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City of Masks (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Land Of Echoes (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bones of the Barbary Coast (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Daniel was born in an artistic environment in Croton Falls, NY. Daniel has lived in several cities in the US and around the world including the Philippines, California, Washington DC, Chicago, Illinois, New York and Vermont. His initial exposure to fine arts prompted a long-lasting development of an artistic life including music and writing fiction stories. Hecht is an American writer who has published a few accomplished books worthy of international best-selling status including Skull Session (1997), Puppets (2001), and the Cree Black series, which has a total of four books. His books also include 12 different languages and 75 versions all over the world, including blockbusters in the United States, the UK, Israel, and Holland.

Daniel Hecht Best Books
City of Masks #1 Cree Black
The story starts with a parapsychologist, Cree Black, as she heads to New Orleans to attempt to resolve a haunted ancestral home of the Beauforte family. The underlying records of the haunted environment from Lila Beauforte, the most affected victim, proved considerably more astonishing than anticipated. An incredibly thrilling web of fate rapidly spun out of control, and it’s up to Cree to unravel everything before things get out of hand. What separates Cree from other paranormal analysts is that she is an empathetic person, ready to feel what others feel and in a way encounter precisely the same musings as the general population around her. This makes her similarly as helpless to the apparitions in Beaufort house as Lila may be which prompts some exceptionally tense, extraordinary, and stunning trials.

Cree (Lucretia) Black, the hero of the novel and psychologists, was a scholarly analyst whose beneficial experience as a youthful widow compelled her to parapsychology as counseling ‘ghost seeker’. The story’s character driven and set in New Orleans. When depicting the characters, the author created a fabulous plot even more interesting as things advanced deep into the heart of the book. I loved the storyline and can’t wait to get my hands on the continuation of this edition, as it is too addictive to put down. Back to the Cree details, it is a spooky southern tale of both the extraordinary and questionable human connections. The doctor investigates human conditions through examining such things as repressed memories, hidden family secrets, and the distinction between adherents to paranormal (powerful) wonders and pragmatist cynics. I found the secrets engaging and was charmed to read the author’s decoyed adept exploitation of red herrings. The majority of the characters proved trustworthy and fascinating.

Skull Session
Paul Skoglund has not had consistent employment in years, mainly because of his Tourette’s syndrome. His Aunt Vivian asks him to repair her nineteenth-century hunting cabin lodge in the Hudson Valley. The home has endured extreme damage. Paul had been going to school courses to enhance his job seeking prospects, yet he knows he needs a stable job. His ex-wife, Janet, is in the process of seeking full custody of their child, Mark, because of Paul’s disorder.

Paul agrees to do the repairs. While he’s grinding away, he inquires as to whether there’s somebody who had resentment towards his aunt to cause so much destruction in the house. He feels that he wouldn’t like to repair it only for some strange dude walks in once again and cause more damage and wreck the home once more. In the meantime, the New York Police military attachment receives a new police boss in Lewisboro his name is Mo Ford. He has inherited various complicated new cases. One is of an attempted manslaughter where 23-year-old Richard Mason was found dead. Meanwhile, some high school kids go missing from the region in recent months.

At the point when Mo interviews Richard Mason’s 14-year-old schizophrenic sister, she sends him a note, and she does so more than once. Mo finds a link between the Highwood cabin and the missing teenagers. He’s told that some evil ceremonies occur there frequently. He works with Paul and his girlfriend, Lia McLean to find out the motives behind the crimes. While searching for the culprits, another subplot involves Paul search for the real reason why his dad, Ben, may have committed suicide and how it points to his aunt,’ and her motel relates to the sudden death. This is a complicated story with detailed information about Tourettes. In fact, the writer gives too much data than the reader needs to know. The plot moves along, gradually amid the central chapters of the book with each mystery unfolding towards the end. It’s well packed and neatly written for readers of all ages.

The New Jersey State Police had begun calling him Howdy Doody, after the famous TV puppet of the 1950s. Three unknown persons killed in northern New Jersey, at that point three in Manhattan and another in the Bronx, in thirteen months. Each of the victims hung up with strings appended to their limbs, similar to puppets. Finally, the killer’s days come to an abrupt end as the police catch up with him in New York City. Then again it appears—until the point when State Police investigator Mo Ford finds another casualty, slaughtered and masterminded in the same style of execution as the other victims. Is it a copycat murder, or did the police get the wrong man? Mo’s hypothesis about what happened soon extends to include the U.S. intelligent offices, and a terrible exploration takes place with human experiments. With too many officers involved in the case, who will apprehend the real puppet-master?

“Puppets” looks like an ordinary investigative novel, with typical characters: a criminologist named Mo needs to discover who has been impersonating an officially detained killer in this region, supported by a clinician who is exceptionally keen and crafty currently deeply involved in the case. Together, they develop a strong team, yet work in challenging circumstances. Nevertheless, the novel consists of exceptional and elegantly composed characters, each with their particular voice and thinking capacity. The killer’s role remains a secret until his identity is revealed towards the end of the book. However, you gradually understand his thought processes and finally comprehend ‘why’ before ‘who’ and everyone who appears as the suspects. With that said, Puppets is an exceptional mystery novel, that fans of Daniel Hecht are going to fall in love with.

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