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Publication Order of Dani Ripper Books

Call Me (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Promise You Won't Tell? (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Teacher, Teacher (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Abbey Rayne (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hot Mess Express (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The writer John Locke is an American success story in the world of self-publishing, with him being most notable following his selling of one million copies worldwide on Amazon. Not only that, but he was the first author to do so, as he quickly gained acclaim on a global scale, with his work being translated into two dozen languages. This has also lead to him becoming a critical sensation, giving him a voice that is not only regarded by the general public, but his many peers and contemporaries alike. Creating a vast number of franchises, he’s managed to build a brand that is well known, along with a variety of pseudonyms which he writes alongside. One such pen-name he uses is that of Dani Ripper, who he uses to write the eponymous ‘Dani Ripper’ series, this being something that lends the series an air of authenticity. Giving her an almost real-world presence, she is proclaimed to write alongside Locke, as she charts her various cases and exploits as a private investigator, working extensively to get to the bottom of any mystery. This is something that Locke excels at as an author, with his gift for suspense, as he definitely knows how to craft a thriller, keeping the readers on the edges-of-their-seats throughout. Following the twenty-four year old PI, she is shrewd as she is precise, knowing exactly where to look, as no challenge is too big for her. With scores of readers enjoying this particular series worldwide, there’s a large following behind the franchise, eagerly awaiting each installment with excitement and anticipation. Not showing signs of stopping any time soon either, it appears that there’s a lot more to come yet, with a lot more potential to grow as a franchise, something that will continue for many years to follow.

There has been six books in the ‘Dani Ripper’ series so far and counting, with the first being released in 2011 and the latest being published in 2017. The debut was titled ‘Call Me!’ and it would introduce Dani Ripper herself for the first time, as she pens the series alongside Locke himself. This is a concept that continues throughout the series as Locke maintains this conceit to the point of even giving her own site online, allowing her to become even more real for the readers. With the series itself, there’s plenty of room to carry on expanding upon it indefinitely, as Locke builds upon it developing both the characters and the world.

Call Me!

Originally published in 2011 through the ‘Telemachus Press, LLC.’ publishing label, this would set the ‘Dani Ripper’ series up for the first time, establishing both its premise and its style. It would also introduce Dani Ripper herself, allowing readers to gain an insight into her life and career as a private investigator and decoy. This would develop over the following books, as some of her darker more traumatic backstory is divulged, allowing readers to gain an insight into her rich and colorful life. There would also be some foreshadowing of the series to come, something which would develop as well, building the characters and the world.

Setting up the franchise, this works at establishing the atmosphere, which is somewhat quirky, but nonetheless interesting and engaging. Introducing Dani Ripper for the first time, it sees her working as a decoy as well as a detective, something which gives her insight into how people work and interact with one another. Over the course of the series this becomes integral to her progress, as her character develops and gains greater insight. The locations used are also interesting, as they reflect what’s going on in the story itself, along with mirroring the plight of the characters too.

Starting out with the young and attractive Dani Ripper, it sees the young private investigator attempting to get over her own traumatic past. That is until she has to deal with a killer known only as the ‘Manchild’, as he wreaks havoc and terror, something that will really test her to the limit. Working as both a decoy and a detective, she has a particular set of skills to help her get to the truth and discover what’s really going on. Will she stop the killer? Can she keep herself out of harm’s way whilst doing so? What will happen as she’s told ‘call me!’?

Promise You Won’t Tell?

Following on directly from the last novel, this manages to pick up from where the story left off, this being the second title in the much loved ‘Dani Ripper’ series of novels. Once again released through the ‘Telemachus Press’ publishing outlet, it would continue in a similar vein as to what came before. Knowing her as an almost fully three-dimensional character now, the story wastes no time in jumping straight into another case for her to solve.

Once again dealing with themes that are somewhat difficult in their nature, this heads into Dani Ripper’s past, as she comes to terms with it all. This allows her to develop as personality, though, something which grows in the books to follow. The other characters also work at mirroring this change as well, as she deals with the case in hand.

Still working as a private investigator, Dani Ripper has found herself dealing with one crazy case after another, all the while waiting for the big one. All things change then after a seventeen year old female honor student walks into her life called Riley Freeman, and she has a case for her. After falling asleep at a slumber party with alcohol she soon learns that things may have gone on involving her whilst she was sleeping. Can Dani Ripper deal with this particular case? Will she make sure the culprits reveal themselves and are brought to justice? What went on as Dani is asked ‘promise you won’t tell?’

The Dani Ripper Series

A creative and ingenious take upon the detective genre, this is a series filled with fun and personality, keeping readers engaged through its masterful use of suspense and wit. As a writer John Locke has an ability in engaging his readers on a more personal level, providing a sense of intimacy, keeping them there throughout. This is something that will only grow in the years to come, as more and more readers discover this series, with the brand building worldwide.

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