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Danya Kukafka is an author of fiction. She graduated from Gallatin School.

Danya Kukafka first became an officially published author with the release of her novel, which is titled Girl In Snow. She also works at Riverhead Books in the position of assistant editor. The novel was published on August 1, 2017 by Simon & Schuster.

Danya Kukafka is the celebrated author of the novel Girl In Snow. This novel takes on the concept of who you are when you think that no one else is watching you– the truest form of yourself. The person that you don’t let people see. Then again, sometimes the mask does slip or people find out things about the past that were supposed to stay hidden.

If you really enjoy dark thrillers that deal with small town tragedies that shake up the silt and river bed in an otherwise usually quiet river, you may really be into this book. Any fans of the television show Twin Peaks may be really into this book as well as there are some parallels. This addicting story will have you turning page after page as quick as you can to find out what happens next.

Lucinda Hayes is a high schooler that has been found dead. Worst of all, it seems like all signs are pointing to murder over anything else. The quiet Colorado area is woken up by the happening of an event that they never would have thought would have happened to them or anyone they know.

Lucinda was the golden girl of a town that didn’t have a whole lot to boast about. She was young and beautiful and going to high school and just being a normal teenager. Now her mysterious death is giving the town a different reason to talk about her.

Many people are very upset over her death. Everyone in this small sleepy Colorado town knew each other pretty well. There do happen to be a few people that seem to be particularly affected by the loss. There is the young kid who had a crush on her and loved her some would say from afar– and passionately.

There’s the young girl that wanted to be just like her and was obsessed with what she believed to be an ideal life. Racked with jealousy over all the luck that this girl had enjoyed, she is also a suspect. Then again, there’s also the cop that’s looking into her death.

Lucinda was found on a carousel on a playground and was just a freshman in high school. Her murder is rocking everyone’s world. Once she is found, it does not take long for everyone to start accusing each other of things. The tragic passing of this beloved small town girl is bringing out the worst in everyone and may end up pulling three people out from in the shadows.

Cameron is particularly upset because he was in love with this girl that was one of the most promising young girls in town. Cameron Whitley still has feelings for her even if she is gone and even if they never said more than two words to each other in their life. People may say that he was her stalker and obsessed with her, but he would say that he was drawn to her.

It may be Cameron that knows this girl and her true personality more than anyone else would have cause to. Her death is the singular worst thing that could have ever happened in Cameron’s life and he would give his own up to save her if it would help. He starts acting really weirdly after she dies because he’s come untethered a bit by the whole thing.

It’s a huge shock to his system, but his behavior only gives the town further reason to have suspicions that he was the one who did it. It’s an easy answer, but is it a truthful one? It could just as easily be Jade, a girl that hated Lucinda with a burning passion.

Jade used to have a great gig babysitting. She used to have a best friend. Thanks to Lucinda, both were taken away from her. The worst part is that Lucinda didn’t even seem to notice or care about the damage that she had caused. So Jade has a motive for killing her as well.

There’s also the matter of Russ Fletcher, the officer that had no connection to the dead girl in real life. He knows who everyone is talking about, but did Cameron really kill her? He’s the son of his former partner as well, complicating things and dredging up matters of the past.

Read the book that people are saying that they cannot put down! Girl in Snow is an exciting debut from an author that has more to show her audience. This book explores the line between caring and obsession, and whether we always recall events the way that they happened. What happens when a town that thinks it’s quiet in a good way goes from no murders to dealing with one out of nowhere?

The characters in this novel must deal with the past and try to make their way to peace. Can they do it and come to grips with what has happened in their pasts, or will they find that the energetic pull of days gone past is more appealing than the future? Can they figure out who killed this girl as well or is that destined to go out of the window? It’s anyone’s guess in this exciting thriller.

What is the difference between seeing and watching? Find out in this powerful debut novel from Danya Kukafka. Check out the book that others are calling ‘highly recommended’ and ‘compulsively readable’.

This fantastic debut story is well worth a read, so go pick up this exceptional story and beautiful prose from this talented author at your local library or bookstore and turn the pages yourself to get all the way to the end and find out what happens! Girl In Snow is also in development for a project so keep your eyes out for an adaptation.

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