before she knows it.

Her new private school life is about to be turned totally upside down thanks to yet another tragedy. The girls are out one night getting ready to go swimming after a party when the dead body of a student is found. The lifeless girl’s corpse was discovered in the lake and now Kay’s golden streak is definitely starting to go from warm to cold.

While no one appears to know much about the case, many of the students are being held suspect as potentially responsible for the girl’s death. Kay is also a suspect and it’s not helping that the victim actually left something behind for her personally. The last thing that the soccer player needs is a scavenger hunt that involves computers but that’s what she’s got.

Kay is not only being suspected for the murder now but has to solve some sort of computer related puzzle. This is the one popular girl that you don’t want to mess with. But has the princess met her match? She may be loyal to the group, but this is one situation that she has never been in before. She’s not quite sure how she is going to get out of it.

This girl might just do whatever she has to in order to survive. Who can she trust out of all of her friends? She has no idea, but she knows that she’ll do what it takes to get to the end. With tons of adventure and twists and turns all along the way, you’ll be turning the pages to find out who is the killer (if anyone is at all).

Kay is in for the strangest week she’s ever had. She knew that coming to a new school might be tough, but she never anticipated anything remotely like this. Now she is going to have to face some new decisions. Can she figure out who she really is or will she run from facing what she has caused and the baggage of the past? Read this book from Dana Mele to find out for yourself!

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