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Publication Order of Dare River Books

Country Heaven (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Chocolate Garden (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fireflies and Magnolias (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Promise of Rainbows (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fountain of Infinite Wishes (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Patchwork Quilt of Happiness (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Dare River book series is an exciting series of romance, contemporary romance, and sensuous stories. It is comprised of 6 books in total released between 2014 and 2018. The series is written by a former chef and internationally acclaimed author named Ava Miles. In each of the books of this series, Ava Miles has described different lead characters, who are shown indulging in passionate love affairs and romancing their ways through different difficulties of life. Ava Miles has done the settings of each story in a fictional town known as Dare River. It is located just outside Nashville, Tennessee, and is believed to be a place the settlers dare to cross. The town boasts songwriters, country music stars, and other folks. The people of Dare River give high importance to their families. Another thing that they give more importance is the matters of heart. A very reputable family of the town is the Hollins family. This family is torn apart by the rising stardom of their son in country music. As the series progresses further, the Hollins come together to and get reunited to live happily afterwards. Ava Miles has created a number of exciting characters for the series. Some very important ones include Rye Crenshaw, Tory Simmons, Tammy Hollins, John Parker McGuiness, Amelia Ann Holins, Clayton Chandler, Jake Lassiter, Susannah McGuiness, Shelby McGuiness, Vander Montgomery, Riley Thomson, Sadie McGuiness, and several others. The books fared very well in the international market. Each of them sold numerous printed copies to readers from all parts of the globe. Ava Miles is hopeful of coming up with a few more titles in this series in the years to come.

Ava Miles is renowned for writing chick lit, romance, and contemporary stories. She is particularly famous for writing the Dare River, Dare Valley, Once Upon A Dare, Love Letters, Dare Valley Meets Paris series, etc. In her books, Ava likes to give the powerful messages of magic, mystery, and healing. The Publisher’s Weekly and USA Today have praised Ava’s fiction & nonfiction works. Several of her novels have been selected by the World Magazine of Women for its book clubs. One book in particular, Nora Roberts Land, has been chosen by Southwest Airlines for in-flight entertainment. Many of Ava’s books have been top picks and best books, and have been translated into numerous foreign languages. Ava Miles likes to think that she is a divine rockstar. Deep down in her heart, she believes the same about everyone. Ava has expressed joy and love in a unique way. She believes her special gift of writing stories with motivating messages, intuitive healing, and inspiration, helps the readers in uncovering their authentic inner selves.

Besides writing stories, Ava Miles likes to get involved in creating masterpieces through sculptures and pottery. There is also the hobby of cooking, which is an integral part of her life as she is a former chef. Ava Miles has dedicated her entire life to helping in the upliftment of others. In another sense, she has become a global awakener. Prior to taking up writing as a career, Ava was involved in rebuilding of war zones in places like Columbia, Gaza, Lebanon, Congo, and Pakistan. She always attempts to help foster peace in communities. Now, Ava is doing the same work through her stories of forgiveness, empowerment, and love. She is happy to know that her efforts have helped change lives. Ava likes to mention the inspiration behind her work as the popular stories of authors like Nora Roberts, Iris Johansen, Judith McNaught, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, etc. Over the years of her career, Ava has managed to get in list of favorite authors of millions of readers. Her funny and emotional stories have brought her a large fan-following. She likes to give the credit of her success to the tremendous amount of support and faith shown by her supports in her work.

The debut book of the Dare River series written by Ava Miles is entitled ‘Country Heaven’. It features Tory Simmons and Rye Crenshaw in lead roles. The Ava Miles, Inc. published this book in 2014. Rye Crenshaw is introduced into the plot as an infamous country singer. When he enters into the restaurant where Tory Simmons works as a chef, she looks certain that she had gotten Rye pegged. Rye Crenshaw is known to indulge in all sorts of things, including women. Tory seems to have no interest in arrogant men or country music. But, when she is given the offer of being the private chef of Rye Crenshaw on his concert tours by the man himself, he could not refuse. Rye Crenshaw seems all certain that Tory Simmons is the last lady he will get tempted by. But, being in the company of the sassy cook is expected to do prove good for his damaged image in the public, whether Tory likes being with him or not.

The food prepared by Tory Simmons also seems to be the best one that Rye has ever eaten. He finds it seductive as well as comforting. In all the time that Rye is with Tory during the concert, he sees her new side. He finds it hard to resist, just like her food. Soon after, an emergency in the family makes Rye Crenshaw return home. While departing, he ends up doing the one thing that he has never risked doing, that is, lettings a woman take a place in his heart. He feels all the emotions that he faked for tabloids have turned real. But, he wonders whether the heaven he found in the arms of Tory Simmons survive in the harsh realities of the world?

Another very popular book of this series is called ‘The Chocolate Garden’. It has John Parker McGuiness and Tammy Hollins as the central characters. Earlier in the book’s story, Tammy Hollins is introduced as a visionary gardener. She understands the plants very well, but doesn’t go well with men. Tammy starts a business of landscaping and caters to the friend of her rock star brother. The very first client of Tammy is a sexy man whom she finds very attractive. John Mcguiness works as a lawyer and songwriter for the biggest stars of country music. He falls for Tammy when he sees her for the first time. After Tammy learns about John’s chocolate craving, she decides to prepare a chocolate garden for him. And as the garden takes shape, their love also begins to shine. But, when John McGuiness comes to know that Tammy Hollins is required to return because of a tragedy in her family, he offers to do everything in his capacity to her & her children. Tammy doesn’t want to lose John, but wonders how he is going to react after learning everything about her past? John shows the willingness to accept her in every situation with all his heart.

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