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A Simple Favor (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Something She's Not Telling Us (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
All I Want (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Woman of the Year (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Darcey Bell
Darcey Bell is a fiction writer best known for her debut novel, A Simple Favor. While A Simple Favor tale is straightforward, the storyline is intriguing, possibly explaining why this book was adapted into a movie. The Western Iowa author mostly writes about family drama and creates stories that are unique and outstanding. While she grew up on a dairy farm, Bell has embraced literature and takes comfort in churning captivating books. Darcel Bell also doubles up as a preschool teacher in Chicago where she writes from.

A Simple Favor
A simple Favor is the story of Stephanie, a young woman whose life is turned upside down thanks to a friend. Stephanie gets a request from her best friend, Emily, to pick her son after school. Stephanie gladly says yes, it’s not like it would inconvenience her in any way. After all, Stephanie’s son Miles and Emily’s son Nicky go to the same school, and the two five-year-old enjoy each other’s company. True to her word, Stephanie picks Nicky from school. The only problem is that Emily doesn’t show up to pick her son. At first, Stephanie thinks that Emily is just caught up at work, but when a few days pass, and Emily is still a no show, she gets worried. When Stephanie tries to reach out to her, Emily doesn’t answer her call or text back.
Stephanie is a single mother of one. She had been quite lonely since her husband died. It doesn’t help that Stephanie works from home, so her interaction with the rest of the world is limited. However, Stephanie has a blog where she interacts with like-minded parents looking for support in raising kids. Things change for the better when Emily enters her life. A sophisticated PR executive with a demanding job, Emily becomes Stephanie’s, and their friendship grows as their sons continue spending more time together. The two share a lot about their lives to the point that they are comfortable hanging out together.

When an investigation is launched, the police suggest it’s possible that Emily left Nicky behind. Stephanie doesn’t believe that story one bit. She knows all too well how much Emily loves her son. Confused and heartbroken, Stephanie reaches out to her readers through her blog for help. She also contacts Emily’s husband, Sean, who offers moral support amidst all that is going on. The funny thing is that Sean has no idea who Emily is. It seems like there are things Emily was keeping from her best friend. Stephanie is heartbroken when the news break that Emily is dead. Emily’s death also reveals secrets that leave Stephanie and other people in Emily’s life more than baffled.

A simple Favor is the story of love and betrayal, loyalty and friendship, secrets and murder, and everything in between. Join Stephanie on this crazy ride where unexpected events happen, and the mysteries surrounding them stay hidden until the end. If you are looking for a bizarre story that will draw you in from the first page, A Simple Favor is a perfect choice. Enjoy the relentless pace, interesting characters, and a thick plot with numerous twists and turns.

Something She’s Not Telling Us
Something She’s Not Telling Us features Charlotte, a woman who seems like she has it all. From a doting husband to a thriving business, Charlotte is one lucky lady. The only cloud in her otherwise perfect life is her mother, but fortunately, the two live miles apart, so there are minimal is chances of them interacting. For now, Charlotte enjoys her experience running a successful business and going home to her husband and a lovely daughter.
Charlotte has a brother, Rocco, who has always had bad taste in women. Every woman Rocco drags home has serious issues, which is understandable given the fact that he is a recovering alcoholic. However, his latest catch might be the one. Charlotte and her family hope that the current relationship will lead to something serious. Charlotte and her brother’s girlfriend Ruth get along fine. Ruth seems to like Charlotte’s Daisy a lot, which is not a bad thing. However, as the two lovebirds get more serious, Charlotte notices that Ruth is obsessed with Daisy. When Daisy is kidnapped, Charlotte does not doubt that Ruth is the person behind her daughter’s disappearance.

Ruth has endured a life of lack for so long. However, the tides seem to be turning in her favor as Ruth is just about to start a new and stable job. There is also her boyfriend Rocco, and a chance to enjoy a family that comes complete with an adorable niece. It has not escaped Ruth’s eye that Charlotte is somehow cold to her. At times, her attempt to establish a relationship with Charlotte is met with hostility. It is Charlotte’s overprotectiveness where Daisy is concerned that sets alarms in Ruth’s mind. Ruth is worried that Rocco’s sister is hiding something, and she plots an outing so that she can get a chance to know the truth. What is Charlotte’s big secret? How will Rocco react when Charlotte tells him that she suspects that Ruth is Daisy’s kidnapper?

Ruth’s and Daisy’s outing sets in motion a chilling journey where the two women go down a rabbit hole that is deeper than they anticipated. Secrets are revealed, and a future that looked promising is completely shattered. This story is told in both Charlotte’s and Ruth’s voices, which helps keep it balanced. The author uses alternating timelines with the story starting from the day Daisy is kidnapping. The following chapter takes the reader back in time and gives more details about this family’s history. Here is a chance to meet Charlotte and her family and discover secrets they have been hiding for generations.
If you are looking for a thriller centered on family, Something She’s Not Telling Us is a perfect choice. The story is intriguing, and the characters are diverse and exciting. The drama is Charlotte’s family is epic, and the author has done a great job of building the tension up to the last page.

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