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Daniel Sweren-Becker is a famous playwright, author, and television writer from Los Angeles, United States, who likes to write young adult and science fiction novels. His television career includes projects with some of the popular television channels such as Nickelodeon, ABC, MTV, and USA. Author Daniel has written a successful called Stress Positions, which has premiered at the SoHo Playhouse in New York. As an author, Daniel has penned a popular book series called The Ones. Author Daniel currently resides in Los Angeles, but he was born and raised in Manhattan, New York City, New York. He studied at the Wesleyan University and then attended the Tisch Arts School at the New York University. In addition to writing novels and plays, author Daniel tries to take out some time for himself. He always looks to reach out to the beach as many times as possible so as to enjoy the cool breeze and let go all the stress from his life. Daniel is very fond of ice cream sandwich. He wants to try each and every flavor available in Los Angeles. Apart from writing, author Daniel enjoys teaching creative writing at a community center in Los Angeles. In his book series, The Ones, he has described the chief characters as Cody and James. These two are depicted as the belonging to 1% population of America, who benefit from the experiments of genetic engineering. The other Ones like them also grow up to become healthy, talented, and beautiful, and excel in whatever field they choose to work. Author Daniel says that he once read a magazine article in which it was stated that there are different regulations and laws related to genetic engineering in different countries. This made him realize that a generation of people will rise very soon in the near future, who will have unique advantages and will be superior than most of the common people. This idea fascinated author Daniel and inspired him to develop the unique story of The Ones. The inspiration also helped him to come with the characters of James and Cody. Subsequently, author Daniel started dramatizing a version of how the developments might turn up. He believes that humanity is going to find it very difficult in figuring out the fairness issue. And this is the theme that author Daniel wants to explore in all his projects.

While writing the stories, Daniel was excited to describe how the technology will be affecting the humans on individual basis. Out of all the characters created by him in this series, Daniel likes the character of Cody the most. He has described her as having the unique ability of understanding the genetic engineering issue from both the sides. He felt a great challenge in trying to fit himself in Cody’s shoes. His idea was to provide a reasonable perspective so that she could be different from the other characters. There is a scene in the series’s first book in which there is a description of The List and the mention of The Ones in that list. This scene excited author Daniel a lot and now he feels very proud that the readers also liked it very much. As per Daniel, the specialty of this scene is that it indicates a moment guarenteeing the beginning of a wild ride, the one which no one knows where it is going to end up. It indicates that there is going to be a lot of twists and turns in the upcoming plots. After completing two successful books in the series, author Daniel is now busy writing the story of its third book, which he is expected to release very soon.

The Ones series written by Daniel Sweren-Becker is comprised of a total of 2 books, which were released between the years 2016 and 2017. Both the books of this series feature the lead characters in the form of Cody and James. The debut novel of the series is entitled ‘The Ones’. It was released by the Imprint publication in the year 2016. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Cody feels very proud to find out that she is a One. Later, she also finds out that her boyfriend named James was also a lucky baby like her belonging to the 1% of American population selected at random to receive the benefits of genetic engineering. And now, just like the other Ones, both of them are also excelling. They are beautiful, talented, and healthy. They are not otherworldly, but just perfect individuals. However, some people find it to be unfair to the others. A movement begins in the entire nation under the name of the The Equality Movement. This movement capitalizes on the growing jealousy and fear, and gains political attraction. They declare the existence of The Ones as unjust and unfair. Soon, the society starts showing the dark sides of The Ones and marginalizes them. As the line between the wrong and right begins to become blurred, Cody gets closer to a radical group comprising of those Ones, who show the intent of fighting back. On the other hand, James is not able to decide which side he should choose and fears that Cody might go too far for her cause.

The next book of the series is called ‘The Equals’. This book was released in 2017 by the Imprint publishers. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is depicted that the Ones are forced by the Equality Movement into camps for establishing equality. In a desperate attempt to save James, Cody runs away into the wilderness and becomes a part of a shadowy rebel group called New Weathermen. Cody asks this group to help ease out the situation as she knows that the group is dedicated towards equaling the Ones’s rights at all costs. However, as Cody moves into the deeper sections of the group, she realizes that the rebel group and its leader named Kai have their own secret plans, which seem far more dangerous that anyone could imagine. With their secret missions and plans the New Weathermen intend to change the course of the future of the Ones. Now, as the government continues to close in and James’ life hangs in the balance, Cody realizes that she must take action quickly. She must also decide what she is ready to lose in order to achieve what is right. Once again, the book was praised by the critics for its unique content and excellent depiction of characters.

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