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Danielle Trussoni is a published American author that has written novellas, fiction novels, and nonfiction books! She was a writer on the 2016 short The Hodag.

Born in Wisconsin in 1973, Trussoni attended the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She graduated and earned her Bachelors degree in English and History in 1996. She also attended the official Iowa Writers’ Workshop and graduated from there with her M.F.A. in 2002. She lives in New York and is married to a French film maker.

Trussoni has had her work published in a variety of places. It has popped up in such publications as Telegraph Magazine, New York Times Magazine (and Book Review), Tin House, and more.

Danielle Trussoni is the creator and the author of the Angel fictional series of novels. The first novel in this book was released for readers to enjoy in 2010. Angelology is currently in development for a media adaptation. The second book in this series came out three years later in 2013.

Angelology is the first novel in the Angel series by author Danielle Trussoni and it is also a best seller. This is an epic fantasy story that focuses on an old war that has come back to life in modern times between the darkest creatures in heaven and a society that long has been hidden.

All that Sister Evangeline knows is that she was young, only a girl back in the day when it turned out that her father was trusting her to join a New York order of sisters in upstate. Now she is 23 years old and she has found something quite unexpected.

It is a letter from 1943 and it was written by Abigail Rockefeller, the famed philanthropist. It was written to the St. Rose Convent’s mother superior, and the discovery of this item will plunge her into a history of secrecy that may go back up to 1000 years.

It involves an old conflict that has been going on between two different groups for a long time. These would be the angel and human descendants known as the Nephilim and the ‘Society of Angelologists’. These letters are guarding secrets and the Nephilim would like nothing more to get their hands on them. They were once powerful too and they want to keep on perpetuating war as well as subverting any good that they see in humanity while also dominating humankind.

Those that study angels have done so for years, many of these going back for generations. They have devoted the whole of their lives to trying to trying to stop the angels. Now their mission is one that Evangeline may join and may always have been destined to do so.

The mission will reach to the Hudson’s bucolic abbey to the top of the very top of insular and filthy heights of New York wealth and take the angelologists to Bulgarian mountains and Paris’s Montparnasse cemetery.

Full of history and characters that are mesmerizing, this is a debut fictional book that you will want to check out! If you love angels or anything involving the concept of heaven and Earth.

The book blends the lore of the Bible and so much more, so if you are interested in checking out a riveting story of regular people that somehow get involved in one of the biggest fights of the planet, this is the story for you!

Pick up a copy for yourself where the world’s fate is determined by a battle that may just send humanity into heaven or a horrible version of hell and see what other readers are raving about– and what made this book a best seller!

Angelopolis is the second novel in Trussoni’s Angel series. Full of biblical lore and myth as well as a touch of the work of Milton and an Orpehus myth, this is a story set in the world of Earth that brings all types of angels and supernatural creatures into it.

The idea of the divine supernatural is in full force here. Whether Earth is ready to take on a huge battle between two ancient forces still remains to be seen. This story took two loners and told about their tale. Evangeline was a young lady and a nun as well, beautiful and curious.

V.A. Verlaine was an art historian and together they get dragged into a battle that has been going for a thousand years. What will happen when a society that is totally secret and the enemies of mankind in hybrids of humans and angels clash?

They are about to find out as humanity decides to take on the Nephilim. It has been about ten years since the historian had seen Evangeline alight in front of his very eyes from a bridge and the wings that he witnessed caused a betrayal that is still haunting him.

Now the Nephilim are rising once more and they want to do everything that they can to make a paradise of their own. They will call is the Angelopolis, and they are also being pursue. Verlaine has embraced his calling to be a hunter of angels and now he is tracking them down without hesitation.

The one thing that throws him off is the materialization of Evangeline. Verlaine is starting to take on doubts that are starting to grow because he knows that there are strong forces out there. Maybe even stronger than the Nephilim.

Now they are being called to Europe, all the way from the city of Paris all the way to the city of Saint Petersburg. From Siberia all the way to the coast of the Black Sea, this is a story of liberation and taking on a fight. It’s also about divine supernatural beings, divine warfare, and treasure seeking.

This is a story that combines lore as well as real places and history for a unique second installment that you must check out! From the imperial past of Russia to modern genetics and the visits of archangel Gabriel, this is the beginning of a fresh tablet of myth and history that is going to keep you entertained and enthralled!

Pick up a copy for yourself and read to the end to find out what happens!

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