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Darian North is a prestigious American author and poet. The author is immensely famous for his featured books specifically written in the genre of “suspense”. In fact, he is the author of four bestselling suspense novels.

He has written many books on psychological thriller combining his unique writing skill. His first book (written in the genre of suspense) was published in 1993. Undoubtedly, he is considered as one of the brilliant authors when it comes to suspense novels. Here to note, Darian North is the national bestselling author.

Most of his books had received an overwhelming response from a wide majority of book critics. Plus, these books also got a myriad of great editorial reviews too. Needless to mention, the author also has numerous fans, followers, and supporters who strongly like to read Darian’s suspense collections.

Analyzing The Writing Skill – Darian North : He is mainly famous for his suspense novels which are thoroughly unique, exciting, original, and thought-provoking. These books are not similar to the so-called mystery novels. Rather, as a reader, you will get to explore the human nature and resilience through his suspense novels and psychological thrillers.

On top of that, his featured suspense novels will give the readers an unusual excitement and unexpected thrills too. According to his readers, the author is an artist who has a passionate desire to create an unconventional & completely unique suspense cum thriller and his books are the example of his conscious effort, excellent writing skill, and creative mind.

Overall, he is an experienced and expertized author who is creatively writing suspense novels since 1993. He has already written several featured books throughout his prolonged writing career (almost two decades).

Other Specific Details – Darian North : The author is a native American. His native birthplace is California. However, Darian North currently lives in New York.

Description Of Two Early Books As Written By Darian North : If you really like this genre i.e. “suspense thrillers”, then many of his books will surely captivate your mind. His books are an example of his fascinating writing skill which combines deep & untold mystery along with various twists & turns. The author has written several outstanding suspense novels. Also, his skill, talent, and writing style are totally unquestionable. To acquaint you more about his suspense novels, here’s a brief description of two early books as written by Darian North.

1.Criminal Seduction : This is his debut book which was published in the year of 1993. His debut fiction clearly depicts a sensational suspense, unconventional thrill, and a deep mystery. As a true suspense writer, Darian North did an outstanding job by writing this debut suspense novel.

This book portrays a convoluted tale which is both pleasant and surprisingly interesting. Although, “Criminal Seduction” seems to be a long & boring book that contains more than 500 pages. However, as a reader, once you will indulge yourself deeper into the story, you will definitely like it as the ending is eminently satisfactory. Plus, the book also features some incredibly interesting characters that are naturally illustrated and beautifully combined with the overall story.

Coming to the major story of this book, the major character is Owen Byrne who is a farmer from Kansas. Here to mention, Owen Byrne is a want-to-be writer who’s probably down due to his luck. It becomes a great turning point in his life when his agent naturally agrees to send him to New York in order to gather enough material for his book. There, in New York, the newbie author is intrigued by a woman and in his own interest to learn more about the murder of a famous artist, Bram Serian, Owen Byrne now gets attached more with this overall incident.

Next, the want-to-be author further uncovers darker secrets about Bram Serian’s early childhood in Kansas, his adoptive brother, and his monstrously abusive father. It seems all these characters are mysteriously disappeared after Bram’s sudden death.

Meanwhile, Owen Byrne will also develop several problems of his own. From here, the plot combines many twists and turns that lead to an exciting, engaging, and suspenseful ending. This book is considered as one of the best suspense & legal thrillers (written by Darian North).

Overall, it’s a stunning novel that depicts – a brutal murder which defies comprehension, an eccentric life which is veiled in a layer of secrets, and a maze of passion and mystery which unfolds with a terrifying speed.

2.Thief of Souls : After the major success of his debut novel, the author wrote another great psychological thriller, “Thief of Souls”. The book was published in 1997. This is another suspense novel by the author that depicts another exciting story. Basically, this book examines the frightening world of a religious cult.

The story reveals the major character, Dan Behr who’s a New York-based architect. His life becomes completely devastated when his beautiful wife (Alexandra Vaughn) is swallowed up by a religious cult. From their first meeting, Dan Behr rescued his wife (Alexandra Vaughn) from one of her suicide attempts. After that, the couple had a great married life.

Dan has got a great job, a beautiful wife, and a cute 6-year-old daughter, Hana. However, when Alex is away for a particular weekend on a retreat in a Greenwich Village brownstone, his wife vanishes into the bowels of a religious cult (Ark).

Then, Dan slowly realizes that he never knew about his wife in all these years. He didn’t even know that she was once a top model; he didn’t know that she was in touch with her remote yet manipulative mother Valerie; he even didn’t know that her life still continued to be a nightmare.

Now, Dan is about to raise their six-year-old daughter alone. Plus, he also wants to figure out on how to retrieve his wife from the Ark’s clutches. In the aftermath of one rescue attempt, Dan now settles into a new and hopeful life by accepting the proposal of Laura. But his dream is soon shattered when one of the Ark members again return in order to grab Hana (his daughter).

Then, in order to get his daughter back, Dan decides is to enter into the Ark himself. Will Dan be able to rescue his wife and his daughter? The story continues with deep mystery.

Rewards and Recognition – Darian North : He has written four best-selling suspense novels, for example, Violation, Bone Deep, Theif Of Souls, and Criminal Seduction.

The Final Words – Darian North : Undoubtedly, he is a great author when it comes to suspense novels. He has written several suspenseful and engaging novels. If you really like this genre i.e. “suspense thrillers”, then don’t miss his books.

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