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Publication Order of Dancers At The End Of Time Books

An Alien Heat (1972)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hollow Lands (1974)Description / Buy at Amazon
Legends from the End of Time (1976)Description / Buy at Amazon
The End of All Songs (1976)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Transformation of Miss Mavis Ming / A Messiah at the End of Time (1977)Description / Buy at Amazon
Elric at the End of Time (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Dancers At The End of Time” series by Michael Moorcock is from the genre of science fiction and is made up of both novels and short stories. The title of the series comes a poem written by Ernest Wheldrake, a fictitious poet from the nineteenth century, whom a character named Amelia Underwood quotes in the third novel. The series began with “An Alien Heat” which was released in the year 1972.

The setting is the End of Time; a place where the universe has started to collapse on itself and entropy is the ruler of all. The only people that live in this world are some immortal decadents. These beings use power rings (that use energy that was made and stored up by ancestors from millions of years back) to generate flights of fancy.

There are some people who travel through space, but most of the people living in the End of Time find going into space to be both cliched and distasteful. Things like time travel are also possible in this world; over the course of the series, many places are visited and revisited.

The first trilogy is supposed to be the telling of the final love story of the history of humans.

The series stars Jherek Carnelian, who is one of the few humans that was born naturally and not created in some way. Only Werther De Goethe is said to have been born as well; which makes it seem like it is a rare occurrence in this world. He is the child of the Iron Orchid, the final woman to give birth on the planet Earth. At first, his father is unknown, but later to be revealed. He is the main character in the first trilogy of the series.

His mother likes his company and has quite a few picnics with him. The Iron Orchid is surprised that she even had a child and delights Jherek; she is even encouraging him in all his endeavors and creativity.

Amelia Underwood comes from nineteenth century Bromley. She attends a party hosted by Duke of Queens after being kidnapped from her own era. Her husband, Mr. Underwood, is a stuffy man; he becomes a presence of comedy in books two and three. She is lovely and young. Amelia starts out with strict morals, because of her Victorian upbringing. As things progress, she starts to loosen up under the influence that Jherek has on her.

“An Alien Heat” is the first novel in the “Dancers At The End of Time” series and was released in the year 1972. Yusharisp (an alien) comes to Earth to try to warn the last humans that the universe is about to end. The planet he lived on is already gone, and Earth not too far behind it. The people of Earth do not pay him much mind, instead think that he is another doomsayer; as Earth’s End has been prophesied for a long time.

Jherek has far more interest in Mrs. Amelia Underwood (who is a time traveler and comes from Victorian England). His interest in her comes from his fascination in the Victorian era. Jherek thinks the best thing to do is just to fall in love with her. Underwood, who is repulsed by the End of Time at first, but finally believes that Jherek is sincere about his affections. She then starts teaching him moral values. Then, she finally falls in love with him, back. They are about to embrace each other, when she is sent back to her own time period. He is heartbroken and wants to rescue her; he goes back to London, in the nineteenth century.

He has little experience with the Victorian era, to the point of being naive about it. Snoozer Vine, a local thief is able to trick him into helping him with his latest scam. Jherek proves to be terrible being a criminal, and is arrested, put in jail, and goes to trial.

The judge looks like Lord Jagged, a friend of Jherek, but says he is Jagger. Jherek is to be killed for his crimes, because the case is pretty strong against him. He does not see why anyone would be upset; the people in the End of Time are immortal, making death transitory. He gets hanged, but then wakes up among his friends at End of Time. He is told that he has been gone just a single second, to them anyway.

Fans felt that Michael Moorcock does a great job being funny in the book; everything about this book is also bizarre. He is such a great writer that he makes what would normally be a horrible premise into something that is charming and engaging. The main character, Jherek, is a goof, yet both funny and likeable. And his growing love affair is funny and keep readers turning the pages.

“The Hollow Lands” is the second novel in the “Dancers At The End of Time” series and was released in the year 1974. Jherek Carnelian is still in love with Mrs. Amelia Underwood (who is a hesitant time traveler), but separated from her by many millenniums. She he starts up a new campaign going through time and space, no matter the risk or what happens to him. All so he can get back with Mrs. Underwood.

Readers have become fond of Jherek after reading these two novels; with Michael’s writing he is nothing but a funny, charming, and sympathetic character who is oblivious and naive. Fans felt that this was more enjoyable than book one, since you know the characters more here and the action acts to complement the humor. This series is a joy from the beginning until the end, and it may just be one of the best science fiction books of the seventies.

“The End of All Songs” is the third novel in the “Dancers At The End of Time” series and was released in the year 1976. Hedonistic immortals in the End of Time are celebrating. They have cause to. As Amelia Underwood and Jherek Carnelian have been reunited. Jherek’s mother (who is called the Iron Orchid) leads them as they set off on a pretty mad bunch of wonderful parties. With all her quaintly platonic way of seeing the world (definitely including Jherek) and her radiant beauty, Amelia is quickly the toast of the End of Time.

As things progress, some long held and delectable mysteries come to light and some sorrowful omens show up on the horizon. Because of things they cannot control, immortality (in the way they know it, anyway) is never going to be the same every again.

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