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The “Dane Maddock Adventures” is a series about two treasure hunters Dane Maddock (an ex- Navy SEALS) and his partner Uriah “Bones” Bonebrake (also ex- Navy SEALS) as they run an underwater salvage team. The books usually start with a chapter about how the people who lost the treasure came to lose it. The rest of the book centers around our heroes trying to find it. The pair usually work with a beautiful blond woman that they come across throughout the course of their case, who the flirt with and spend time trying to find the treasure with. The woman they work with in the books is not just a pretty face, but great at her job and an archaeology or something. It features some Biblical archaeology touches, mystery/ thriller touches; the series has some aspects of speculative fiction in it.

There is another series that David Wood writes (with the help of other mystery authors) called “Dane Maddock Origins” that explores Bones and Dane’s adventures while they were still active Navy SEALS. There are also a couple of books that feature Jade Ihara in the lead role that show she is tough, interesting enough to carry her own novels, and is able to find her way to treasure herself, as well as some that feature Bones taking the lead showing that he can lead stories too.

“Dourado” is the first book in the Dane Maddock Adventures by David Wood. It is also Wood’s debut novel. A brig Dourado, sailing in late January of 1829, loses some priceless treasures that were taken from the Holy Land; the ship goes down near the coast of Indonesia. A man (who was Dane’s old commanding officer) goes looking for the treasure and the Dourado, but is murdered. His daughter, Kaylin Maxwell, hires a man and his friend: Dane and Bones to find this Biblical treasure. Finding the treasure could call into question everything that people have long believed. He has to deal with killers and bad guys and his own demons.

Readers liked the characters, feeling that they are fully developed people; including the hero, Dane who is a flawed and human character. They also liked that they book has an entertaining plot, that the characters fit very nicely into. Fans liked the way the plot builds and builds into something that sweeps the characters up into a grand and international conspiracy that is sure to bring the book to a nice end. Fans like the book for being a nice fun read. People who did not like the book found it to have a middle that is bogged down, with too much mention of God and religion, without a plot that was at all plausible; writing that is paint by numbers, and derivative story. Some feel that the book has bad guys thrown in, just so that locale is not left out and it gives the leads someone to fight while they are there. A few readers found this book to be in the middle of the pack; not bad, not great and above all, forgettable.

“Cibola” is the second book in the Dane Maddock Adventures by David Wood. The book starts in 1539 in a small outpost in Spain. One man holds the greatest treasure as well as a deadly secret in human history. A cave painting, that Bones and his cousin finds, in Utah provides evidence that Christ may have been in the New World, well maybe. While on the dig, Bones finds a gold plate. Dane joins an archaeologist Jade Ihara (a damsel in distress) on a search to find the Seven Cities of Cibola, right after he saves her life while she is on an underwater dig where she finds a Spanish breastplate. A group known as the Dominion wants to know whether or not Christ was here or not. The trio journey across the southwest.

Some readers believe that David Wood has become a better writer while writing this book, the second in the series. Fans of the book believe that the characters found in the book have grown and have depth, the love interest in the book shows the different parts of their personality (it also serves to break up the testosterone some), and there is good pacing and a tight plot. Readers were able to relate to the characters and react the same ways as one of the characters. They also get irritated by the same characters and realize that it is just his personality. Some found the book, and the characters in it to be nothing but cliches, and they seem to think that the only reason the author wrote the book was to insult their beliefs about religion. Some readers thought that the book was going good, right up until the ending, they think it spoils the whole book.

This is just the beginning for these two heroes. The mysteries in the later novels will get deeper and bigger. And yes, they will try their hand at another Atlantis story line, but it is pretty good. Some readers have found it to be one of the best about the fabled underwater city, and the best entry the series has to offer.

This series is for fans of the Dirk Pitt series written by Clive Cussler and for fans of James Rollins. The non-stop action of the book are like that of Matt Reilly. Some readers believe that the book is best when read at the beach or on a long flight across the country somewhere. Fans of the series all agree that the books are always unputdownable and will make you wonder what will happen next. They will keep you up reading all night long until you have finished the whole thing, and make you wait until Wood releases another book.

The author of this series has written young adult novels that were written under the name David DeBord. Books include: “The Abesent Gods” series, and two other stand alone novels.

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