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Publication Order of Philadelphia/Atlanta Books

The Daniel Vartanian series is a series of psychological thriller novels with an element of romance into it. This series is written by one of the renowned American authors named Karen Rose. The series is actually written in the form of a trilogy and the novels have been published between the years 2007 and 2009. Many critics believe that it is difficult to pin down the Daniel Vartanian series in a single genre as the books in this series feature a mix of psychological thriller set up along with a little it of romance. The main character, Daniel Vartanian, does not come to the fore very soon. He is actually depicted as a serial killer’s brother. This thing helps him sometimes as his foes tend to fear him due to his blood relation to a serial killer. However, it also lands him in troubles on several occasions as people begin to suspect him whenever a crime takes place in the city. The romantic suspense and psychological thriller set up of the series quite a perfect set up with the fictional character of Daniel Vartanian in the center of it. Daniel is shown as a Special Agent working for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. This character makes his appearance for the first time in the first book of the Philadelphia series written by author Karen Rose.

Daniel is not described as the lead character in this book, but he plays an important role in helping the main protagonist named Vito Ciccotelli. The story is basically set in Philadelphia and begins with the discovery of a dead body in a field, where Vito Ciccotelli was put on as a homicide detective. Vito does not feel like doing it all alone. So, he asks for the help of an archaeologist named Sophie Johannsen, after more and more dead bodies are discovered from a mass grave. Daniel Vartanian plays an essential role in helping Vito Ciccotelli to solve the case. The readers meet Daniel Vartanian for the second time in the next book of the series, which is actually the first book in the Atlanta series written by author Karen Rose. This book is called as ‘Scream for Me’. Overall, it was the 8th book written by author Karen Rose and was published in the year 2008. In this book, Daniel Vartanian is introduced as a Special Agent, who gets called to work on a series of homicide cases.

When he starts his investigation, he finds that all the cases handed over to him have a definite link to the past events in his life. After a while, he comes to know that the cases are actually related to his brother. This finding compels him to delve into the murky history of his own family in an attempt to try and get to the bottom of the homicide cases and find out the person actually responsible for all the murders. In the middle of all this, a nurse named Alex Fallen, whom Daniel seems to be attached to, appears in the cross-hairs of the killer. Therefore, it becomes extremely necessary for Daniel Vartanian to find and catch the killer before it is too late. Then in the last book of the series, Daniel once again is not depicted as the main character. Rather, it is his partner named Luke Papadopoulos, who is actually shown as the main hero in the third book. Luke gets involved in a murder case involving 5 children. But, while solving this case, he is required to do this by negotiating his true love feelings for the sister of partner named Susannah. This book actually depicts the dark side of the chat rooms taking on the internet.

The initial book in the Daniel Vartanian series was published under the title ‘Die For Me’. It was released by the Vision publication in the year 2007. The story is set in Philadelphia and New York in The United States and shows the primary characters as Tess Ciccotelli, Vito Ciccotelli, Sophie Johannsen, Papadopoulos, Susannah Vartanian, and Daniel Vartanian. At the start, it is shown that a dead body is found in a field in Philadelphia, in a snow-covered condition. When a few other bodies are found around the field in a similar fashion, Detective Vito Ciccotelli decides to take the help of the archeologist named Dr. Sophie Johannsen. He asks Dr. Sophie uses her expertise as an archaeologist and find out exactly what is buried under the frozen grounds of the field. Dr. Sophie had spent many years in archaeology and had unearthed a number of things from the ground that were buried for a long time. However, she had never seen anything like this in her entire life. She was shocked to see the precision with which the dead bodies were buried in the matrix of the graves dug under the ground. Dr. Sophie seems extremely haunted by the dead bodies that were buried in the matrix. However, she seems more terrified by seeing the empty graves, which meant that the killer was still out there looking for his next victims. The killer appeared to be a calculating and cold man with a deadly mind for twisted games. He does not seem to have any intention of stopping even after knowing that Detective Vito and Sophie were behind his trail. In the end, it is learned that the killer has decided to make Dr. Sophie as his next victim as finds her to be very near to resist and quite close for comfort.

The next novel in the series was released under the title ‘Scream For Me’. It was published by the Grand Central Publication in the year 2008. The setting of this book is done in Dutton and Atlanta, in Georgia, The United States. The central characters include Alex Fallon, Susannah Vartanian, Daniel Vartanian, Luke Papadopoulos, and a few others. As the novel begins, author Karen Rose has described Daniel Vartanian as a Special Agent. He seems to have sworn to find and a catch a perpetrator of several killings mimicking a 13 year old murder case. This perpetrator seems to have linked the murders to a photographic collection that belongs to Daniel’s brother named Simon. He was himself a brutal serial killer and had died in the previous novel. Daniel used to feel ashamed calling Simon his brother. He seems to be certain that someone more ruthless than his brother has committed the murders and appears to be quite determined to catch and solve the mysterious crime from the past. Daniel has a few images as his lead and with he help of it if he begins to look into the history of his family. His quest for some crucial clues draw him closer to Alex Fallon, a nurse troubled with her own past. As he gets even closer to Alex Fallon, Daniel learns that she is also an object of the brutal murderer. In the end, his fight becomes not only an attempt to catch the obsessed killer, but also to save the life of the lady whom he has just started to love.

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