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Publication Order of Darby McCormick Books

The Missing (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Friend (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dead Room (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Soul Collectors (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fear the Dark (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Every Three Hours (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Every Pretty Thing (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Snow Girls (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Darby McCormick series is one of the thriller novels created by the American novelist, Chris Mooney. This is a currently ongoing thriller series which started in 2007, when Chris began his CSI themed novels, the books feature the protagonist Darby McCormick doing her work in Boston, Massachusetts. The book is ideal not only for mystery-thriller book lovers, but will stimulate any reader into following clues and being absorbed into investigations, providing a pleasurable sensation of excitement in getting nearer by the minute to closing a case.

Darby McCormick Series

This thrilling novel is all about a woman protagonist, Darby McCormick, dealing with crime scenes and forensic investigations, working as a CSI for the Boston Police Department. The leading character herself has been an unfortunate victim in the past, witnessing a gruesome murder and by which she has gone through violent means to be silenced under the killer’s hands and yet she luckily survived the unlikely incident. This she courageously chose to face every day in her work in the light of helping find answers to unsolved cases and bring justice to victims who are crying out for it. The book The Missing was the first in this series, published in 2007 and has been translated for over twenty different countries, and has been chosen in the International Book of the Month Club as a main selection. It has then been followed by the second book, The Secret Friend, in the next year 2008, then by three other books as the third, fourth and fifth installments of the series released in 2009, 2010 and 2014 respectively. This is one among the great works of the author that has been described as compelling and beautifully written, thrilling, haunting and gripping that it will chill you to your bones and make your heart beat faster, Darby McCormick is a crime fiction series you would not want to miss out.

Chris Mooney

A great author considered as one of the best thriller writers in today’s modern times, whose writing passion developed back when he was still just a fifth-grader when he was inspired to write his first story, then during his college years was already working on his first book, and to date has emerged being an international creator of bestselling books, eight good-read novels including the renowned Killing House, Remembering Sarah and The Missing. The Killing House features a former FBI profiler Malcolm Fletcher who turned out as today’s most wanted runaway in hiding, the nation’s fugitive sought after by authorities. Remembering Sarah has granted the author nominations for both the Barry Award and Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America for Best Novel. The Missing, his fourth book, is the first in his Darby McCormick series which has proved an instant bestseller in various countries. Chris Mooney was born in Lynn, Massachusetts and has taught at the Harvard University on writing courses. He is residing now in Boston with his wife and son.

The Missing

The first book in a currently running novel series follows the protagonist Darby McCormick, a crime-scene investigator in the Boston Police Department and a chilling scene from her past. Way back in her high school years, about 25 years ago, she and some friends were unwilling witnesses to a murder in the woods, the exact place where they were partying over. Darby survived then, but it looks like the past will come back to haunt her when a somehow ordinary late-night abduction digs up strange leads to women being missing from the past to the present. An enigmatic psychopath nicknamed the Traveler seems to be the suspect in her trail of forensic clues. This will test Darby’s mettle in resolving the nightmare, the horror that they endured in the Traveler’s hands. Solving the case will mean she will have to come up with the courage to go face-to-face with the killer who is hell-bent in keeping the missing from ever surfacing to the light of day.

This book will be your first foray into the mind and workings of the Author Chris Mooney and his protagonist Darby McCormick. His expertise in the subject matter of crime-scene investigation is displayed in the first book of the series and was widely received and accepted into the mystery and thriller genre. Darby is first introduced and given a backstory and a breath of life, and her character is fleshed out and given dimension in the next succeeding books in the series. Given that it is a contemporary thriller, the pace and tempo are matched by the modern style of writing, which is fast and action-packed. Plenty of unexpected plot twists are provided and it does a great job of keeping you guessing and reading through the end. There may be plenty of crime fiction books, but maybe not as fast-paced and breathtaking as this first book by Chris Mooney.

The Secret Friend

The second book follows the main protagonist Darby McCormick as a special case is presented to her. Emma Hale, daughter of one of Boston’s most important and powerful men, goes missing, and the incident has been pegged down to kidnapping. Her body was found in the Charles River, floating a few months after. A full year later, another student named Judith Chen disappears the same way, and unfortunately, was found on the same river, dead. She may have to go against one of the FBI’s most wanted Malcolm Fletcher, who was a former profiler, when another student goes missing. Not everything is as it seems, and Darby has a hidden suspicion that Malcolm knows more than he is willing to impart, such as the identity of the killer and the connection between the students. Will she make it in time before the third student meets the same fate, dead and floating in the Charles River? Author Chris Mooney gives life to the second book and along with the heroine Darby he entertain his readers with his knack of storytelling and the trademark twist and turns in another action-packed and suspense-riddled thriller. Chris continues with his technical knowledge of the forensics and presents it to the readers ala CSI, the television series. It is, overall, an entertaining read without becoming bogged down with too much information in the microscopic world of modern crime investigation.

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