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Publication Order of Dancing Gods Books

The River of Dancing Gods (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demons of the Dancing Gods (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vengeance of the Dancing Gods (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Songs of the Dancing Gods (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Horrors of the Dancing Gods (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American writer Jack Laurence Chalker, or Jack L. Chalker, was a formidable presence during his lifetime as a science-fiction writer. Creating both fantasy and science-fiction, he would go on to create some of the best loved franchises of the genre, all thanks to his unique and incisive perspective, along with his huge imagination that would allow him to incorporate characters that were memorable, alongside narratives that were highly engaging and compelling. Knowing and understanding his audience to a great degree, he would speak to them on an almost personal level, whilst not losing anything from his penchant for the grandiose. With a collection of series under his belt too, he would create franchise’s that would captivate his readers on a universal level. One perfect example of this would be his much loved ‘Dancing Gods’ series, which would be set firmly in the world of fantasy and make-believe. A great showcase for his huge imagination, it would see the characters of Joe and Marge being transported to a fantastical land after believing that they were all set to die. With a sense-of-humor its also extremely witty in its somewhat self-aware parody of the fantasy genre, as it appeals to fans of fantasy, as well as newcomers, with Chalker clearly enjoying himself.

Set over the course of five books this manages to tackle a whole range of different themes and ideas, incorporating a whole range of different elements into the series. Creating a few omnibus editions as well, it really manages to make the most of its material, starting out in 1984 and running till 1995, lasting for over ten years, covering a lot of ground over the duration of its run. Enjoying itself and its material, it has drawn in a large number of readers world-wide, something which it continues to do to this very day.

The River of Dancing Gods

First brought out in 1984, this would be the book that saw it all begin, as it would introduce all the primary characters for the first time, along with building the world as well. Brought out through the fitting ‘Del Rey Fantasy’ publishing outlet, it would come to be an iconic installment in the ‘Dancing Gods’ series, foreshadowing what was to come. Bringing in the wit as well, it would also establish the general atmosphere, allowing readers to get a clear idea of how the franchise would unfold, as well as learning about the characters too.

Bringing the many ideas of the series to the forefront, this title manages to really establish what the series is really about, setting up the locations and characters, as well as the principal core of what the book is about. With the characters of Joe and Marge carrying the narrative forwards, the reader sees the world through their eyes, as they lay witness to all the fantastical on-goings surrounding them. This ensures that all the fantasy of the world in all its colors is brought to life, really setting up the stage for the books to follow.

Beginning with Joe and Marge all set to die in nineteen minutes and eighteen seconds, it would seem that they haven’t had a such a good life as other people. That’s when a ferryboat is all set to take them across the Sea of Dreams, a magical place offering them an alternative in being whatever they truly wanted to be, finding themselves as they truly are deep down. Meeting Throckmorton P. Ruddygore there, they find a land of magical faeries, wizards and sorcerers, a place where hell strives to win an ever ancient battle. Will they be able to make a new life for themselves? Can they find a new beginning? Where will they find themselves by the River of the Dancing Gods?

Demons of the Dancing Gods

This time brought out through the ‘Random House Inc.’ publishing house, this would move on to a whole new set of ideas and scenarios, taking the entire series a step forwards. Providing the follow-up to the first novel in the ‘Dancing Gods’ series, it would carry on directly from where the last left off, developing the characters and their respective arcs in the process. Moving forwards, it would go on to give the readers more of what they had now come to expect from the series, whilst also taking some imaginative leaps, along with bringing in some surprising twist and turns.

Following the previous book, many of the core ideas have already been laid out for the reader, as they know what to expect this time, with the narrative jumping straight into the action. Meeting up with Joe and Marge once again, it sees them this time fully immersed in the fantastical world surrounding them, as they find themselves finally coming to terms with it all. The world itself is also developed, as more world-building comes into play here, creating a more in-depth portrayal of the landscape, giving it more scope and breadth to build upon.

There are dark forces amassing within the south following the victory at Husaquahr, as a member of the Council of Thirteen plotting to bring about Armageddon throughout the lands of the Sea of Dreams and beyond. Suspecting something is afoot though, is none other than Throckmorton P. Ruddygore the master sorcerer, as he stands in their way. Calling Joe and Marge to help him once again, he and the humans must do whatever it takes to prevent this evil threat from vanquishing everything. Can they do it? Will oblivion subsume them all? Can they defeat the demons of the dancing gods?

The Dancing Gods Series

An excellent example of its genre, this is one series that will well and truly stand the test of time, as it inspires countless other titles in its wake. Bringing in a whole range of different and exciting ideas, it definitely works at building a world that is both believable yet mystical in equal measure. This is something that readers will continue to discover in the years to come, as the legacy and wit of the series lives on, something which isn’t stopping any time soon either.

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