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Publication Order of Daniel Pitt Books

Twenty-One Days (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Triple Jeopardy (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Fatal Flaw (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death with a Double Edge (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Three Debts Paid (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fourth Enemy (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Anne Perry is a highly accomplished author with over 70 books to her credit. Most have been collected and written as series, such as the exceedingly popular Charlotte and Thomas Pitt with over thirty novels. Also the William Monk Series with over twenty novels.

Ms Perry was born in the Blackheath area of London, England in October 1938. She was born right before the advent of WWII and spent her youngest years moving around during and right after the war.

When she was just six years old she was critically ill. Her doctor did not expect her to survive the night and said he would return in the morning to issue a death certificate.

Obviously she survived but she was still quite sickly for many years. When she was eight years old she was sent to the Bahamas to live with a foster family. The warmer climes of the islands were good for her health and she became a stronger, healthy little girl.

She moved to New Zealand with the family, getting even healthier over the years. With the illnesses and the traveling she missed three years of school.

She feels fortunate that her mother taught her to read and write, so by the age of four, she was an avid reader and she was able to catch up. She thinks it was the encouragement of her parents that pushed her to keep up, even after she was ill at age thirteen, that kept her current with her education levels.

As a young adult back in England she had a variety of jobs but she only really wanted to write. Her father encouraged her to write her ideas down.

It wasn’t until she was in her twenties that she started pulling together pieces for her first book. This is when she started her first draft of Tathea. As is typical, it was many years before she became a published author. She kept various jobs for rent money until she could become a full-time writer.

The variety of work gave her a wide breadth of life experiences- clerical work, airline stewardess, retail sales, limousine dispatcher, and insurance underwriter are among the potpourri of jobs she’s done.

Ms Perry is particularly fond of writing Christmas stories. She now has a Christmas collection of over twenty stories.

The Cater Street Hangman, 1979, was the first book in the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series. Her publisher claims this is the most sustained crime series by an author still living, with over thirty stories. Ms Perry’s newest series, Daniel Pitt, is a spinoff of the Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Series, featuring their son, Daniel.

The Daniel Pitt Series starts off in 1910. Daniel is a newly qualified attorney who’s tackling complicated cases. He has a relationship with Miriam Croft. She’s one of the first woman pathologists and she has a strong drive to be recognized for this accomplishment.

The first story in the series finds the newest lawyer racing to save his client scheduled for execution. He’s been put at odds with his own father, Thomas Pitt, who is head of London Special Police Branch. This new series takes her story telling into the new 20th Century.

Daniel is raring to prove himself. He’s working to move himself out of the shadow of his intimidating, well-heeled parents and influence. His newest case will be a formidable test of his skills.

Daniel’s client is not well regarded; Russell Graves, a biographer who is an arrogant, annoying man, has been found guilty of the murder of his wife. The hangman’s noose is swinging soon, less than a month away. Daniel must find the real killer in time.

Maybe there is a connection between Mr Grave’s profession and the violent death of his wife. A more powerful person may be trying to keep secrets secret by framing the biographer.

Daniel is going to follow this theory. It brings him too close to London’t Special Branch and, more disturbingly, to take an uncomfortable look at one of his father’s nearest colleagues.

Now Daniel is wedged between his strong desire to protect his family and his sworn duty to the law. He has to use his given talents and natural instincts to root out the truth. This is a tangle of deception and an innocent man may hang for another man’s monstrous crime.

In the second entry, Triple Jeopardy, Daniel’s sister, Jemima, and her family, have returned from the States for a visit in London. Everyone is delighted.

Daniel is a young lawyer with some special skills. He’s taken on a case of defending a British diplomat of theft. Seemingly simple but this theft may be hiding a deadly crime.

The Pitts are gradually finding out about a horrible incident. One of Jemima’s dear friends in Washington, D.C. was assaulted and an expensive, treasured necklace was stolen. It appears to be perpetrated by Philip Sidney, the British diplomat who’s been posted to D.C. He’s claimed diplomatic immunity and fled to London. He has brought other little secrets and crimes…

Philip Sidney’s life is not simple. Now he’s in court on a separate charge of embezzlement and Daniel is tasked with defending him. Daniel’s decided to perform the minimum defense to avoid a mistrial, his motive is wanting the prosecution to find him guilty and put him away.

Word gets to Daniel that a British embassy employee in D.C. has been found dead. Now he’s a bit suspicious about the alleged crimes of Sidney and he’s puts on his detective hat. He has to look for the evidence that has now created an international incident.

In this case, Daniel teams up with the intelligent and driven scientist Miriam Croft. She’s brilliant and uses the most recent techniques and technology. Daniel and Miriam are going to the Channel Islands, looking at a new lead.

In their investigation they are discovering the story of the stolen necklace may have greater implications in three more serious crimes. There is triple jeopardy and possibly murder is included.

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