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Danielle Bertoli is a writer who lives in New York. She works at an alternative high school as a director. The high school serves disadvantaged and at-risk youth.

She started her blog, Struck Inside Out, in 2013 to candidly share her thoughts and experiences with others. It’s Danielle’s passion to write about personal struggles to reassure others that they are not isolated in their difficult times.

She shares free meditations on Insight Timer to inspire people to connect to their authenticity so they can create a life they’re excited about. Too many people settle into jobs, relationships, and patterns that don’t fully serve them. They spend most of their time daydreaming about a different type of life, but don’t take the required steps to experience their dreams.

In Danielle’s first book, Struck Inside Out: Essays, Meditations, and Poetry to Help You Heal Heartbreak, Embrace Change, and Love Yourself, she shares bite-sized pieces of wisdom to encourage readers to take a chance on themselves and commit to cultivating an elevated existence. Through honest reflections on her own experiences in life and love, she creates a supportive space that allows readers to be themselves while motivating them to make changes where they need to. With journal prompts, recorded meditations, fill-in-the-blank mantras and affirmations, readers are emboldened to create a self-care practice that helps them return home to their hearts – the space where all of love exists.

Struck Inside Out doesn’t need to be read from front to back but can be opened at random to receive guidance and insight for the day. Each essay or poem is only one to three pages in length and can be absorbed throughout the smaller moments of your day, while drinking your morning coffee, taking a break at work, or in bed before going to sleep at night. It’s designed so that readers don’t need to be fully invested but can read at their own pace. Whether consumed in one sitting or spread throughout longer periods of reading, Struck Inside Out is a comfort book that lets readers know they are not alone, their challenges are shared with all of humanity, and they have the power to change their lives in any moment.

Danielle includes chapters with letters to the girls she’s been and the men she loved to provide a more descriptive narrative of the difficulties she’s faced and how she overcame them. Through sharing her history in a confessional writing style, she hopes that readers understand that the past isn’t something to weigh you down, but a story that can be changed depending on your perspective. Our pasts are in the past and no longer exist. It’s how you choose to see your past and what you decide to create in the present moment that shapes your reality and paves a brighter future.

It’s Danielle’s hope that her book heals people in the most comforting of ways so we can cultivate a kinder, more loving, and heart-centered world. It begins by looking within, releasing the chatter of our minds, and entering the expansiveness of our hearts for true change to occur.

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