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Publication Order of Hawker & Laidlaw Books

Black Rain / The Mayan Conspiracy (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Black Sun / Doomsday (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Eden Prophecy (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Hawker & Laidlaw” series written by author Graham Brown (who is best known for co-authoring some novels with author Clive Cussler) are from the thriller genre. The series began in the year 2010 with the release of the novel “Black Rain” (which was also released under the title of “The Mayan Conspiracy”). This novel was also Graham Brown’s debut novel in fiction.

It stars Hawker (who has no first name given and who used to be with the CIA and worked as a mercenary). There is also Danielle Laidlaw who is an NRI (which stands for National Research Institute) agent. Danielle is being mentored at the National Research Institute by another agent, who is named Arnold Moore. Both of these two are fields operatives that examine some cutting edge projects, and figure out what technologies that could be valuable to America.

At the National Research Institute, there are some interesting characters, too. Stuart Gibbs is the director of operations, he is quite paranoid. Gibbs runs things like a private club. He both does not trust and hates Arnold Moore. Chief of security, Matt Blundin, is one of Gibbs’ Boys; he is also the best there is at what he does.

“Black Rain” is the first novel in the “Hawker & Laidlaw” series and was released in the year 2010. National Research Institute agent Danielle Laidlaw is the head of an expedition into the deepest parts of the Amazon, trying to find a legendary Mayan city. She is protected by Hawker (who is a renowned mercenary) and helped by a renowned professor at a university. They journey into the rain forest, and they do not know that they have replaced another group that vanished a few weeks before. The treasure they are looking for is not just an artifact, but a breakthrough discovery that could change world forever.

They are being tailed by a ruthless billionaire, stalked by an unseen enemy that beats its victims before killing them, and threatened by an indigenous tribe that is no stranger to violence. This group is desperately seeking the connection that exists between the Mayan legend, the spooky secret that is buried deep in the ancient ruins, and the nomadic tribe that is hunting them.

Some found this to be compelling and hard for them to put down. Author Graham Brown is able to get into Hawker’s mind, as he analyzes what is going on and what the reasons likely are for this to be happening. Despite the thrilling nature and the pulse pounding action, these are great for leisure reading. Hawker is an interesting character, too; he is perceptive, intelligent, and has lateral thought processes. Fans of the novel like the way this showed the danger of being out in the jungle. It added a natural element that you feel the heroes may not make it out alright or even alive by the end of it. Brown is able to play with tension and drama, which helped the conclusion really pack a punch.

“Black Sun” is the second novel in the “Hawker & Laidlaw” series and was released in the year 2010. Deep in the middle of the Amazon, National Research Institute agent Danielle Laidlaw makes an amazing discovery. It is a pellucid Mayan stone that generates huge waves of energy, all the while it counts down toward the apocalyptic date of December 21, 2012. Somewhere in the world, there are three more just like this one.

What power is going to be unleashed if all four of the stones are brought together? Who was the madman that created them, and who is in possession of them now? She uses a cryptic Mayan map and a prophecy (that predicts the end of the world) Danielle and her team search for answers. One big and chilling question still remains: Were these artifacts supposed to destroy us entirely or save us?

The novel is well written and is another thoroughly enjoyable novel from an author that is showing some promise. He really knows how to write an action packed, roller coaster ride of a novel and a story that is full of excitement. Fans of the novel enjoy the way this one continues the story started in book one. Some cannot wait until they can read another adventure from this series. These are able to keep the pages turning and the interest up.

“The Eden Prophecy” is the third novel in the “Hawker & Laidlaw” series and was released in the year 2012. In the United Nations building, located in New York City, a United States Ambassador becomes affected with some kind of virus after he opens a threatening letter. In a Paris slum, a rogue geneticist is found tortured and defiled and dead. He left one last message, a plea for someone to help him. It was sent to an old friend of his and another outcast; an ex-CIA agent and ex-mercenary named Hawker. The legacy he leaves behind looks to be the fingerprints he left on the letter to the Ambassador.

Hawker wants revenge but tries to see the truth. He teams up with Laidlaw to find who the killers are and get the secrets his dead friend may have sold or lost.

It goes from the streets of Paris, to an auction underground in Beirut catacombs, to Iran’s merciless deserts. Hawker and Danielle find that they are hunting a cult leader not shy to murder. This killer has a scientific arsenal at hand that could take mankind to second Eden. Or unleash hell on Earth.

Fans of the novel found this to be another action packed read, and incorporated things from the bible, without getting preachy. Hawker and Laidlaw are compelling characters and Brown makes these hard to put down. Some found that the book reads like a movie, the events unfolding so vividly, you can actually picture things in your mind. Fans cannot wait until the next book from this series is released. Readers hope that the stories keep on coming from this wonderful series, and they will keep on reading them. They have been hooked since the first book, and continue to be. Some found that they have another author to read, and not just the books from that are from this series either.

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