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Broken Silence (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vanishing Point (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blind Alley (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Reckoning (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Puppet Maker (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Perfect Husband (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
My Best Friend's Secret (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Wife (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

A proud Scot who resides in a small seaside town, Danielle Ramsay is a well-established author, who has penned down several highly entertaining book series. Ever since she was young, Danielle Ramsay has always been a storyteller. However, it was after completing her accidental academic lecturing career, that she turned to writing full time.

Danielle Ramsay Best Books

Broken Silence is one of the best performing and brilliantly written books by Danielle Ramsay. The book begins on one early chilling November morning in the seaside resort of Whitley Bay, when a body of an exceedingly young girl is found. The body of the young girl is found a few meters from her home. Her body had been mutilated beyond recognition. Detective Inspector Jack Brady has just returned to active duty, after fully recovering from a shooting incident, which almost claimed his life. Apart from dealing with life threatening situations, Detective Inspector, Jack Brady is also struggling to deal with his marriage and his tortured past as well. It does not take long before Jack Brady’s problems escalate. Jack’s colleague, one James Mathew admitted that he was with the victim the night that she was murdered.

The clean cut, Detective Sargent, Harry Conrad and the exceedingly attractive and respected police psychologist, Amelia Jenkins are ordered to work alongside Jack Brady on this highly disturbing case. However, the case ends up becoming highly compromised when the protagonist, Jack Brady discovers that Detective Mathews is undoubtedly holding something back from the investigations, something that could be exceedingly vital in the investigations. As Jack Brady delves deeper and deeper into the life of the victim, he comes to the realization that the three individuals who were supposed to protect the girl were the main suspects in the investigation; a police detective, her stepfather and her teacher. Brady eventually finds himself untying a metaphorical thread, which eventually makes him re-evaluate the seemingly blameless life of the victim and Mathew’s motivation as well.

With that said, what makes this book stand out from all the other crime novels is the characterization. While the story has a murder mystery aspect, the book lays its focus on the protagonist, as he goes on with his day-to-day life struggles. Broken Silence is set in a time when Brady does not think highly of himself, something that made a majority of the women attracted to him. In this book, the author gives an exceedingly personal insight into the mental state of Brady after he separated from Claudia, his wife. At this point, Brady is at an exceedingly dangerous point in his life. Apart from being self-aware, Brady is also aware of the fact that things have gotten exceedingly bad. While Brady’s personal life suffers, his career suffers as well. Cheating on his wife with another police officer has set entire police department ablaze with gossip.

To make things worse, Jack Brady suspects that his longtime friend and a fellow detective is somewhat involved with the case. Overall this is an excellent book, that ends with the protagonist solving the murder mystery. It has an exceedingly satisfying end, because all the loose ends were all tied up. Vanishing Point is another exceedingly dark tale in the Inspector Jack Brady book series. Just like the first book, Vanishing Point has been set in Whitley Bay, am exceedingly small seaside town. In this book, the body of an exceedingly young girl has been washed ashore, just a few meters from where Simeone had been found half dead. So as to establish the identity of the young girl, Inspector Brady has first to find the young girl’s head. The discovery of the body of a young girl is much more than what a small police branch should be handling. Sex trafficking has found its way to the North, and to make matters worse right on Jack Brady’s doorstep.

As if this was not complicated enough, Jimmy Mathews, an ex-police officer, and Jack’s old friend is threatening Jack from Prison. Jack, on the other hand, is exceedingly worried about Nick, his younger brother who he believes that he might be caught up in the midst of unsavory business dealings. In Vanishing Point, the author, Danielle Ramsay paints a picture of a local police station that is working together in the midst of the District Commissioner’s attempted murder. Each of the members who works for the police force shows their loyalty by being more than eager to solve the case. With that said, Vanishing Point is exceedingly darker that Danielle Ramsay’s first installment in the Inspector Jack Bradley book series. This book gives a comprehensive look at how sordid crime can be. If you are an ardent fan of psychological thriller, then you will be intrigued by the dark edges around Jack Brady’s cases.

In this book, the reader can learn about the personal histories of the protagonist, Jack Brady, and Nick, his brother as well as the local crime boss, Madley, who happens to be Nick’s friend. Apart from coming from a poverty driven estate, Jack, his brother, and Madley also grew up together. It is exceedingly true that the three looked after each other when they were growing up, and this is definitely the point where friendship and strong bonds come from. Jack Brady is a man who is obsessed with his work. Apart from being a workaholic, Brady is also an impulsive and compulsive man, who has an exceedingly crapy relationship history and also has a history of fractured personal relationships as well. Brady not only has an issue with the authority but he also has an issue with anyone who sympathizes with authority.

From time to time, Brady’s falling out with authority eventually lands him in trouble. All in all, just like Broken Silence, Vanishing Point has been well written and well structured as well. The chapters are not only short, but each chapter tends to end with a cliffhanger moment. By doing this the author, Danielle Ramsay can make the reader read more and more. Due to the author’s outstanding creativity, the reader will be hooked from the first page to the last. Ramsay’s style of writing shows that she has confidence in her work and from the look of things this is something that the reader should expect from the reader. Vanishing Point is full of twists and turns as well as red herrings, making it a chef-d’oeuvre.

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  1. broken bodie: 3 weeks ago

    Broken silence was a fantastic book, at the end of the book there were four chapters of a book called Broken Bodies, I have tried every where to get it with no joy would love to know where I can get it.

    • Graeme: 3 weeks ago

      The book title changed prior to release. It’s known as “Vanishing Point”, listed above.


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