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Danielle Pearl is American author of romance, fiction, and romance novels. She is also iBooks and Amazon bestselling author of the novel series, Something More. She lives in New Jersey with her loving husband and three children and a lifelong book aficionado who has been writing stories from childhood. The author attended Boston University before publishing her debut novel, Normal, the first book in Something More series.


Normal, the first book in Something More Series is narrated from Aurora commonly known as Rory POV. The story kicks off as Rory relocates to New York with her mother and her parents’ divorce. The story focuses on the need to “blend in” and also the “need not to be seen.” but that is easier said than done because she soon experiences a panic attack after class that’s witnessed by the famous and charming Sam. They both catch each other attention and eventually form a strong friendship bond.

The narrative flashes back to Rory’s old life in Florida. It is through this flashback that Rory’s past is slowly unfolded from her friendship with Cam to her love affair with the star quarterback. The story also touches on Rory’s lack of a good relationship with her father to create a new friendship with girls. These flashbacks appear almost throughout the entire novel, and so it might take the reader some time to piece the puzzle of Rory’s past trauma together, although the flashback shouldn’t take an average reader long to figure out as they unfold.

Throughout the story, you get to see Rory mature a lot and her friendship with Sam grows deeper. Sam helps Rory to overcome her triggers, and he becomes someone she can seek help from. Even though as a reader is easy to see that Sam and Rory are attracted to each other, for Rory, it’s almost impossible for her to believe that someone would love a person with broken parts like hers.

The flashbacks Danielle Pearls adds in the first book in Something More series are heartbreaking. It’s sad to “witness” Rory’s troubled life and read how helpless she is. While she continues to see herself as a person, who’s broken, as a reader, you’ll see her as a true survivor.

In general, we can refer to Normal as a story with two sides, from the sweet friendship Rory shares with Sam despite their not so smooth road to friendship to the darkness that comes from Rory’s past. Danielle treats us to a complex but a perfectly knit story of hope. Rory is still broken same as from her past, but it is the encounter with Sam that makes the story a magical one.


The second book in Something More series by Danielle Pearl picks up where the series debut, Normal left off. After the horrors of her past life, Aurora never expected to stumble upon one thing she never anticipated-love. However after finding out that her past only left her a lethal liability to the only person she cares and she finally learns that for her and Sam, loving someone means letting go.

Can both Sam and Rory hopeless in love go back to just being friends? Neither Sam nor Rory knows for sure, but the only thing they know for sure is that it’s the only last choice they have. As Aurora recovers from a ruinous assault, Sam will do whatever it takes to make sure that the attack never happens again. However, how far can Sam go to keep the woman he loves safe? Their choices will ultimately change everything and either the options will bring them back together or eventually destroy them forever.

In Ruins

In Ruins is the third novel in Something More series by Danielle Pearl. Starting over at campus can be hard, but starting over while at the same time trying to avoid your ex-lover is impossible. In Ruins is a story of Tucker and Carleigh who were good friends years ago and decided to move their friendship to the next level.

However, the moment they became more than just friends everything changed. The loved each other fierce, but when a dark secret about Carleigh was finally revealed, it changed everything- ruined everything and they went separate ways. That’s until the summer time was over and campus time came around. Now the two former lovers Carl and Tucker are just trying to keep their cool and let the memories of their love fade away so that they can each forget how they loved each other and focused on their studies.

In Ruins isn’t your average campus romance. Danielle Pearl’s writing takes the reader on an emotional journey of two people who loved each other deeply but were torn apart by dark secrets from their past. While it’s easy to figure out such romance stories, have been told countless of times by different authors, what makes Danielle’s book stand out from the crowd is how she writes the emotions each of the main characters goes through. The story is narrated in such a way that it connects with the readers and makes them feel the emotions of the main characters.

Carl and Tucker is something that’s not forgotten, and it’s something that the reader already knows about. The narration jumps from the past to present and through this the reader gets to know how the character started in childhood, and how they are again starting over now.

The present narration of the story incorporates a more profound message that any reader will genuinely appreciate. The characters work on a college project that leads them to talk about the campus culture, rape. This makes In Ruins stand out as it handles real-life problems and emotions that any campus lovebirds would encounter. The author wrote the transition of Carl and Tucker friendship into love in a unique way, and it’s easy to capture the sense of budding romance and the excitement it brings.

Overall, In Ruins, it’s a story about distrust, lies, pain, deceit, selfishness, secrets and how these factors can send a relationship into ruins.

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