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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Piano Tuner (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Far Country (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winter Soldier (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
North Woods (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Death of the Pugilist (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

A Registry of My Passage upon the Earth (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Simpsonistas Vol. 4: Tales from the New Literary Project(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Daniel Mason is a published American author.

Mason was born in 1976. Now in print, this author has had his writing translated into a variety of languages so that it can be read around the world (so far over two dozen and counting). His works have also been adapted to go on stage and as part of the opera.

He attended Harvard and graduated with his degree in 1998. He then went out to the Thailand and Myanmar border, where he would focus on malaria. This is where the majority of his first novel was written as well.

Daniel does not just write novels. He has composed essays and short stories that have made their way to publications such as Zoetrope and Harper’s. They have won him a National Magazine Award and a Pushcart Prize. His writing has also made the short list for nominations for a few awards too.

Daniel Mason first became a published author with the release of The Piano Tuner in 2002. In 2014, he received a fellowship. He has served as a clinical assistant professor at Stanford University in their psychiatry department. His interests in research there include mental illness’s subjective experience as well as literature, culture and history’s influence on how medicine is practiced. He has also attended the University of California as a medical student.

The Piano Tuner is the first full length novel of fiction from Daniel Mason. When it comes to novels, if you like exotically set tales, this may be the right fit for you!

Edgar Drake is the main character in this novel and he works as a piano tuner. One day in 1886, on a misty afternoon in London, the tuner gets a request that is more than eccentric. It comes courtesy of the War Office and he does not understand what the demands being made of him are for.

It says that he should leave behind his wife and everything about his quiet London life and go somewhere else. The orders are to go to the Burmese jungles and his purpose there would be to tune a piano. It would not just be any piano as well– it is an Erard grand piano, an instrument that is extremely rare.

It is the property of the Surgeon Major, named Anthony Carroll. This British officer is a bit mysterious but was able to have great success when it comes to bringing peace to the Shan States. They had been formerly war torn but Carroll had been able to make it happen and had become a legend in the making in the process.

Even though he is fairly infamous, the methods that he has been using are unorthodox enough that others are starting to get suspicious. Now it is up to Edgar, a soft spoken man, to go and journey all over the world. His mission will take him everywhere from India to the Red Sea to Burma to Europe as well as the Shan States and the remote highlands there.

As he makes his way on this journey, he finds that the letters from the Doctor really capture his imagination. So do the cast of tale spinners, thieves, and soldiers that come across his way eventually. He starts to become really engaged, but even as he becomes even more captivated, the questions that he has bubble out of him.

When it comes the Doctor, it appears that the true motives that he has are going to have to be examined. He finds out that the doctor traveled with a woman who was beautiful as well as elusive and goes with him through the jungle. he figures out why he came and decides that whether he is going to have the choice to return back to his house.

As he tries to come to his senses about whether he wants to go home without changing to a woman that will be waiting for him there or move out into the world and see what is has, that is going to be a very difficult situation to be in.

This lyrical story of a piano tuner is full of adventure and self discovery mixed with romance and myth. Pick up this novel at your local book store or your library to find out what it is all about for yourself!

A Far Country is the second full length fictional novel from author Daniel Mason. This fictional novel is the story about a young girl through what is being called great narrative and emotional power from a writer that has accomplished an impressive second showing when it comes to their publication record.

One girl has lost her brother and now is on a long journey that winds its way through a country that is yet to be named but still very vast in scope. Isabel was born and raised in a village that could only be described as remote.

The village was on the border of a plantation that produced sugarcane. Isabel was just fourteen years of age at the time. She also had the gift of seeing farther, a curse and gift that she always had as a baby. The backlands end up being taken over by war and drought. As a result, her brother decides to go with an exodus of people.

Their mission is to go to the south and join up with a larger city to get away from it. Isabel wants to follow Isaias there, but that would mean a large sacrifice. After all this is pretty much her only home that she has ever had. She wants to be reunited with her brother, and that is the only thing that would make her feel better about leaving.

She finally goes but gets there, only to find that her brother is gone. A lot of time goes by, even months. One day she finds that she must go into the city if she wants to find him. It’s chaotic there, but she has her hope to guide her.

Can Isabel find her brother? Determined to find him, Isabel is about to do anything to track him down once and for all in this story about family and survival. Check it out– read this book for yourself!

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