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Publication Order of Daniel Pike Books

The Last Chance Lawyer (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Court of Killers (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Trial by Blood (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Twisted Justice (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Judge and Jury (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Final Verdict (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Daniel Pike Series

Daniel Pike is a mystery series by William Bernhardt. In this series, we will be following Daniel Pike, a kickass criminal lawyer, through the cases that shape his career. There will be many courtroom occurrences complete with the judge and the jury as well as in-the-field action as Daniel works to piece different clues. The great legal minds are sure to captivate any legal thriller fun, and it is fun following them as they make sense of the evidence brought to their attention. Through different characters, the author highlights several issues of concern in our modern society. Bernhardt incorporates humor in these stories, and this, combined with the solid-plotting and exhilarating pace, makes this a fun to read series.

The Last Chance Lawyer
The Last Chance Lawyer stars Daniel Pike, a respected criminal lawyer known for his ability to connect details that others miss. Thanks to his unique talent, Daniel has risen through the ranks to become a notorious criminal lawyer. In addition to his talent, Daniel is a stickler for the rules. However, a sketchy client leaves him unemployed because he refuses to be compromised. Daniel doesn’t stay out of work for long. He receives an offer from Last-Chance Law Firm, where he joins others in helping those who had lost hope in the legal system. Out of curiosity, Daniel decides to take up the job and soon starts on his first case.

This case involves a young girl with questionable immigration status. Daniel soon learns that deporting her to her country would be disastrous. He does everything in his ability to find her a guardian and is fortunate to find one. However, just when the adoption process is completed, the guardian is accused of murder in a gangland Massacre on the streets. Once again, Daniel is called to defend a new client. Even though the murder weapon is discovered in the guardian’s backyard, Daniel has to presume she innocent. Can Daniel clear the guardian so that the young girl finally enjoys the safety she deserves? Is it true that his current client is innocent? Who would be trying to frame her?

This case gets more complicated than Daniel anticipated, and he has to use all his tricks in search of justice. It comes with breathtaking surprises and unexpected revelations that make Daniel doubt himself a few times. After uncovering a trail of deceit, blood-soaked threats start to arrive, and Daniel realizes that his life and the lives of those he yearns to protect are in danger. Despite all this, Daniel stays focused, and it is amazing how he keeps fighting for injustice no matter the cost. The cast is quite diverse, and the collection of legal minds will keep you captivated to the last page.
The Last Chance Lawyer is a captivating legal thriller that will grab your attention and never let go until the end. It also comes with intensity and humor, not to mention a lovable protagonist. With a crisp narrative and intriguing dialogue, the author takes you through Daniel’s life in and out of the courtroom. It is amazing that this book comes with passionate advocacy. The legal intrigue and the courtroom suspense will keep you turning the pages. If you love courtroom stories that favor the underdog, you will love this book. The main characters are passionate about the law, and it is impressive how they mesh together and seamlessly play off each other.

Court of Killers
Court of Killers comes second in the Daniel Pike series. In this book, Daniel will be dealing with a high-profile case, this time involving a political star. The mayor of St. Petersburg approaches Daniel’s firm with a claim that she is being targeted for her views. However, what begins as a financial matter takes a different turn when the police show up to arrest Perez for murder. Camila Perez is facing charges of a quadruple homicide. Four men connected to Perez had been discovered inside an industrial oven in a bakery that she owned. Daniel instinctively senses a conspiracy and is determined to find a reasonable explanation to it all.

However, with damning evidence coming to the surface every day, this starts looking like an impossible case. Daniel stills works through the incriminating clues to piece the dangerous conspiracy. Could Perez be lying, or should Daniel depend on his instincts and the information he has gathered? Who would be so desperate to commit such a heinous crime and try to frame Perez for it? A few times, when working on this case, Daniel is the target of a faceless man. After a few encounters, threats and warnings start to arrive. Daniel also has to deal with a difficult member in the D.A.’s office. As if this is not enough, the tenacious lawyer has to face a judge who has such backward beliefs on women’s place in society.

Daniel is still working in the midst of strong legal minds. He has to use his efforts to clear Mayor Perez of the accusations against her and prove that she is just a smear campaign victim. However, with a powerful man pulling strings in the background, this is going to be a tough case. Until the jury can come with a verdict, this courtroom drama will have you on your toes. There is no telling which evidence will come in next or how the judge will react to Daniel’s arguments. Can the mayor’s career be saved? How does Daniel protect himself and loved ones against those who continue to send threats to him?

Court of Killers comes with gritty courtroom drama, well-planned suspense, and unforeseen twists and turns. The author highlights underlying societal issues as the legal thriller unfolds and his knack for storytelling shines throughout the pages. Daniel’s life seems to be stabilizing even though he is constantly in danger. Through the characters in the book, the author conveys many themes and issues affecting society today. When you get to the last page, you will be eager to find out what Mr. Bernhardt has in store in the next installment.

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