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Twentynine Palms (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fifty Mice (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Catalina Eddy in Three Decades (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Daniel Pyne is an American author whose legal name is Daniel John Pyne. He was born on June 29, 1955 to sculptor father Charles Joseph and mother Barbara Louise Pyne. Although his birthplace is Oak Park, Illinois; he spent his childhood in Colorado, resides in Los Angeles, and vacations in City of Santa Fe. He is married to Joan Elizabeth Cashel with whom they have a daughter named Katie Pine who is also a TV producer. His hobby is skiing.

Daniel Pyne, who studied at the Stanford University, has an economics degree. Pyne pursued his postgraduate education at the University of California, wherein he has a Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting. He has also lectured at the University of California. He has a screenwriting-related advisory role at the Sundance Institute.

A scriptwriter and TV producer, he is associated with various production houses. American TV producer William Sackheim influenced—and once partnered with—Pyne’s screenwriting career. His literary influences American author Chuck Kinder, Irish author James Joyce, American Raymond Thornton Chandler, English author Kate Atkinson, American author Ross Macdonald, and American author Patricia Highsmith.

He is represented by the Bauer Benedek Agency. He writes fictitious books, specializing in the thriller and mystery themes.

Book Series Written by Daniel Pyne

Daniel Pyne desired to write fiction while he was still a college student. Pyne’s motivations for writing books included: wanting to see their film adaptations, a desire to write movie-inspired books, discomfort when writing serialized TV episodes after being transitioned from one-off episodes, the freedom associated with book writing contrary to the inhibiting scriptwriting process, and his dissatisfaction of the unrecognizable interpretations of his screenplays.

His portofolio has both standalone novels and book series. His earliest standalone novel is titled Twentynine Palms whose earliest format is a 320-page ebook that Counterpoint LLC released on June 10, 2010. Its other formats include: a 320-page paperback edition, dated June 15, 2010, from Counterpoint LLC that also released another 229-page ebook on September 9, 2010; and a 288-page paperback edition that RedHowYouWant released on October 8, 2010.

Twentynine Palms is named after a Californian city, which is a refuge for womanizing Los Angeles resident Jack Baylor after a sex scandal involving the wife Hannah of his vengeful best friend-turned-pursuer Tory Geller—both men have an old grudge; things worsen when actor Baylor is fingered in the bloody disappearance of a next-door family whose mother he was romanticizing, but a teenage fugitive helps Baylor’s quest to redeem himself.

Daniel Pyne is also the writer of the Aubrey Sentro series whose first book is called Water Memory. All dated February 1, 2021; the formats include a 358-page Kindle edition, a 366-page paperback edition, and a 366-page hardcover edition from Thomas & Mercer; and an eleven-hour-long audiobook from Brilliance Audio.
Water Memory’s protagonist is covert female soldier Aubrey Sentro who must suppress her little-known traumatic brain injury so as to survive and rescue the crew of a merchant ship that is under a deadly pirate attack.

The second book in the Aubrey Sentro series is titled Vital Lies whose Kindle edition is slated for a February 2022 release. Thomas & Mercer is yet to release Vital Lies’s blurb.

Pyne’s standalone novel A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar was initially released on January 3, 2012. Its publisher Counterpoint also released: a 256-page paperback edition on January 17, 2012; a 304-page Kindle edition on February 1, 2012; and a 305-page ebook on February 25, 2013.

A Hole in the Ground Owned by a Liar is all about divorcee teacher Lee who is seeking to rekindle his love life while dealing with a psychological crisis and trying to revive a newly acquired old goldmine that has attracted shady prospecting Asians
Pyne has also written a novel titled Fifty Mice whose earliest formats are a 285-page hardcover edition and a 290-page Kindle edition, both dated December 30, 2014, from Blue Rider Press. There is another similarly dated format—an audiobook from Penguin Audio; a 304-page paperback edition, dated December 2015, from NAL; and a 2014 259-page Nook-ebook.

In Fifty Mice: protagonist Jay Johnson is forcefully given witness protection and, subsequently, memory suppression and an unwanted fresh start in a witnesses-filled neighborhood where he does not fit in; this prompts him to feign cluelessness concerning his eligibility for the protection, and his quest to rememorize or conjure up satisfactory excuses.

His book Catalina Eddy’s earliest formats include: a 480-page hardcover and 475-page Kindle editions that Blue Rider Press released on March 7, 2017; and an audiobook from Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Catalina Eddy is a synthesis of three major events: a cold war-era plot, fight against drug trafficking, and an avid crime scene investigator.
Daniel Pyne in Films and TV movies

Daniel Pyne has scripted, directed and produced many films and TV series since 1980s. For example, he scripted and directed the 1998 movie Where’s Marlowe?, and produced the 1999 drama Blood Money. Other notable content include scripting the 2002 film The Sum of All Fears, the 1991 film The Hard Way, the 1999 sporting drama Any Given Sunday, and the 2004 film The Manchurian Candidate. Notable TV series: he scripted the 1980s series Miami Vice and executive produced Bosch series.

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