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Publication Order of Daniel Knox Books

The Alexander Cipher (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Exodus Quest / The Moses Quest (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Labyrinth (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eden Legacy (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Daniel Knox is the main character in a series of adventure thriller novels written by bestselling English author of adventure, mystery and thriller novels, Will Adams. Knox is an underwater archeologist who explores many of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world.

Knox debuted in the publishing world in 2007 when The Alexander Cipher the first book in the series was published. Daniel Knox series by Daniel Knox lasted four books with The Eden Legacy concluding the series in 2010.

The Alexander Cipher

The Alexander Cipher is the debut novel in Daniel Knox series by William Adams. The story introduces the readers to Daniel Knox; an archeologist turned dive instructor based in Egypt. Apparently, everyone seems to hate Daniel. Then there is Hassan, his wealthy Egyptian boss whom Daniel beat up to keep him from raping a young woman and Hassan has even a nastier head of security named Nessim.

Additionally, there is Bonnard, a young Egyptologist who blames Knox for the death of her father and then there is Nicolas Dragoumis, a wealthy industrialist whose father apparently is determined to destroy Daniel.

Further complicating Knox life is Alexander the Great, a Macedonian king who tries to prove to Knox that even being dead for more than 2000 years does not mean that he cannot wreak havoc in people’s lives. After Alexander dies in 323BC, his body is transported to Egypt in a golden funeral carriage. However, Ptolemy, Alexander’s power-hungry general steals Alexander’s body for his own self-purposes and then the funeral carriage disappears.

At first, Knox thinks that he knows the whereabouts of the carriage but that leads him to a discovery- he discovers artifacts that might help him trace the whereabouts of the body of the long-lost king.

All that Knox, a lifelong scholar needs to do is to keep clear of all the people who are determined to see that he does not succeed in his mission. Alexander Cipher is a hugely entertaining first series installment, an adroit mix of character, action, and history. Knox and his brave Australian friend Rick combine forces and make for an engaging pair of interesting lead characters. Will Adams does a great job of keeping the narrative moving at a brisk clip while giving the readers all the historical background they require to understand what the mystery is all about. Additionally, there is also an excellent romantic subplot in the novel and couple of well-crafted twists and turns. Surprisingly, taking into consideration its high quality, Alexander Cipher is Will Adam’s first novel. The novel was first published in the United Kingdom in 2007.

Adams characterization is well done, for example, the good characters are good while the villains are bad but not too distorted- some of the good guys perish along the way thus making it more realistic. The point of view continually shifts in the story to progress the story. This first book delightfully blends the history of Alexander the great and his successors into a thrilling, entertaining, and an action-packed adventure.

The Exodus Quest

Facts collide with fiction in The Exodus Quest book two in Daniel Knox series by Will Adams featuring archeologist Daniel Knox.

While on the hunt for the lost Dead Sea Scrolls, archeologist Daniel stumbles upon a robbery in progress at an ancient Egyptian temple in Alexandria. Then a senior Egyptian archeologist is brutally murdered, and Knox becomes the main suspect in the murder case. To add to his troubles, Knox partner, Gaille is abducted while showing a TV crew around the ancient ruins of Amarna. Gaille manages to send out a message to Knox to rescue her, but unfortunately, Knox is locked in a police cell on suspicion of a murder thousands of miles away. His only hope of securing back his freedom and saving the life of Gaille is investigating and crack one of the oldest unsolved puzzles of the ancient world before it is too late.

Once again Will Adams has created a fascinating second book. The piece of pottery that Daniel stumbles upon is believed to have stolen and could be the key to revealing the connection between the start of Jewish Exodus from their slave masters in Egypt thousands of years ago.

At the same time, Daniel has some sort of love interest in Gaille; however, the two don’t get to meet until the very last page of this narrative when Daniel gets to play the hero but as the narrative bubbles so does their relationship. Sprinkled is a good plot with some religious overtone of a rogue priest and his questionable follows, the value of media and the shade thrown continuously at Egyptian law enforcement ethics.

Will Adam story narration is top notch; the chapters are bit short switching from one character to another and from one subplot to another throughout the pages. He does a beautiful job of creating both intense cliffhangers, subtle intrigue in each and then immediately switches to another plot or character.

The main narrative is very intricate, challenging the readers to rely on what they already know about Christian and Jewish versus how the various Egyptian pharaohs interacted with other religions. The fans of archeological discovery, fiction storytelling and hunt thriller The Exodus Quest is an ideal match.

The Lost Labyrinth

Facts confront fiction in The Lost Labyrinth adventure featuring the mysterious Daniel Knox. Two decades later, after disappearing without a trace, Roland Petitier reappears at a major Athens meeting, promising an impressive find- the legendary Golden Fleece.

However, before he can give his speech, he is found dead in his hotel room and angered cop Petitier’s onetime student, Augustine into intensive care unit. Only Augustine’s two best friends Gaille Bonnard and Daniel Knox can prove his innocence.

However, the rumors of Fleece discovery spread like wildfire, and the ambitious Georgian oligarch Nergadze is focused on getting to it first.

He sends his psychopathic grandson to Athens with orders to bring the Fleece back. Mikhail soon becomes convinced that Knox has the Fleece has it, and gradually moves in for the kill.

The Lost Labyrinth also features so many good characters, and fascinating subplots to keep you entertained from the first page to the last.

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