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Dark Elements Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Dark Elements Books

Bitter Sweet Love (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
White Hot Kiss (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Stone Cold Touch (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Every Last Breath (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

A writer of young adult and genre fiction novels, the American author Jennifer L Armentrout is well known for her unique and highly perceptive style of writing. Really knowing what it is that her audience is looking for, she pinpoints exactly what makes her characters and drives them as unique and idiosyncratic people. Not only that, but she also has something to say, whether it’s writing about romance or science-fiction, taking her many readers on a journey, regardless of who they are or where they come from. Writing from a contemporary angle, she keeps her stories relevant for a young and modern audience, speaking to readers from all across the world in a manner that clearly resonates with them. Creating worlds of her own from her imagination, she allows the reader to explore them, whether it be a stand-alone title, or a series, many of which have gathered there own loyal band of followers from all over the world. A series that particularly exemplifies this extremely well is that of the ‘Dark Elements’ series, as readers have come to really enjoy this, with its depiction of a young teenage girl attempting to find her place in a supernatural world. Following the story of one Layla, it sees her as a half gargoyle, half demon, partnering up with a dangerous demon with many enticing qualities. Risking the wrath of the clan that came to adopt her, she must find her way in the world, traversing the many pitfalls and dangers that now face her here. As her partner now claims to be able to protect her from these many dangers, she must also decide where her heart lies at the same time. Creating a large and successful series, Armentrout really has excelled here in building a world that is quite unlike any other, ensuring its success for many years to come.

With three main books in the series so far, the franchise has come a long way in relatively short amount of time, as the first main novel was brought out in 2014. Starting out with ‘White Hot Kiss’, this would be preceded with the novella ‘Bitter Sweet Love’ in 2013, thus establishing the overall tone of the series. Later in 2014 this would be followed up with ‘Stone Cold Touch’, and then ‘Every Last Breath’ in 2015, thus completing the series as a whole. There would also be the omnibus editions, including the release of ‘The Dark Elements Volume One’ in 2015 compiling the first two books, and then the ‘Complete Collection’ in 2016, bringing together all the books. This has seen them tell a whole story, making up a part of ‘The Harbinger’ franchise, of which it is a spin-off series, creating a more complete and whole world.

White Hot Kiss

First released through the Inkyard Press publishing label, this would initially come out in 2014 on the 25th of February. Setting up the series as a whole for the first time, it would establish the world, continuing on from the one that was previously established in ‘The Harbinger’ franchise. With its own story arc, it features a colorful cast of characters who are each individual in their own right, with their own set of goals and motivations.

Simply wanting to fit in with her peers and live a normal school life, the young Layla has powers that she must keep a secret. Being a half demon, half gargoyle she must keep her true identity hidden from all those around her, so as to remain undetected. Not only that, but she has a crush on Zayne, a Warden who is part gargoyle, tasked with hunting demons, as he sees her like a little sister. Her kiss will also kill anybody with a soul, him included, which is when the demon Roth enters the scene and it appears that he is unaffected having no soul to speak of. Can she hold her feelings for him at bay? Will her trusting him brand her as a traitor? What will become of her white hot kiss?

Stone Cold Touch

Initially published through the Harlequin Teen publishing label, this would first come out on the 11th of August in 2011. Continuing on directly from the previous title, it really manages to develop what came before in the previous story, along with building upon the world. Taking the characters forwards, it allows them to really come in to their own, seeing where they are going next, whilst also increasing the suspense and tension, as it would be followed up in 2015 with ‘Every Last Breath’.

Looking to pick-up the pieces of her life that now seems to be shattered in to a million pieces, Layla Shaw is a seventeen year old who finds herself distanced from the life she once knew. With Zayne now apparently off limits, she really doesn’t know where to turn next, along with her old clan keeping things from her. Now her powers also seem to be evolving as well and, adding to that, Roth has returned, showing her a way that could possibly change everything for her. She could finally achieve all that she ever wanted, but it may come at a price, and not one that she may want to pay. Will she be able to find her true path? Can she find happiness amongst it all? What will become of her stone cold touch?

The Dark Elements Series

As a series this perfectly captures what it is about the romance genre that really works, bringing to life its world and the many inhabitants in it. With its strong characters and compelling storylines, it really manages to set itself apart from the others in it genre through what it is that Armentrout really wants to say. Speaking to her younger audience on a more personal level, she manages to bring to the forefront the many predicaments of the individual characters populating the world throughout. The central protagonist is also one that really leaps forwards too, as she guides the readers alongside her as she takes her journey though this world. Standing the test of time, it will continue to attract a wide and diverse audience for a long time yet, on in to the foreseeable future

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