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Dark Citadel Books In Order

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Publication Order of Dark Citadel Books

The Dark Citadel (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Free Kingdoms (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Golden Griffin (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Warrior King (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
War of Wizards (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Dark Citadel is a series where a slave boy called Darik falls in with a group of spies as the majestic city of Balsalom comes under fire by the armies of a dark witch. They escape west to enlist the help of griffin riders, a band of ascetic knights, and an order of wizards to come to the city’s aid. Meanwhile, a young queen called Kallia leads a heroic uprising to keep both her body and city free from the dark wizards ruthless embrace. A war has been fought, after losing her father Kallia could have no anticipation of what was to come. Family bonds may not be made so sturdy when a kingdom and power are involved. It is a gripping tale of mayhem, adventure, and chaos galore. A banquet for a fantasy lover, the first book from a fresh epic fantasy series by USA today bestselling and Wall Street Journal author Michael Wallace. The Dark Citadel mixes a rich imaginative world with page turning plot and flawed, characters. It is an imaginative series with dark magic, war, wizards and some very powerful books. The Series carries on in the second book the Free Kingdoms. The Dark Citadel is a dashing tale of intrigue, suspense, and religion. It also utilizes descriptions of violence sturdy enough to upset in a way violence should, however leaving enough unsaid to permit imagination to fill in the gaps. Michael Wallace is the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Righteous. Michael Wallace’ books include the Star ship Blackbeard science fiction series.

The Dark Citadel series’ characters are well drawn. Many customers buy the second book in the series without knowing it is actually a series, and decide to purchase the first as well. The dying king ousts his pampered weak son for a daughter who is a more suited monarch than him. Every thing is here for the imaginative reader to enjoy. You have love, griffins, sex, wizards, good and bad, blood. The book is enjoyable and worth the money and time consumed on it.
You can be surprised at the character growth and plot in this book. You rarely can find books with this intrigue and fantasy factor much any longer, however, this book delivers both when you start reading the book, it begins off strong and builds into a well written book. You may initially purchase the second book in the series initially without realizing it is a series, therefore deciding to purchase the first as well. The book has everything including Magic, Ghostlike monsters, and court intrigue. Along with my personal favorite, Griffins if you enjoy fantasy books, then this is a must read series. The initial 71 pages may be slow, this is for a third of the book. However when the battles begin the book picks up, but then slows whenever there isn’t one occurring. The prologue of the book feels like a synopsis of a prequel, however it seems to stray from the story. Royal titles of characters, khalif, pasha are utilized in the prologue and then again in the start of the book, however the titles now refer to wholly different characters since the book is only one hundred and eighty nine pages it may have been better to mix the sequel with this book; then maybe some of the tiny side stories could be more developed.

Books included in the Dark Citadel Series include; Book one which is the Dark Citadel, Book two; The Free Kingdoms; Book three; The Golden Griffin, Book four; The Warrior King, Book five; War of Wizards.

The Free Kingdoms

The Dark Wizard moves against the Free Kingdoms while a freed slave boy, wizard, and a warrior prince stage a heroic defense. A young queen marches behind enemy lines to have her city rescued from the enemy’s hold. The second book of the Dark Citadel Series, The Free Kingdoms mixes a rich imaginative world with a page turning flawed and plot, heroic characters.

The Golden Griffin

As the reborn King Toth returns to the dark citadel after his humiliating defeat, his dragons lay waste to the mountain abode of the griffin riders. Their fresh leader, Daria, goes into the northern wilderness to train one of the fabled golden griffins to assist the struggle against the dragons. At the same time, Darik and Markal look for the crippled traitor, Chantmer the Tall as he escapes with a weird wizard into the southern deserts. Book three of the Dark Citadel Series, by Michael Wallace, it mixes a rich imaginative world with page turning flawed and plot, heroic characters.

The Warrior King

Marching at the top of a huge army, the young leader of the Free Kingdoms attacks the Dark Citadel, seeking to overthrow the Dark Wizard before he recovers from the humiliating defeat of the previous summer. However the Dark Wizard’s weakness was only a lie, and he comes out from his citadel at the precipice of an unstoppable army of undead knights. With his scary new army at their front and an ancient traitor causing trouble to the rear, the Free Kingdom’s armies and their king will face their worst threat. It is Book four of the Dark Citadel Series.

Description of Michael Wallace

He was born in California and brought up in a tiny religious community in Utah, ultimately heading east to reside in Vermont and Rhode Island. In addition to being employed as an innkeeper and literary agent, he previously was employed as a software engineer by a Department of Defense contractor. He has walked across the Sahara on top of a camel, eaten fried guinea pig, ridden an elephant through a tiger territory in Southeast Asia, and has been licked on the head by a skunk. In a past stage of life he has milked cobras for their venom and evacuated refugees out of a war zone. He speaks French and Spanish. He is the author of a dozen fantasy novels and thrillers.

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