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Daphne Loveling is a romantic suspense and general romance fiction author from Iowa in the Midwest which is where she spent most of her childhood.

As a young adult, she began moving around looking for an adventure. At some point, she took the plunge and moved out of the United States and went on to live all over the globe.
She would ultimately go back to the Midwest and currently makes her home in Minnesota in the Great Lakes region with her gorgeous husband and their two adorable felines.

After she came back to the United States she got a job and got married. But Daphne Loveling had always felt that she was born to be an author.

At some point, the desire to become a published author became too strong and she quit her job to become a full-time author.

She published Fugitives MC her debut novel in 2014 and this would be the lifespring for the many novels she would later publish. She now has more than 35 novels to her name.
When she is not writing her novels, she can usually be found reading bad boy romances or anything that takes her fancy in romance. Daphne hopes to one day make enough money so that she can write on a sandy beach with sand between her toes.

Loveling used to write a lot when she was in her teenage years but she never thought she would ever become a published author even if she loved reading. For the most part, she always thought that the idea of becoming an author was nothing but fantasy.
The interesting thing about her writing journey was that her first-ever attempt at writing was a story she wrote collaborating with her best friend.

They had a notebook that they passed back and forth between themselves, taking turns to pen the chapters of their story which she found a lot of fun. Still, it was quite challenging dealing with the plot twists her friend used to throw at her.
Most of the time, she had to rack her brain and make something very imaginative and innovative to untangle a curveball that her friend often used to throw at her.

Loveling first considered herself a writer when she published her first novel on Amazon and felt an amazing rush when she found out that she had sold one copy the following day.
It was at that time that she realized that she maybe had it in her to become a professional author.

As for the inspiration, she has said that she got it from watching “Sons of Anarchy,” which led her to the reading of motorcycle club romances.

As a full-time author, Daphne Loveling has a lot of time on her hands and usually takes that time to engage in all manner of hobbies.

She is big on walking and likes to take long walks observing the people and the world around her. She also likes to travel to new places and try out new foods.
As for film and TV, she is a lover of shows such as “Doctor Who,” “Game of Thrones,” and “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

If she was not a writer and had money, she would probably travel forever. If not, she would probably go back to being a teacher or maybe go back to college to train and become a clinical psychologist.

Daphne Loveling’s novel “Ghost” is a thrilling romance fiction work that tells the story of a single mother named Jenna who is down on her luck. She was unlucky not to finish college and now finds herself sacked from her dead-end job.
There is nothing she can do but head back to her hometown where she believes her family could be of help. Her father happens to be the town’s mayor. He arranges for Jenna to get a cheap apartment since she will not move in with him.
The town is under the grip of a motorcycle club and her brother is the vice president. Since she cannot find any job, she is offered the position of bartender at the MC by her brother.

Jenna does not want to take the job as Ghost the man she had a one-night stand with five years earlier is one of the leading members of the club. She had never informed him that she had gotten pregnant and that he is now a father.
On his part, he had really enjoyed that night and has always desired to get back with him. However, he does not know how her brother would react to any relationship he has with her.

“Hawk” is the second novel of the “Lords of Carnage MC” series by Daphne Loveling.

The lead is a hard-core, raw, and sexy man named Kaden McCullough nicknamed Hawk. He is very loyal to his brothers of the Lords of Carnage MC but has some troubling unfinished business from his past.

Still, he works hard to ensure the success of his MC and that of his brothers. But things changed when he was at his brother’s wedding playing the guitar and locked eyes with Samantha Jennings.

The latter had moved to the small town of Tanner Springs at the request of her grandma just a few weeks after Sam broke up with his girlfriend. She works as a photographer and had been contracted to shoot the wedding between Cas and Jenna.
At the wedding, she had locked eyes with the tattooed, handsome, and masculine guitarist and could not control herself. She could not resist the intense attraction and knew that they were meant to be together.
It is a thrilling love story that is limpid, sexy, romantic, and mysterious with just the right amount of drama and angst.

Daphne Loveling’s novel “Brick” is another very interesting work of suspense romance that tells the story of Gavin Malone nicknamed Bric and Sydney Banner.

When Gavin lays eyes on Sydney Banner the new owner of the Tanner Springs coffee shop, he cannot help but be intrigued. She is a feisty and petite woman who inexplicably awakens his protective instincts.

He is very interested in her story, but she will not let anything slip about why she is starting over in the small town. When Tanner Springs is hit by a crime wave, he does everything to ensure Sydney and her business are safe.
On her part, Sydney had come to the small town on a quest to leave the past behind. She had been brought up by a professional gambler for a father and things had never been easy even if he always did his best.
Over the years, he had taught her many things that she used to survive when he was sick. When he passed on, she never expected that the professional world of gambling would spiral out of control.
She was ultimately forced to flee and leave that world behind.

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