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Publication Order of The Checquy Files Books

Daniel O’Malley is one of the popular authors from Australia, who has written several highly successful novels in his writing career based on the fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. Before becoming a full time writer, Daniel completed his graduation from the Michigan State University. Later, he obtained his master’s degree from the Ohio State University with the subject of medieval history. As of today, along with spending his time in writing his books and pursuing his dream job of being an author, Daniel also works in the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. The first novel that author Daniel wrote was published in the year 2012. It was titled as ‘The Rook’. The novel went on to become such a huge hit that it became the winner of the Aurealis Award in 2012 in the category of the Best Science Fiction Book. The immense success that author Daniel received from the publication of the debut novel of his writing career, gave him the necessary motivation and encouragement to write one more novel.

Daniel has finished writing the plot of this second novel and expects it to be be published soon in the coming days of June 2016. The novel is titled as ‘The Stiletto’ and is based around the same story line as the first novel written by author Daniel. Citing the similarities in the plots of the 2 novels, author Daniel decided to name them as parts of a single series. Therefore, he decided to add the two novels to the series called as ‘The Checquy Files’. The series also referred to by the name ‘The Rook Files’. Author Daniel has even developed a website under the name of the second title as he is expected to write and publish a number of other books in the series in the next few years. After author Daniel earned his master’s degree, he decided to return back to his childhood home located in Australia. He considers the home to be an inspiration for him for writing the stories of his books. He believes that whenever he comes to his childhood home, he gets filled with lots of ideas for developing the next plots of his novels. Therefore, he considers his childhood home to be a lucky charm for him. Now, along with working in the Transport Safety Bureau of Australia and writing novels, author Daniel also writes press releases for the government investigations of runaway boats and plane crashes that take place in Australia.

The Checquy Files series written by author Daniel O’Malley consists of 2 books in total, which were published in the years 2012 and 2016 respectively. The debut novel of this series is titled as ‘The Rook’. It was published by the Little, Brown & Company publication in the year 2012. This book’s story is set in London, England, United Kingdom, and features the main protagonist in the form of Myfanwy Thomas. In the starting sequence of the story of the book, it is shown that Myfanwy Thomas is reading a letter which says that the body that she is having used to belong to the sender of the letter. This is the first line in the letter which she reads after waking up in a London park and finding herself surrounded all over by bodies which have latex gloves on them. After some time, Myfanwy Thomas comes to know that she has recollection of her past life. She realizes that she must follow only the instructions left for her by her former self in order to discover her true identity. Also, Myfanwy is required to protect herself and track down the agents who are trying to kill her. But first, she wants to know the reason as to why they are behind her with such desperation.

Later, Myfanwy learns that she belongs to secret organization known by the name Checquy and is a high ranking member in the group, known as Rook. Myfanwy also comes to know that the secret organization battles against all the supernatural forces that work in Britain. After some more time, Myfanwy comes to know that she has the possession of a potentially deadly and rare supernatural ability in her own body, which can be very powerful when used in the right way. She begins to search for and uncover that member of the Checquy who had betrayed her and the reason behind doing so. In her quest, she comes across a person who seems to have 4 bodies. This person, who was an aristocratic woman, was capable of entering into the dreams of Myfanwy Thomas with the help of a secret training facility. This secret facility was used by the secret organization of Checquy to train and transform children into extremely deadly fighters. Myfanwy also comes to know about a conspiracy which was so deadly and vast that she could have never imagined. In the end, the readers all over the world liked the book very much. They especially intrigued and fascinated by the exciting and fantastic characters described in the book by author Daniel. The novel proved to be a suspenseful, richly inventive, and a wry thriller as it marked the ambitious debut of a promising and young author in the form of Daniel O’Malley.

The sequel to the first novel of The Checquy Files series written by author Daniel O’Malley is titled as ‘Stiletto’. It is expected to be released very soon in the year 2016 by the Little, Brown & Company publishers. This book once again depicts the secret organization called Checquy and The Rook, who appears to have returned in order to make an alliance between the avert epic and the deadly rivals. The plot of the book seems to be developing into a slime and supernatural war. At the start of the book’s story, author Daniel has shown that various secret organizations of the world come forward to forget years of bloodshed and enmity to unite as one and fight against the supernatural powers working in Britain. It appears that only one person has the qualities of the bureaucratic finesse and fearsome powers to do the job well, and she is none other the Rook Myfanwy Thomas. Now, facing the biggest challenge of her life, Myfanwy tries to make a deal between the bitterest adversaries. One among them is The Checquy, which is an old British secret organization working to protect the society from the supernatural powers, and the other one is The Grafters, which is centuries old supernatural threat. Soon, several attacks begin to take place in London, which threaten to sabotage the deal and flare the old hatred. Being surrounded all over by the spies, the Rook Myfanwy and two other women who completely hate each other, are the only ones who can catch the main culprits before the word turns into a devastating war. The novel depicts preternatural diplomacy, snide remarks, and paranoia from author Daniel, who has tried to straddle the thin line between thriller, fantasy, and spoof.

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