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Publication Order of Daphne Martin Mystery Books

Murder Takes the Cake (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Pan (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killer Sweet Tooth (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Battered to Death (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killer Wedding Cake (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Everyone has fallen in love with Gayle Trent`s work. Gayle Trent is a successful author who has written about the famous cozy mysteries. The cozy mystery is a delicious series that involves crime solving. A lot of individuals who love reading have found this book to be worth a lot in life. In her series, Gayle Trent features a character by the name Daphne Martin. The series has been rated to five stars and those who have purchased the book have chosen to keep it safely in their bookshelves. The books give you knowledge about crime solving and how to deal with different mysteries. The series of intriguing mysteries portray family relations perfectly. The books are based on several thematic settings. The settings cover a wide range of teachings and topics. The teachings include family togetherness, checkered pasts, love and jealousy.

In the Cozy murder mystery, when the cruelest gossip goes away, suspicions are directed to Daphne Martin, the cake decorator. Daphne Martin opens a bakery in her hometown. Daphne thought of starting a simple and normal life after opening the bakery. She was dedicated to making money and living just like everyone else in her hometown. Little did she know what was in store! Daphne Martin finds is in a compromising situation. She had taken a spice cake as ordered and in the process she founds Yodel`s body. Now Daphne Martin has to struggle and clear her good name. She therefore has an obligation to assist in the investigations surrounding Yodel`s murder. However she is not lucky since everyone has a reason to doubt her. The people in Virginia, Daphne Martin`s hometown, wanted to kill Yodel. Daphne Martin`s family is one of those families that had always wanted to kill Yodel. This book gives a good example of how a cozy mystery should be. The setting contains some twists, interesting characters, and an amazing storyline.

Daphne Martin faces the worst in her life as the case becomes more complicated. She keeps telling the authority that she just delivered the cake but no one believes her. During a holiday party for the employees at Brea Ridge Pharmaceuticals, one-Fred Duncan died and several individuals fell ill. Fred`s mother is disturbed by the death of her son. Fred`s mother goes forth and insists that Daphne should help her discover the reason why her son died. Daphne is left wondering what could have made the people so sick. Daphne is compelled to research why everyone fell ill. Since the food had not yet been exonerated, she is determined to find the cause. The fact that Connie, Fred`s mother, blames Daphne Martin for Fred`s death adds a burden to the poor cake decorator. At the back of her mind, Daphne Martin is quite sure that it is not the cake that caused the sickness. She has questions crossing in her mind and she is wondering whether it was a set up or someone just had the intentions of ending Fred`s life. The lab results from the police were the only thing remaining to complete her suspicion on the factors that led to the illness. Other than plotting the mystery in this book, the author uses linguistic styles that are appealing to the readers. The writer splits the paragraphs each serving its role. The baking of the cake has been well explained and the writer goes further to educate us on the different methods of baking the cake. The characters have been organized so well and are quirky enough to make one believe in them. The information in the setting has been gathered in a relaxed manner thus making this mystery a success.

When the Brea Ridge police officers find Daphne Martin holding a big tooth brush over the dead body of a dentist, they conclude that sugar could be bad for the teeth, but sugar cannot cause death. Daphne is with Myra (an innocent patient who had come to visit the dentist ). Both of them are now in danger. Daphne Martin had moved back to her hometown in order to start a new life. She started a cake business but luck was not in her side. Life has changed, and now she has murder charges which have directly affected her cake business. Therefore, she must struggle tirelessly and prove her innocence. After going in for questioning in the police station, Daphne Martin goes back to her home. When she arrives, she finds Elvis Presley waiting for her in the driveway. Daphne Martin is confused at first and she even thinks that she is hallucinating. She realizes that she is not mistaken when Presley orders a cake for Elvis impersonators` convention. Though Daphne does not decline the order, Ben (a reporter-boyfriend of hers) suspects Elvis motives. Daphne has to find the killer as fast as she can before she finishes preparing the cake that was ordered by Elvis. If she doesn`t act fast, she could end up in jail. The crimes in this setting are surprising and well constructed. The writer does not forget to pass education on how to prepare a nice pudding, and a cake as well.

Daphne`s business has started to flourish. Her relationship with Ben, her high school boyfriend, is growing and life is starting to be sweet for her. Daphne has no idea that all these good things are about to be bad. John Richards, foul-mouthed TV star, has visited Brea Ridge, Virginia. The celebrity has come to the place for cake competition. Jordan is found drowning in batter that is bitter and has been bludgeoned with the long cake stand. Daphne is quite unlucky since the baked evidence points to her as the main suspect behind Richard`s tragedy. Daphne must make Ben win the competition and later discover the killer before another man gets killed. The mystery in this setting is decent. As you read the book, you begin to get the sense of the town since the elements have been combined in the best way possible.

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