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Publication Order of Silvers Books

The Flight of the Silvers (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Song of the Orphans (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The War of the Givens (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Largely writing suspense, science-fiction and thriller novels, the American author Daniel Price has started to gain a lot of traction. Receiving a lot of popularity and acclaim in a relatively short amount of time, he has managed to build himself a fairly substantial and impressive reputation. Known for his ability in keeping the reader hooked throughout his novels, his keen eye for character is also turning heads.

Early and Personal Life

A native New Yorker, the writer to be Daniel Price was born in Manhattan, America, to immigrant Israeli parents. With a keen interest in writing and science-fiction from an early age, he has had his passion for the genre shaped by such factors as the original release of Star Wars. Focusing on his own love of writing he would harness his own love of both reading and writing throughout the following years to come.

This interest in all things science-fiction and fantasy would stay with him throughout his upbringing, constantly informing him and his work. Educating himself in the art-form he would continually be honing and refining his skills as an author, building upon his backlog of materials. With a strong imagination he was always highly adept at world-building too, creating large and expansive landscapes in his work.

Previously working in corporate marketing departments, he would manage the layout and work as a production-artist for a number of years. This allowed him to gain a far more visual and analytical eye, something which enabled his material to go into great depth. Living in a variety of different places over the course of his life, he would also gain a whole host of different experiences too, which would later go back into his work.

Currently still working to this very day he has a lot more to come from him yet as an author and science-fiction writer. Going through a whole host of different hurdles to get to where he currently is today, he has succeeded in achieving his dream of being a successful novelist. With a lot more to come, as he has a number of books planned on the horizon, he doesn’t show any signs of stopping anytime soon as his writing career carries on into the foreseeable future.

Writing Career

Bringing out his first novel back in 2004 he came out with his debut stand-alone title called ‘Slick’, which helped to introduce him to the literary scene. Whilst it wasn’t part of a series like his later work, it still heralded the arrival of a new writer and a highly distinctive voice. Despite him leaving a large gap between his first book and his next, he still managed to establish himself as a witty and intelligent author to watch.

It was later in 2014 that he started out on his ‘Silvers’ series of novels, as he started it off with ‘The Flight of the Silvers’. He quickly followed this up with the sequel ‘The Song of the Orphans’ in 2017, along with the third book ‘The War of the Givens’. These were all set firmly in the science-fiction mold, whilst holding a keen focus on character and personality as well.

His first ‘Silvers’ title was also to win an award nomination in 2014, whereby he received a nomination for the ‘Goodreads Choice Award for Best Science-Fiction Novel’ that year. Appreciated by both the critics and the general public alike, he’s managed to build himself a fairly impressive reputation within the industry. With his peers and many contemporaries singing his praises, he’s achieved a level of success that is both commercial as well as critical.

Attending a number of different events over the years too, he has also been highly invested in the science-fiction scene as well. Not just focused on this particular genre, though, he’s applied himself to a variety of different styles, with his now trademark wit staying intact throughout. Always looking for new perspectives too, he’s managed to harness a variety of different viewpoints and outlooks into his work too.

Living with his partner Nancy he still continues to write to this day from his home in Gilbert in Arizona, America. Bringing out more books on a continual basis, he currently lives with her family, which consists of her and her three children. With his writing career growing from strength-to-strength, he doesn’t plan on finishing yet, as he has a lot more titles planned for release still to follow.


Originally published in 2004 this was the very first novel to come from Daniel Price and, not only was it his debut, but it was also a stand-alone too. Setting up his style and his tone, it managed to introduce him to the reading public at large, despite there being a gap between this book and his next one. With a sense-of-humor to it, many people took his work, with its universal themes and global appeal that was appreciated by many.

Scott Singer understands the American media perfectly in all its intricacies, as it works its way across the nation. Working in public relations he’s adept at manipulating the news in favor of his clients, a job which he does extremely well despite what others think of him. That’s when a tragic school shooting occurs, one which the media decide to blame on the lyrics of up-and-coming rap star Hunta, as Scott then decides to take him on as a client. Will he be able to represent his new client to the best of his abilities? What public relations stunt does he have up his sleeve? Is he really slick?

The Flight of the Silvers

First brought out the ‘NAL’ publishing outlet, this was initially released on the 4th of February to much acclaim. Marking the first in the ongoing ‘Silvers’ series of books, it worked at heralding the return of Daniel Price as a writer after a long period away. Bringing in his love of science-fiction this time, it still retains a lot of his trademark wit from before, giving his long-term fans more of what they’ve come to expect.

Saved by mysterious strangers following the end of the world, the sisters Amanda and Hannah Given are taken to a new plane of existence. Warped into this strange new world, through bracelets, they lay witness to a place where the fabric of time and space itself is controlled through household appliances and restaurants float in the air. Meeting a cast of young outcast survivors just like them who were also rescued from their home-world, they now have to travel to find the one person who can save them all before it’s too late. Will they find what they’re looking for? Can they find a place to call home? What will become of the flight of the Silvers?

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