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Daniel Cole is United Kingdom bestselling author of Crime, Suspense and Mystery novels. He is famously known for Detective William Fawkes series which debuted in 2017 when the first book in the series Ragdoll was published. The young talented Cole has worked as an RSPCA officer, a paramedic and also for the RNL1 possibly driven by his intrinsic needs to save people and also the guilty conscience about the number of characters he manages to kill in his novels. The author currently resides in Bournemouth, and you can find him most often down the beach.

Ragdoll rights for adaption have already been purchased by the production company that made the ITV hit The Durrell’s. Detective William Fawkes series introduces the readers to a disputable detective named Nathan Wolfe who is reinstated to the Met Police after several months of psychological checks following the allegations of brutal assault. In the series debut novel Ragdoll, Wolfe is phoned by his partner, Detective Emily Baxter to a crime scene where disjoined body parts of six victims have been sewed together like a puppet- a corpse that the press refers to it as a ragdoll.

The author describes his lead character as a man with a very troubled past but who is still loyal, funny and convinced that he is always right. Cole whose father is a mechanic and mother is a schoolteacher had just embarked on his new job in the control room of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) in Bournemouth when his debut novel was accepted after several rejections.


Ragdoll is a fantastic crime thriller book that you should not want to miss. It is filled with the darkest of humor with mysterious and horrifying crimes. The story kicks off with some scenes from the Old Bailey on the trial of the Cremation Killer named Naguib Khaled. The Jury comes finally makes its judgement, and detective William Fawkes also known as Wolf loses it big time when he attacks Khaled. As a result, he is taken to St. Anne mental hospital for “proper therapy.” Fortunately, for Wolf, he is cleared when Khaled is later found with the burnt body of a young girl, and he is released and sent back to his official duties as a police officer. Wolf is a troubled man who lost his wife Andrea in a divorce after what he did at Old Bailey, and yet again he is about to find himself in a sensational case that has all the eyes of the local and national media, and the entire country on him and the police.

Moments later in a flat where Wolf lives, a weird ragdoll is found pointing fingers into detective Wolf’s apartment. The ragdoll comprises of body parts of six victims who have been sewn together to form one person. On the other hand, the media, as always has an inside line into the whole ordeal when Andrea, a reporter is sent the pictures of the ragdoll and along with the names and the dates of the future murders of the six people and the last in the list of this victim is Wolf.

Both Wolf and the police have a difficult task of identifying the identity of the six dead people and also protecting the people whom the serial killers have listed on the list in the midst of amoral media frenzy. With time running out, the police struggle in this twisted and complicated investigation. Edmunds, DCI Simmons, and DS Emily Baxter are faced with added political pressure from the police ranks. Ragdoll is an exceptionally classic tale where the truth is hard to believe and eventually revealed as a shock.

The police officer nicknamed Wolf has received much more than his share of discredit, and most of it more offensive than anything else. After arresting the suspected cremation killer, London most feared and renowned serial killer in history, his reputation turns from hero to a dangerous villain as the trial indicated manipulation of evidence, suspicious abuse of his marriage, and police brutality. When the suspect is released, Wolf unjustified action not only get him suspended from the job as a police officer but also get him hospitalized in a mental facility.

However, Wolf is proven to have been correct all along after the acquitted killer strikes once again, but this time round he is under strict psychological evaluations and more supervision that has had in the past. However, it is not long before he is handed most grisly murder case which the media has termed it as The Ragdoll Murder. As he and his colleague work effortlessly to identify the serial killer, their work is hampered by the press more so by his ex-wife Andrea, a ruthless and ambitious reporter.

As the police race against time to protect the people on the list, they soon discover that they are dealing with a more inventive and a deadly adversary than they initially thought of not to mention the efforts made by the media to help put more pressure on the police for them to make mistakes. Additionally, the intensity in which detective Wolf thrusts himself into this serial killer hunting case threatens to rekindle emotional wounds that he suffered during the Cremation Killer Case and the potential to turn colleagues against each other in solving this crime puzzle.

The story in this novel is fast-paced and full of action. There are murders almost everywhere with lots of weird things happening along the way. Wolf is one of the characters that most crime writers and reader love best, the one who prefers to investigate alone and never cooperates with any team and despite this always comes out on top. The author, Daniel Cole balances the crime solving ordeal in this novel with some great deal of character development as well as action, suspense, and emotion. Wolf is one fantastic lead character, and like many characters, he has his flaws as well. The relationship he has with his colleagues is complex and compelling as well. Cole way of storytelling is extensively focused and on point. If you love crime novels with bits of suspense, thriller, and action, you better grab your Ragdoll copy right now.

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  1. Brenda: 2 years ago

    I loved the series “Ragdoll” and I’m wondering if there will be another book in the series. I thought she would go back to Thomas but the ending is unclear. I was hoping she and Wolf would end up together. Is that the case?

  2. Phyllis Elaine de Lange: 3 years ago

    Just discovered you and am almost finished reading Ragdoll. Good stuff and will order more of your books.

  3. Samantha: 4 years ago

    Yes, Rag Doll is incredibly compelling and I remember loving the sense of humour that the writer has.
    I look forward to reading many more of Daniel Cole books.


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