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Publication Order of Danny Black Books

Danny Black Series
The Danny Black series’ author is Chris Ryan (1961—). A County Durham native whose legal name is Colin Armstrong, Chris is a TV personality and formerly served in the Special Air Service, where he was commended for his heroism. Security adviser Chris schooled at Hookergate School prior to his 1984 recruitment in the British Army, then aged fifteen.

The military medalist’s works are fictionalized accounts of his military service, particularly the Gulf War-era, where his Bravo Zero Two reconnaissance teammates—including the surviving pseudonymous authors Andy McNab and Mike Coburn—died in action or became war prisoners. Former military instructor Chris’s niches include adventurous juvenile literature and military thrillers; he has also published a romance book using his late sister’s name Molly Jackson.

Books in the Danny Black series
Chris, who debuted in 1995, has authored 13+ book series, notably the highly-rated Danny Black series, Alpha Force series, Agent 21 series, and Strike Back series. First dated August 1, 2013; Masters of War is the first book in Chris’s Danny Black series. The protagonist is Danny Black, a SAS operative who is involved in Britain’s covert operations in Syria, where there is an ongoing civil war and foreign interference by various European countries—including pro-government Russia to French-backed and Britain-backed rebels. Specifically, Britain’s manipulative military intelligence unit MI6 wants Danny to leave his post in Afghanistan to accompany and protect a Syria-bound mediator seeking to conciliate hostile rebels, one of which is loyal to—and whose fighters are trained by—Britain. However, Danny’s sojourn in Syria is disastrous and treacherous, but he gets an insider’s view of the most-influential warmongers.
Initially released on August 28, 2014; Hunter Killer is book two in his Danny Black series. Here, a inter-agency mandate prompts operative Danny Black—alongside a SAS teammate named Spud—to hunt and eliminate the terrorist behind a London bombing that has claimed many people. The terrorist’s trail constantly moves from England to the Middle East in a mission that implicates a radical imam and a royal Arabian playboy.

Originally dated May 21, 2015; Murder Team is book 2.5 in the Danny Black series. Teammate Spud was wounded in action in their Syrian mission—and was under Red Cross medics’ care when he disappeared –prompting Danny to personally go—through Eritrea, and assisted by his ex-military friend John Triggs—looking for him in the arid Horn of Africa, where he faces off with warlord Abu Bakr-led militia.

Initially dated July 28, 2015; Hellfire is third in the Danny Black series. Danny Black-led SAS operatives are mandated to: track and eliminate bioterrorists associated with the Islamic State (IS) and Nigerian Islamists; conduct search-and-rescue missions for kidnapped envoys; and unmask a British Islamist nicknamed Caliph (alias Hassan alias Youtuber Dubz-Manuva whose legal name is James Wilson) whom the IS, to harden him, ordered to execute his compatriot—a humanitarian worker named Allan MacMillan—for allegedly spying for the West.

First dated July 26, 2016; Bad Soldier is fourth book in the serialized Danny Black. The SAS operative (now baby Rose’s father) is tracking down and intercepting—using any means—Islamists who are attempting, disguised as immigrants, to sail to Europe where they intend to commit a Christmastime attack. Danny—alongside rescued operative Spud—is also mandated to penetrate the IS and neutralize the Iraqi ringleader.

First dated August 10, 2017; Warlord is fifth in the Danny Black series. After CIA’s invitation, the Danny-led SAS intervene in the genocide-style organized crimes of Mexican mafias; including neutralizing the infamous Los Zetas outfit that comprises of rogue Mexican ex-elite soldiers led by a red beret tattooed” Z1” who likes recruiting hijacked travelers after pairing and forcing them into fight to the death matches.

First dated August 23, 2018; Head Hunters is sixth in the Danny Black series. Danny Black is in Afghanistan battling Taliban insurgents while avoiding his long-time superior rival, a murderous military policeman called Tony Wiseman who frames him for a false war crime; the allegation—killing a whole family abroad—prompts Danny to flee while trying to exonerate himself.

Initially dated August 23, 2018; Black Ops¬ is seventh in the Danny Black series. Danny Black is hunting a seemingly rogue Muslim operative named Ibrahim Khan—trained by, and loyal to, the MI6 agency—whom the SAS suspect is behind its three slain members (one Filipino soldier was strangled in Dubai, near a construction site; another soldier called Liam Armitage, doubling as a businessman’s bodyguard, was assassinated in his Ghanaian hotel room; and another soldier, posing as a guitarist, died in Florida). Suspiciously, the killed soldiers trained Khan—he then infiltrated the IS—whom Danny follows from Syria to the Wales.

First dated November 26, 2020; Zero 22 is book eight in Chris’s Danny Black series. The book’s title “Zero 22” is borrowed from the fictitious codename of a SAS squad deployed in Syria. Its plot bears semblance to the early 1991 fate of the real-life Bravo Two Zero, where—Chris heroically and solely fled from Iraq to Syria, while his other seven teammates were nabbed or assassinated—the fictionalized Danny flees from enemy forces that eliminates his colleagues. Now, assassin Danny—alongside American general— is misled while foiling a U.S. terrorist attack and hunting the person who facilitated his teammates’ deaths in an ambush perpetrated by Russia-affiliated militia.

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In James Deegan’s January 2018 book Once A Pilgrim—first book in his John Carr series—the protagonist is John Carr, an ex-SAS officer-turned-defense contractor for Russians, who is faced with a vengeful assassin.

In James Deegan’s January 2019 book The Angry Sea—second book in his John Carr series—the holidaying John Carr witnesses—and teams up with other ex-SAS to hunt those behind— a deadly terrorist attack at a British beach, culminating in the kidnaping of a first family member.

Andy McNab’s January 1997 book Remote Control—first book in his Nick Stone series—features ex-SAS operative Nick Stone who is protecting American baby Kelly Brown, the only survivor in his one-time teammate Kev Brown’s family murders associated with a conspiracy.

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