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Daniel Aleman is a popular Mexican-born Canadian author of fiction, young adult, and contemporary stories. He is widely recognized for his debut book called Indivisible. Aleman was born and brought up in Mexican City. He completed his graduation from McGill University and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. While growing up, he developed a passion for books. This helped him to become an avid reader, thereby, giving birth to his urge to write a novel of his own. Meanwhile, Aleman also became interested in dogs and coffee. They are the ones that he is most passionate about, after reading and writing. When Aleman turned into an adult, he spent some time in New York City and Montreal. The experience he gained while staying there taught him many things about life and living.

Now that Aleman has called Toronto his home, he seems to have fallen in love with the place. The thing that he likes the most about this city is tacos. Aleman enjoys it very much and always remains in search of the best tacos in different parts of the city. In his debut novel, Indivisible, Aleman has described a heart-warming and heart-wrenching story about the bonds shared in a family. He has also talked about the glory of love in its various forms. The central theme of the novel portrays that no matter how difficult a path is or how bleak a circumstance may seem, the bonds that people forge with each other’s support and love are so stronger enough to overcome them. This novel has received praise from many noteworthy names of the publishing world.

Many critics have come forward to extend their support to the book with the intention of helping it become more successful. All those critics have hailed Aleman’s writing skills and praised his efforts in creating such a unique story. Several of his author friends have also spoken their minds about the book and given wonderful reviews on various literary platforms. All of this has motivated Aleman to a greater extent and made him realize that he has put his writing talents to the best use. Author Aleman feels blessed to have found the path of writing as a career choice and hopes to make more progress as he moves along his career path. He claims that he has been a storyteller for as long as he can remember. He started drawing images even before he could write.

As a child, Aleman used to tell his mother the story behind each of the drawings and keep her interested. It was not before he reached the age of 7 or 8 that Aleman shifted his focus towards creating short stories. And as soon as he became a teenager, he began writing full-length stories. During the early years of his youth, Aleman used to do this purely out of interest and passion. However, a few years later he understood that he needs to make a living to survive and subsequently decided to pursue writing with traditional publishing in mind. Aleman got the idea about writing his first book during the presidential term of Donald Trump. At that time, he felt that there was a lot of talk about immigration, and the rhetoric coming out on a vast scale seemed quite hateful. Aleman felt the need to break through the conversation with a story that would be emotional, human, sincere, and was based on the topic of immigration with a compassionate view.

Eventually, an image popped out into Aleman’s head of a teenage boy standing inside a bodega in NYC and feeling very sad about something. Slowly, he built a scenario around that image and it gave rise to the opening scene of his book. Over the course of the next few months, Aleman worked on the story with dedication and succeeded in making the manuscript ready for publication. As of now, Aleman is working on a young adult novel and is expected to complete it soon. He is looking forward to trying his hand at writing stories in different genres.

As a reader, Aleman admires only those writers who write stories that feel emotional, honest, and easily accessible. Some of them with whom he wishes to collaborate in the future include Jodi Picoult, Adam Sass, Jeff Zenter, Yamile Saied Mendez, Angie Thomas, Julian Winters, Kelly Loy Gilbert, John Green, etc. Aleman’s advice to aspiring writers is that they should never give up and never be afraid of rejection and failure. He likes to think of rejection as a harsh element of the publishing world. So, he wants aspiring authors to stay focused and keep honing their skills by writing as much as they can.

The debut book written by author Daniel Aleman is entitled ‘Indivisible’. It was released by Little, Brown Books in May 2021. This book consists of a timely moving story revolving around the efforts of a teenager to keep his family members together and prevent them from being deported. Aleman has mentioned the lead characters in this book in the form of Mateo Garcia, Sophie Garcia, Jorge Garcia, Amy Garcia, Adam, Kimmie, Daryl, and the parents of Mateo and Sophie. Initially, Mateo Garcia is introduced as a 16-year-old boy living in New York City whose world gets shattered when his parents get arrested by the ICE agents one day. Seeing that he can do nothing about this situation, he decides to take the responsibility of looking after his younger sister named Sophie.

Mateo tries his best to keep up with the added responsibility along with his schoolwork. He tries to remain afloat while anticipating where there will be deportation of his parents from America. Some support arrives in the form of Mateo’s uncle and aunt, Jorge and Amy, and his friends Adam and Kimmie. Still, Mateo is required to face the challenge of the nebulous futures of his parents as well as think about how his own life is going to look like in their absence. Author Aleman has done a fantastic job at portraying deportation’s ill effects on kids and how they are forced to struggle every day thinking about the worst situation. This novel feels emotionally authentic and significant because of the pain of the siblings that Aleman has depicted very well.

Aleman has also shown the deep love between the members of the Garcia family very well. By doing so, he has given real weight to their relationship as against the media representations dehumanizing the undocumented immigrants. There is also diversity within the story that Aleman has described in the form of Adam and Mateo’s sexual orientation as gay without showcasing it as the main topic of the novel. Also, there is the romance between a black man and an Asian girl, and the deep friendship of Kimmie and Mateo.

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