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Daniel Ford is a fantasy fiction author from Baltimore, Maryland. He was born and raised in the state and asserts that he always had a fascination with fantasy since he watched “The Hobbit” when he was only four. Since that time, he has always been interested in any stories that had swords, superheroes, elves, knights, dwarves, giants, warriors, dragons and wizards. He would eventually stumble on “The Fenian Cycle of Irish Mythology” and “Homer” with the former leading him to Gregory and Years before he proceeded to Joyce, Longley, and Heaney. His diversion into academia soon got him back in college, where he studied at George Mason University, the Villanova University and Boston College, which he says made his parents think he was overdoing his education.

He would eventually get his act together and in between watching baseball and gaming, he got his MFA in Poetry and Creative Writing and an MA in Irish Literature. He still does write the occasional poem though he decided to get into fiction writing in 2011 with the writing of his debut fantasy novel “Ordination.” This was the first novel that would then become the “Paladin Trilogy,” a 700,000 monster that has become a cultural icon. The story is about a man known as Allystaire Coldbourne, who unknowingly embarks on a journey that would transform him into a legendary Paladin. In 2019, he started writing a the “Jack Dixon” series with the first novel “Body Broker” that came out in September getting rave reviews. Daniel Ford currently teaches cheese appreciation and English at college prep in a rural Maryland high school. He currently lives in Delaware and when he is not writing his novels he loves to collect action figures, watch soccer and baseball, and cook.

One of the things that makes Daniel Ford stand out is his exceptional world build building. He has asserted that he has written countless timelines, family trees, histories, character lists, crude maps and tons of pages describing geography, pantheons, and culture. However, none of his stories ever got written until he decided to take a minimization approach with “Ordination.” With the novel he did not plan a story or build world but instead just kept making up the story as needed. As such, much of what he writes in the Paladin Trilogy is what was critical in developing the characters and storylines of the lead characters Allystaire, Idgen Mater, Mol and Torvul alongside other characters in a particular moment. He thought that he would have a story no longer than 80 thousand words but then circumstances dictated otherwise. He went back to the lore of the world and grabbed one or two ideas and soon found himself with nearly 700 thousand words of a trilogy. Once it got huge enough, he got a friend to draw a map which he includes with the novels.

Daniel Ford’s “Paladin Trilogy” is an excellent story that follows Allystaire Coldbourne, a self-exiled former knight on his way to becoming a legendary Paladin. At the beginning of the novel, he is trying to quit his old life and a war that has gone on for too long. But just as he is leaving his native homeland, he gets embroiled in a series of events that put his sense of justice to the test as he has to save a village and a small girl that are in great peril. His actions are noticed by a forgotten goddess who chooses him as the bringer of hope to a world that needs a man such as him. Coldbourne’s world has been ravaged by war for more than 40 years and it is now up to him to bring hope back to the people by fighting for them. To help him is Idgen Marte a woman with a weird sense of humor and curiosity for everything which means Allystaire needs to be on high alert. Combining their special talents, the two set out to recruit several other members of the team they need to liberate their world. They also need to face up to the wrath of capricious nobles and angry servants of other gods who are envious of the gifts granted to them by the goddess. They eventually find a dwarven alchemist named Torvul that makes an excellent addition to the team. However, the man seems to be in a run of bad luck since his potions almost always backfire and Allystaire has to save him from the gallows. Together they travel to the land of Londray, where they face a lot of danger but get some answers on how to save their world.

“Stillbright” the second novel of the series continues with the adventure of Allystaire Colbourne, a former knight who had become a hero of legend, after he was ordained by a primeval deity of light and mercy. However, he still has a lot to deal with as the capricious warlords want him head, the angry gods are planning against him and evil stalks him. The good thing is that the team he has assembled has been anointed by the goddess, which has given them extraordinary powers. In his quest to bring unity and peace to war-torn and fractured baronies he needs to escape the clutches of wicked rulers and sorcerers that are determined to destroy him and his team. As the Longest Night of mid-winter comes into view, armies march and the goddess weakens. The armies marching against them are determined to bring horror and destruction to the Paladin and anyone associated with him. He is soon left with his closes associates, his powers and his mission, which is what keeps up his hope as it still shines bright in the mid of all the darkness.

“Crusade” the third novel of the Paladin Trilogy by Daniel M Ford opens to an aftermath of the Battle of Thornhurst, where the old ways have been banished in the smoke and blood of battle. The Baronies have been shattered and it is up to the Paladin to recover fast if his world is to have any hope for the future. Meanwhile, the goddess has amassed a fragile new following and is preparing for the next attack that could come at any time. But the Sea Dragon Braech is not one to easily give up the power he has held for eons. Braech’s corrupt lackeys led by Archpriest Symod, one of the most calculating and cunning people are now marching against the Baronies left weak by the recent war. The baronies are facing Armageddon and it is up to Allystaire the Paladin to rally the remnant of his people to fight their ancient foes. But it is a foe that has so much hate that it will not rest until each of the baronies is broken and in submission to the villainous Sea Dragon.

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